Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Metal and Horror

Horror films/books have always been an influence on Metal. Like Metal, Horror has been going through rough times lately. Since there hasn't been a good horror film since the early 90's and even then that was the beginning of the decline. Metal has been having a hard time since the rise of Nu-Metal in 1999. But when you have a quality metal band taking influence from old horror films, you can never go wrong. Bands such as Rigor Mortis, Massacre, Frightmare, King Diamond, Mortician, Death, Impetigo, Denial Fiend, Blood Freak, and so on have been inspired by Horror. Most of King Diamond's albums are concept albums that are basically Horror tales. Impetigo would use samples from Horror movies as intros to their songs. Which something Mortician and many other bands would do in the coming years. Some people try denying it. Saying horror themed lyrics is a cliche in metal, I say "FUUUUCK YOU!" to them. Metal and Horror is a match made in Heaven (or Hell).

Here's an example of one of the greatest metal songs with clips from the slasher classic Sleepaway Camp. This track narrates the movie. If you don't know this film or the lyrics, you will not know what the fuck is going on. However, enjoy the music.