Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grand Old Pedophiles Lose Another One

By this point we've all heard about the tale (tail?) about Rethuglican Congressman's Mark "Love to slip them off of ya" Foley. The dude who was the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children was emailing and chatting up a 16 year old male page in a way that can only be described as graphically sexual, perverted and cringe-inducing. Read the chat text and feel the douche-chills.

Speaking of Douche-chills, check out this nugget of congressional hypocrisy:
Title: To amend title 18, United States Code, to protect youth from exploitation by adults using the Internet, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep Foley, Mark [FL-16] (introduced 7/10/2006)

Now it appears that the leadership of the House Republicans knew about the inappropriate contact well over a year ago and did nothing. Worse than nothing, they were probably involved in a cover-up. The cover-up is, after all, the Repiglican's sport of choice.

At least four Republican House Members, one senior GOP aide and a former top officer of the House were aware of the allegations about Foley that prompted the initial reporting regarding his e-mail contacts with a 16-year-old House page. They include: Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (N.Y.) and Reps. Rodney Alexander (R-La.) and John Shimkus (R-Ill.), as well as a senior aide to Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and former Clerk of the House Jeff Trandahl.

Taken as an isolated incident, one can make the claim that this is just one more case of a sick and delusional pedophile. Case closed. But check out this extensive list of known Grand Old Pedophiles. I challenge anyone to come up with a list of Democrat politicians, activists and appointees to rival this one. There's some weird psychological phenomenon that connects the party of hard core Christian values to pedophilia.

My own suspicion is that it has much to do with guilt. Many of these guys are attracted to the party that seeks to regulate moral behavior because they feel guilt and shame over their own moral failings. And of course, it helps that the Jesus Party have a convenient scapegoat that they can point to. "Its not my fault, The Devil made me do it."

They blame Satan for their own psychological problems and by extension, the problems of the entire world. And they think they can somehow wash away or make up for their own sins by imposing religious values on the rest of us. They fight their own demons by railing against the very same demons they see all about them. To them I say, "Physician, heal thyself." I'm sick to death of these self-righteous hypocrites trying to control my life because they can't seem to control their own demented urges.

And here's one more theory. Most psychologists and others who work with exploited children will tell you that pedophilia is not necessarily about sex, its about power. The pedophile prefers children because they are powerless and gives the pedophile an inflated sense of self to be able to manipulate and control them physically. I think its no accident that the party that wants to control what we do in the bedroom, how we love and marry, the entertainment that we can watch and listen to, and help siphon all the money and power to an a elite few, would also be the party to attract assholes who get a woody by controlling and manipulating those who are smaller and weaker than themselves.

Thank you, Mark Foley, for once again exposing the soft, pasty white underbelly of America's "Moral Values" party.

Mission Accomplished.


BooFuckingHoo!! Foley claims he is an alcoholic, as though that will excuse his pedophilia.

Whitehouse Press Liar Tony Snowjob dismisses the Foley story as "naughty emails" Snow is truly scum on shit. Whores and used carsalesmen cross the street in order to avoid being seen with this cretin.

There are numerous congresscritters and staffers who knew about this shit a while ago and engaged in a cover-up. These assholes should be voted out in November and then prosecuted.

GOPigs are scrambling for Foley's campaign money. He's got a pretty big warchest and they covet it.

Head of the Congressional Page Board John Shimkus allowed Foley to spend a lot of time with Pages, sometimes alone, AFTER the GOPigs knew that Foley favored young meat.

A Republican staff member warned Congressional pages FIVE YEARS AGO to watch out for Congressman Mark Foley, according to a former page.

New York Rep Tom Reynolds, who heads the National Republican Congressional Committee, knew about this over a year ago and still had his chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, advising Foley as recently as last week.

A poster at Daily Kos makes a good point. Just compare the response of Repiglican Congresscritters to making congress remain in session during an Easter/Holyweek to deal with the attempt to force a husband to keep his braindead wife on life support with their response to Predatorgate. Will the Pigs be less likely to interupt campaign season on behalf of live children than they were to interupt Holy Week on behalf of a braindead woman? You betcha.

Repiglicans have been bashing Democrats over their discomfort with legalizing torture, claiming that the Dems want to "protect" of "coddle" terrorists. So I think it's fair to now ask why the Congressional Republican "leadership" have been protecting and coddling a known child sexual predator for years.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Mourning the Loss of a Legend

We knew she was dying a slow painful death, but last night it finally happened. Read the obituary HERE.
The saddest thing about the situation is that Blabbermouth did not die of natural causes, she was murdered by her caregivers. Bori, the person responsible for birthing Blabbermouth, set a culture of nastiness and encouraged infighting amongst metalheads by submitting news stories that he knew would stir things up. Then, he systematically began banning the more intellegent posters on the site for reasons that he didn't even have the balls to explain. There were no previous guidelines and no warnings. Even by the new standards put in place on the above link, most of the people should not have been banned.
Blabbermouth is Bori's site, so it's not my place to tell him how to run it. I just think it's a shame to let something with that much potential, die such a slow painful death.
For all of those that have been banned or are just sick of what Blabbermouth has become, join us at METAL PWNS ALL to build a new culture based on honesty and respect.

Brief Reminder

Don't forget about the re-energized sports blog BigSportsDay where the one and only Ken Hawk has written some wonderful football weekend previews and analysis reports.

Great job Mr. Hawk!

T.O.D. ? hahaha. Poor Terrell gets no respect (not that he really deserves any).

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

Just asking to get your shit burned down ...


Am I offended? No. Would I find it hilarious if they got their shit torched? Yes.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Action Alert (cross-posted from Absolute Zero)

Perverted Justice is in the process of campaigning against companies that endorse Rookiee and his pedophile propoganda. Currently, PJ is specifically interested in Google/Blogger, and LibSyn who hosts his Pedologues Podcasts. CafePress was also contacted by PJ and has since shut down Rookiee's page along with YouTube and Xanga.

All members interested in helping with this campaign to actively address corporate association/endorsement of pedophilia, please go here to get the full details.

Please also take a moment to contact the relevant organizations to voice your opinions.

Administrative contact,
Dave Chekan
513 S Mathilda St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View

Members are also encouraged to join the PJ forums to gain further details on how they can help this cause.


On another note, Please tune into Dateline NBC tonight at 9:00/8:00 central on your local NBC affiliate to watch our good friends at Perverted-Justice in action.

KEn HAWK's bachelor party

That's right, there's actually some girl out there who settled for THIS guy and at some point she realized he knows too much to let him get away. Wish Ken well and feel free to drop off some wisdom to our friend as he celebrates his bachelor party this weekend. NFL picks coming Saturday. Ken's early thoughts:

i told teh universitieS i scored a 36 on the aCt which is areally goo d score and i had the pAperwork but then they started sayin g "hey you juSt crossed out 'IQ test' and hand wrot e in 'ACT test' you dumbass" and i said yeah well your fac e is stupid.

More later from Ken Hawk.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I don't want to know, but I thought he was against homosexuals. Is it just me or is the smile on the guy standing behind him a little strange.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Video of the Week

Tool - Wings for Marie part 1
Live in Dallas, TX 9/14/2006

Tool - 10,000 Days (Wings for Marie part 2)
Live in Dallas, TX 9/14/2006

What an Awesome show! I still haven't fully recovered from that night.

Poor Bastard Almost Had A New Willie

Seems the first ever whacker transplant had to be reversed. Seems it was funny looking and didn't want to work right. Read on ...


Monday, September 18, 2006

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In support of the Pope

I am a very passive, tollerant liberal, but the recent firestorm from the Islamic community over comments made by the Pope is just F**ked up. You are going to protest being labeled as a violent group of people by instigating violence? I for one am sick of these petty threats these extremist assholes throw out everyday. So for them, Enjoy this very stupid Mohammed cartoon.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

BND NFL Primer by Ken Hawk

The 2006-2007 NFL season is upon you, whether your Gilmore Girls episodes like it or not. Ken Hawk is here to give you the score on how things stack up this season, look no further than Big Sports Day for an in-depth look at the upcoming season from some guy you've never heard of who just watches football and has insights like "This is what they should've done..."

Ken HAWk'S NFL picks:

I lIke teh Bulls thEy loOK gOod with DennI S Rodman.


Ken Hawk's Week 1 picks:
Upset pick: Saints over Browns - Win

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Doc is in

Dr. Ken Hawk is currently in office and waiting for your questions at Ask Ken Hawk. Advice is posted regarding a wife's forgetful spouse as well as a young man's struggle to admit a personal affair to his best friend. A crapple a day keeps Ken Hawk away.

The official advice column of Big News Day

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fun With Frist

Soon to be ex-Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has a PAC set up called VOLPAC. They are lobbying for the confirmation of Recess-appointed Ambassador John Bolton. They have set up a website with a form you can use to send to all of your friends, imploring them to call their Senator's on Bolton's behalf. The text of the form letter is as follows:

Nearly five years after 9/11, we are well into an epic, generational struggle. A struggle that pits freedom against tyranny ... hope against fear ... democracy against Islamic radicalism. The men and women of our Armed Forces are fighting with heroic resolve ... and they deserve to be supported in their mission by diplomats willing to call evil by its name, able to rally our friends and allies behind the global expansion of freedom and democracy, and unafraid to passionately pursue reform of our dysfunctional international institutions.

That's why we need John Bolton's leadership at the United Nations. Unfortunately, his recess appointment expires in January of 2007 ... so we must act now to confirm him permanently.

This month Senate Republicans will do everything they can to break Democrat obstruction and give John Bolton the fair up-or-down vote that he was denied last year. But they need the grassroots support of conservatives to turn up the heat on the Democrats by flooding their offices with calls in support of Ambassador Bolton and the President's agenda for reforming the waste and incompetence of the United Nations.

So click the link below where all 45 Democrat Senators' phone numbers are listed and call as many Senators as you are able. We must show our support for John Bolton, a man who isn't afraid to proudly defend America, our foreign policy and our allies in the War on Terror.

Well, this was just too tempting for me to ignore. So I did a little bit of touch up of the form, correcting a few errors, as follows:

Nearly five years after 9/11, we are well into an epic, generational struggle against GOPig propaganda. A struggle that pits intelligence against emotional blackmail ... hope against fear ... democracy against BushCo radicalism. The men and women of our Armed Forces are fighting with heroic resolve without the equipment they require... and they deserve to be supported in their mission by diplomats willing to call incompetence by its name, able to rally our friends and allies behind the global expansion of freedom and democracy, and unafraid to passionately pursue reform of our dysfunctional Republican leadership.

That's why we need John Bolton booted out of the United Nations. Fortunately, his recess appointment expires in January of 2007 ... so we must act now to ban him permanently.

This month Senate Democrats will do everything they can to break Rethuglican obstruction and give John Bolton the deserved down vote that he got last year. But they need the grassroots support of thinking Americans to turn up the heat on the Pugs by flooding their offices with calls in support of booting Bolton and the President and for reforming the waste and incompetence of the United States Rethuglican Congress.

So click the link below where all 45 Democrat Senators' phone numbers are listed and call as many Senators as you are able. We must show our disgust with John Bolton, a man who isn't afraid to act like an ass in public, turn our foreign policy into a shameless powergrab and our alienate all of our allies in the War on Terror.

And of course I had to send the email to a few friends, so I chose the following:

That was fun.

THIS is the way its done!!

I'm so sick of namby-pampy Democrats and their inability to go toe to toe with the Rethuglicans when it comes to bare-knuckles, Machiavellian politics. Dems have been getting their asses whooped for the past two decades not due to their policies, which actually are in step with the majority of Americans, but due to the fact that the Rethugs are much better at marketing and advertising.

Looks like the tide may finally be turning. Check out this brutal, simple and effective ad blasting George Macaca Allen. The Wussycrats need more of this kind of thing in the future.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

THE Ken Hawk master list

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you tonight the Master List of one of America's Greatest Heroes.
Some will never associate the word "hero" with jamming one's pecker in a tailpipe or blowing one's ass into five pieces with a firecracker. Certainly, Ken Hawk didn't strike anyone as brilliant when he first appeared at Blabbermouth suggesting he should wear his Iron maiden shirt to a job interview. Nor when he exited the site complaining about the importance of getting out of a Port-O-Potty before tipping it on its side. But the man had one thing: experience in life lessons. Don't wipe your dick on your girlfriend's curtains in front of her mom. Don't eat shit off the road on the way to work in order to get sent home sick. Don't shoot yourself in the cock with a BB gun to see if it will hurt. These are life lessons. The kind Dad never got around to.
There is so much to take away from the misadventures of one man. I've compiled this massive library, which I estimate is probably more than half of the Ken Hawk jokes out there in emails or Blabbermouth or in the digital dust somewhere. Take a moment, and I think you'll take something away from this tribute to Sir Ken Hawk, a true American hero:

Ken Hawk makes history, becomes first person to ever contact 911 with text message: oMG im on FirE hELp WTF ARggHH =o(
Ken Hawk puts himself on the map after imitating Jackass bottle rocket-out-of-the-butt stunt but uses a firecracker.
Car slams into side of building and erupts into flames; suprisingly not a police pursuit, but Ken Hawk failing another driver's test.
Ken Hawk finds father. In other news, theres a guy out there named Boyd Hawk.
Ten Things to do on a Date by Ken Hawk: Chapter 1: Getting smashed and wiping your dick on the curtains at your date's house.
"i gOt teh pEe e all Overe my jacKet rIrGht beFore the interview and ran into the CEo in the bath room". Just another day for Ken Hawk.
The Brilliance Of Ken Hawk: "I farted one time into a thermos and [put it in my frigde DAMN that thing fucking stinks".
Ken Hawk wraps his dick in aluminum foil to "keep it metal"!
"Step 1: Rock Port-O-Potty onto its side. Step 2: Get out." A giddy, giggling Ken Hawk fails a simple prank when the priority of steps is not fully thought out. Poopalarity ensues.
Ken Hawk WIKIPEDIA page features bio, record of dumbass decisions, official downloadable Ken Hawk font with automatic spelling errors and misplaced caps.
Official Ken Hawk designer jeans hit the stores; $199 gets you a pair of skin-tight chaps with "IroN maddEn" written in marker on the leg and a scorched hole on the ass.
Ken Hawk takes the old "photocopying your ass" office prank to a new level; rescued Monday morning after spending weekend with wang caught in fax machine.
Ken Hawk drinks heavily for the first time in years; wakes up with guy in a wig, 'stache rash.
Ken Hawk's first day at karate class shows promise, if promise means getting kicked in the head and punched in the dick until you pass out.
Scientists recover fossils of asexual mouthbreathing Homo species, theoretically the start of an evolutionary tangent between Ken Hawk and normal humans. Theory further approved after 900,00 year old Iron Maiden t-shirt found nearby.
Ken Hawk earns idiot of the year award by reattempting Jackass bottle rocket stunt; this time uses the right explosive, but fires it in the wrong direction.
Ten Things to do on a rainy day by Ken Hawk: Chapter Four: How about slamming your dick in a door?
BLABBERMOUTH: 12,000 Iron Maiden fans upset when concert turns out to be 3 hours of Ken Hawk riding a girls bike on stage.
Ken Hawk's information hacked and name is legally changed; Buttlick Hawk to appear in court today to get back identity.
Ken Hawk back to old habits: takes bathroom break during job interview, reaches for and misses TP, obliviously wipes butt with dress shirt.
Ken Hawks interview ettiquette: "fUKC selliNG ouT im waeerinG my IRon MAIDen shiRt to my iNTerviweew."
Ken Hawk misinterprets the phrase "booty call" made in optomistic fashion and tries it himself, ends up in ER with large cordless phone crammed 2/3 up ass. Bonus: Antenna first. Double Bonus: Someone keeps calling.
Against the warnings of several employees at Reflections Tanning & Waxing, Ken Hawk has first-ever-recorded pecker waxing; first strip torn off, screamalarity ensues.
Ken Hawk tries ironing his balls to get the wrinkles out. No, really.
"On SunDay i was real tired so I ate A PACK oF doublE A bAtteries and teh doctor says hopE they dont come ouT sideways whiCh i didnt get but lauGhed aT anyWAy."
Ken Hawk on leaded vs unleaded fuel: " i triED bOTh to seE iF the RE waS a booSt in mY perFORmAnce i Just goT siCK". "
Plugging in an abandoned TV you found in a creek? You might be Ken Hawk.
Mythbusters take on the legend of Ken Hawk, calculate that stupidity at even this level can't possibly exist, call it a day.
BLABBERMOUTH: MEGADETH turn down Ken Hawk's proposal for "Flush 'Em" parody of "Crush 'Em" as theme song, as well as invite for sleepover.
Things go all wrong for Ken Hawk fan mail when his primary address is hacked and changed to
Ken Hawk approval rating continues to rise, now just below approval rating for butt cancer.
Ken Hawk snubbed in Academy Awards when film "fiREcraCkr in bUtt" loses in Best Documentary Shot By A 39 Year Old Loser in His Backyard category.
Ken Hawk on interview etiquette: "iF yoU hAve TO JAck OFF uNDeR THE DESK betwen meEtiGNs With yoUr interViEwrs DONT GET CAUGHT".
Ken Hawk turned down for second time in as many days after Soundgarden officially disproves of "Butt Hole Sun" recording.
Unemployment calls, Iron Maiden dolls, and boners in the overalls: The Ken Hawk Biography. This weekend, on A&E.
Ken Hawk's first rockclimb goes awry after he crisscrosses the crotch harness straps and rope slack pulled taught crushes nad bag.
Ken Hawk removed from set of "Today" show; unprepared for formal interview, Hawk melted down, dove into a fort he constructed from couch cushions, spoke only through a face he drew on his pecker, referred to as "Schmitty".
Ken Hawk hits barber shop for first time in years, asks for price on a trim, and in front of a dozen women, drop pants, bends over pointing at ass and says give me a 1 and a 1/2.
Ken Hawk movie script trashed by execs. "A guy riding a girls bike around, a Manowar video, the guy jumping on his parents bed for 30 minutes, another hour talking about how much he hates his life, shooting himself in the weiner with a beebee gun to see if it hurts, another Manowar video, this is just retarded."
Second Ken Hawk script trashed, movie project completely nixed: "By page 2 he was farting the ABC's, and that was all I needed to read."
Ken Hawk tries out Jackass. First stunt "Poo-in-a-Milky-Way-wrapper" takes bad turn when 250 lb potential target turns out to not have a very good sense of humor.
Ken Hawk's television days over after fistfight with the Oxi-Clean guy breaks out on set.
Chicago Fire Dept Fourth of July weekend blotter: three firework incidents, one house fire, and having to save some Hawk guy who wanted to see if the garage door would crush his weiner or go back up.
Ken Hawk pummeled in bar with weenie hanging out of pants. Cross off drawing two eyes and a smile on your wang as a decent pick-up device.
War of words with neighborhood's 13-year-old bully goes up a notch when Ken Hawk finds his Huffy Princess bike and Hello Kitty helmet smashed.
Ken Hawk tries to kill self with the old car-in-garage method; never realizing he needs to start the ignition, Hawk spends a whole day just sitting in mom's car.
Ken Hawk gets tanked in Vegas, drops $30,000, loses drunken fistfight with Louie Anderson.
Radio station W-KEN now up and rolling; Ken Hawk rules the airwaves with butt rock, long monologues about how he cant get a girlfriend, daily interviews with Mortiis.
Ken Hawk scores a 100 on test. Unfortunately its the SAT. The old "400 points just for signing your name" rule just shakes its head.
In wake of W-KEN going down Ken Hawk tries his hand at hip hop, tries to mix it up on the streets of Chicago as "Ice Pube"; the hospital reports 167 stitches this time.
Ken Hawk pushes autobiography deal, MacMillan & Brown Publishing already rejects possible titles "i dUMp in tEh batHtuB" and "fAR beyON6D kEN" before even reading.
New airline restrictions in place; however, Ken Hawk is actually GIVEN shampoo and deodarant, body search called off.
Ken Hawk's lemonade stand closes after 4 days of disappointing sales; sadly the whole "lemons freshly squeezed between my asscheeks" never really caught on.
World Battleship Board Game Championship sees Ken Hawk take an early exit, highlight was opponent calling "B4", Hawk blowing some floor-shaking ass, giggling, and stating "I think you sunk my pants".
Hawk on last weeks incident: "well i HAd to GO to teh hosp[ITal and thinK of an esxcuse for how i twisted mY wang in My biKE spokEs so i didnT look liKe a dumbaSs".
Matches, Kix cereal, diarrhea medicine, Manowar stickers, skid marks on trees: Ken Hawk goes camping.
Ken Hawk takes up summer physics, quantum mechanics courses; is dead serious about finding a way to warp poop in lieu of just getting potty trained.
Ken Hawk gets carmel popcorn snack themed after him; Crapperjacks hit stores by 2007, mystery toy inside boxes most likely to be assorted Eddie Hunter toy doll pieces.
A week and a half into summer semester Ken Hawk bails out of classes; Intro to Bathing, Wiping 101 courses apparently too much information at one time.
Ken Hawk disguises self as toilet in ladies room, plan foiled when pervert comes in to hide toilet cameras; Hawk could not be reached for comment at proctologist.
New hero based on Ken Hawk emerges; some question the appeal of "Butt Lad", who fights crime while struggling with lack of superpowers, employment, sense of hygiene.
A week of cheese-block consumption creates block of its own in Ken Hawk, who attempts to unclog himself with CLR; on the bright side, he clears the drains.
Live children's show pulled off air when an exchange of views turns violent; headline: "Ken Hawk gets into fistfight with Muppet".
Ken Hawk exhibit now open in Chicago; what some call poop with a fork in it, Ken Hawk calls art.
Ken Hawk's magic show shut down over lack of interest; "pulling fart from my ass trick", use of weiner in puppet shows draws low marks from theater-going public and critics alike.
Ken Hawk suffers severe meltdown after Blabbermouth hands a 5.5 review to the new Iron Maiden album; for some reason thinks having a blithering spasm and pulling a washing machine over on top of himself will fix things.
"Ford Festiva '81 FREE" prank sign gets Ken Hawks box car stolen over weekend; car later found destroyed at playground with kids kicking the shit out of it.
Stained silk shirt: $3. Pink leather pants: $60. LA Gears with huge tongue: $20. Ken Hawk donning the aforementioned and getting wailed on at local club: 263 stitches.

Goodbye Ann

Ann Richards
The News just broke. Former Texas Governor Ann Richards has lost her battle with cancer. This is a very sad for me, because I've always held a great deal of respect for Ms. Richards. In my personal opinion, she was the last great Governor of Texas.
Rest in Peace Ann!

Eye candy

I felt I needed a post like this after the very disturbing image that blsabob posted below. Dude, i'm starting to worry about you.

Another Government with NO SENSE OF HUMOR

You're fucking kidding me, right?

US President George Bush is to host White House talks on British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen, 35, creator of Ali G, has infuriated the Kazakhstan government with his portrayal of Borat, a bumbling Kazakh TV presenter.

What the hell is wrong with people? Don't these governmental turdburglers have anything better to do that whine about art, film, music and comedy? Is this world class stupidity or a purposeful ploy to distract the masses from real issues adversely affecting their lives? I honestly don't know.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11

James Thomas Murphy

James Thomas Murphy

Mr. Murphy was a 35 year old husband and father from Middletown, New Jersey. Since I never had the homor to meet Mr. Murphy, I will include a short biography followed by comments of people that did know and love him.
Faithful to FamilyJames Murphy, a Cantor Fitzgerald trader, kept his eye on the basics. His family were his friends, and together they were a big crowd. He and his wife, Mary, had two children and were expecting a third. He had 10 brothers and sisters, between the ages of 44 and 30, and 13 nieces and nephews. Most of them lived within a 20-mile radius of the Jersey Shore.
Mr. Murphy, 35, was the "ringleader," said Bill, his eldest brother. "His favorite thing was to get together with a big group of our family, with all our children. He'd get everybody to come have lunch on the beach and then go hang out on our parents' deck and cook out. He'd call people on the spur of the moment to go to watch football games, go to a bar and have lunch." At Christmas, he was the Santa Claus.
He liked to ski in Vermont and Vail, but otherwise was a homebody, Bill Murphy said. "He was innocent in a way. He was very apolitical, very low-key about most things. He was very happy to go home to his house. He was very happy to tell us that he and Mary were having another baby."

Comments from those who knew James Thomas Murphy

Joan Murphy Wolf

Jimmy Murphy is my brother and one year has not dulled the pain that I and the rest of my family feel. In fact it seems worse. Jimmy was a great brother and friend and is missed every day. Each time I look at his picture or see a beautiful day I think of how much he loved life and lived it to the fullest. Jimmy was the funniest person and so many people loved to be around him. As I write this letter, my heart is breaking for myself, my family, Jimmy's wife and children and all of the other's who have suffered from this senseless and horrific attack. I love you Jim.


I was lucky enough to be a good friend of Jim's, and my family remains close with his wife - There is absolutely no truth to the forward that is being sent around. Jim's widow is in excellent health, does not have a daughter named Ali, and is not facing surgery of any kind.


think about ya alot murph. i know i didn't see you that much as adults but you were such a good friend when we were in grade school. love you and your family and see you again my friend.

Coach Pat McCann

St. Rose High School will long remember you, Murph! We will miss you!

Tom DeBari, former classmate

Murph was a really good guy -- liked by all when we were in St. Rose together. We were co-captains on the varsity baseball team. Our team stunk but we all had fun and Murph was one of the reasons we have good memories. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

I was very honored to assemble this tribute for Mr. Murphy. Iwas very touched by his story and by the commets of his friends and families. We are very fortunate that people such as James Thomas Murphy existed, and on the 5th anniversery of the darkest day in American history, I just want to say that you are still remebered and respected.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bori(ng) must be on the rag

Looks like I just got banned from Blabbermoron too. How many people is that? and for what? I just sent him the following email message:

"This account and/or your IP address have been banned by the administrator."

So what the hell did I do that half your posters don't? I made fun of Sakk Mylde, Axhole Rose and/or Christianity? You keep banning all your humorous/controversial poster and visits to your website will plummet.

B.L. Sabob

What the hell does this guy want, a boring site for fanboys only where the most controversial subject matter involves whether or not you plan to buy a band's music in CD form or online? Its the people with opinions and personality that drives traffic to his piece of shit site. His advertisers won't be very happy when he loses most his readers and they lose most their click-throughs.

Fucking idiot

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Is ABC/Mouseschwitz "fair and balanced?"

I don't know, why don't we ask their pals in the Busha Nostra...



And the greatest comedian of blabbermouth is...........................?


Friday, September 08, 2006


Seriously, I don't care if they do have shows I like, I'm just not watching the Mouse-schwitz network any longer. And David Horowitz should choke on a cock.

BND's Update: I have heard several conservatives state that the liberals are trying to squash freedom of speech or somehow try to cover up "the truth" by speaking out against this movie, but there are some simple facts that conservative are over-looking.

  1. Many conservative were invited to prescreen this movie
  2. Clinton administration officials that are being attacked in this movie were not invited to prescreen this movie
  3. The Clinton administration actively searched for terrorists and attacked site in Afghanistan and Northern Africa that were linked to terrorism.
  4. Bush did nothing about terrorism until after 9/11.
  5. Republicans, including the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, have stated that several parts of this movie are ficticious.
    "The Times, citing Thomas H. Kean, the Republican who chaired the bipartisan 9/11 commission that investigated what led up to the attacks and who has been a consultant to the film, reported that a scene portraying former national security adviser Samuel R. Berger hanging up on a CIA officer at a critical moment is being altered. Two others under review, according to Kean, portray former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright apparently obstructing efforts to capture Osama bin Laden and Clinton being too distracted by impeachment and his marital problems to focus on bin Laden"
    (CNN Article).
  6. If they were to do a movie about YOU stating that it was based on your life, claiming to have official documents to back it up, and then that straight out lie about you, would that be acceptable?

Horse's For Food ?

Hey what does everyone think of those ass holes slaughtering horses for food? It really destirbes me. Who would ever consider that animal as food! I now throughout history every culture has relied on that animal in one way or the other. The horse deserves more respect than that. Those people who are doing those things deserve it done to them! I want to know what everyone thinks. Let me know and any information anyone has on the subject. Thanx Lordslady!
posted by Lordslady @ 6:20 AM

The Ash and The Red

This is a project I have been working on for the past several months. I have been playing instruments over the past 12 years, from drums to bass to guitar, and recently took up a hobby in home recording. Today I have posted the first track I have done all writing recording and engineering by myself, and was hoping to share it with the forum here.
The track is Chain Reaction, it automatically plays when you head to The Ash and The Red's site. I am not a big fan of the metal genre system as I believe it creates and heightens stereotypes, so I will say I am highly influenced by technical death metal bands, namely Death first and foremost, Scarve, Martyr, Decapitated, Gory Blister, as well as bands that have thought differently, from Fear Factory and SYL to the Chili Peppers and Alice In Chains.
Chain Reaction took four months for me to write and record. Music to me is a hobby, an art, and will always be that way. I dont release albums, force deadlines or look for financial gain. This is simply something I carved that I would like to share with the group.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, critical or not, and please feel free to alert me if you have a page out there as well. In addition, I hope this may be a spark that allows this forum's regulars to do post their own work, whatever it may be.

Banned Fuck Blabbermouth

That motherfucker bori banned me from there gay ass site.Fuck those assholes. Because i defend metal pwns all on theregay ass site. Fuck them someone can talk shit to me but i can't defend myself and Al and are our site Boycott there ass.

All Hail Metal Pwns All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Clinton to Blame for 9/11?

The right-wing lunatics are pushing an ABC/Disney documentary about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The "hack-u-mentary", which is supposedly based on the 9/11 Commission Report, holds various factual inaccuracies. For example, the documentary suggests that Bill Clinton ignored the Osama Bin Laden threat, refusing to "whack" him even when CIA operatives had him in their crosshairs. This is truly a DISNEY fantasy flick, and it shameful that ABC will air it. It is scheduled to air on September 10 and 11.

So how do we know the wingnuts are behind this? First of all, ABC refuses to give either Clinton, Albright, or Berger a transcript of the docudrama. Secondly, an ABC insider has emailed known-wingnut Hugh Hewitt with the following:

The Disney execs met all through the weekend - unheard of in this business - debating what changes would be made and what concessions should be given. Here is what looks to be the conclusion:

- There will be a handful of tweaks made to a few scenes.
- They are minor, and nuance in most cases - a line lift here, a tweak to the edit there.
- There are 900 screeners out there. When this airs this weekend, there will be a number of people who will spend their free evenings looking for these changes and will be hard pressed to identify them. They are that minor.
- The average viewer would not be able to tell the difference between the two versions.
- The message of the Clinton Admin failures remains fully intact.

In case you're wondering, that last two bits refer to the "edited" docudrama.

The way this prop-u-mentary is looking, it should have aired on FAUX NEWS!

Thankfully, there is something YOU CAN DO!

Call, write, or visit your local ABC station and voice your opinion on this humbuggery. In Chicago, we're getting ready to protest at the ABC studios in downtown Chicago, located on State and Lake, 15 minutes prior to every newscast.

We have to make our voices heard! If we let the nation watch this garbage, imagine what the implications will be? Bush will begin to look less-guilty, and the wingnuts will attempt to pummel Clinton to the ground anytime one of us criticizes King George, the Decider!

Before I go, I must say: FUCK WINGNUTS AND FUCK BUSH!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Well this really fucking sucks

One of the only guys in the public eye that I actually admired got killed. A lot of people make fun of this dude for being so animated and excited all the time. But no one since Marlon Perkins and Jacques Cousteau has done more for the sake of educating and interesting the public about animals and the cause of animal conservation. In honor of Steve Erwin, someone should whack Ted the Ped Nugent. Time to hoist a good strong Austrailian Stout in honor of a fallen hero.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blabbermouth God ?

Soon to Come Who and Was The God of Blabbermouth God of all Time ? I need names for a new Poll comming soon.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stupid1 Rides Again

Stupid1... Loud Infantile... Whatever this cliche' spouting douchebag is calling himself this week.