Thursday, March 27, 2008


To the metalheads
In the past few months of my abscence I have been diving into new interests and working on an instrumental musical project, Dzogchen. Dzogchen is a departure from what I have done with The Ash and The Red in multiple dimensions: there is a decreased technicality, an ascension in the sound and, truthfully, I have not had to force anything. The influx of ideas has come and is expressed as is.
I am planning on making an announcement on The Ash and The Red myspace page this evening but wanted to inform you first. The news is this is where I am, there are two tracks up now and two tracks currently being recorded.
Please forgive me for not participating and not continuing with you all to your site as of late, I would like to be a bigger part of this again. I hope this is of the littlest inconvenience to you all.
The Dzogchen site is here:
I hope you enjoy some of the work and I have CD quality material, complete with label, free and ready to ship out to you all. I am still perfecting my engineering skills and I promise you there is a big difference once this CD hits good speakers.
Thanks to you all.