Sunday, December 30, 2007

Denial Fiend = Best New Band

Denial Fiend are a new band featuring Kam Lee (Massacre, ex-Death, Shadows with Knives), Curtis Beeson (Nasty Savage, ex-Lowbrow, ex-Fester), Terry Butler (Massacre, ex-Death, Six Feet Under, Shadows with Knives), and Sam Williams (Shadows with Knives, Down by Law, Pseudo Heroes). The music on their debut "They Rise" can be described as "Horror Metal." The music is heavily influenced by death metal, thrash, and horror punk. Lyrically influenced by old school horror films. Not the shitty Nu-horror kiddie films. "They Rise" has a very original sound. A breath of fresh air from all the trendy -core bands. Even though Denial Fiend's influences consists of mainly old school metal and horror punk bands, they are NOT a fucking retro-metal band who tries to sound like they came out in 1985. No modern trends here!

"They Rise" features some of Kam's best vocal performances to date. He sounds evil as fuck and can sound very demonic at times. After a huge absence from the metal scene, he proves that he still has it. Kam is hands down the greatest death metal vocalist alive. Lots of great riffs can be found here. Sam Williams is a riff master and his solos are fucking great. This album is just perfect. Not a single weak song can be found on it. Interesting fact is the track entitled "L.O.D." is a re-worked version of "Legions of Doom" from Death's 1983 "Death By Metal" demo back when they went by the name of Mantas. The very first death metal recording. "They Rise" is the album of 2007 as far as I'm concerned. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that "They Rise" is one of the greatest metal albums of all time.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

I resign from Legions of the Abyss

I feel it's now time to step down from Legions of the Abyss. It's been fun but now it just feels too much like work. I have no bad blood with the other admins. It's just time to move on.

Monday, December 24, 2007

T'was The Night Before Impeachment

T'was 2007 and all through the year
Not a creature was buying this climate of fear
The stockings were hung in a foreclosure scare
In hopes that the Banks would forget we were there!
The soldiers were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of extended tours messed with their heads
And Dick and Lynn Cheney with shotguns in lap
Had just pardoned Scooter for shutting his yap
When down at the White House there arose such a clatter
I sprang out the door to see what was the matter!
Away to the protest I flew like a flash
I marched for a while and got tazed in the clash
Then soon I was arrested – for what I don't know
But the ACLU said that “This just won't go!”
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a miniature Cheney and eight dead reindeer
With his pacemaker pumping, so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be St. Dick!
Faster than subpoenas, his minions they came
He waterboarded and tortured and called them by name:
“Now Halliburton! Now Exxon! Now Conoco! Now Shell!
On Blackwater! On Bechtel! – Let's all go to Hell!”
To the top of the West Wing, to the top of The Wall
"Now stash away! Stash away! Stash way All!"
As voters are wondering why their vote doesn't fly
Here comes Karl Rove and he'll tell you why
So up to the White House the CEOs flew
With a sleighful of cash and Dick Cheney too!
And then, in a twinkling I heard on the roof
Was the hemming and hawing of the ultimate Goof (heh heh heh heh)
I raised just one finger and jumped all around
Coz there on the roof Ol "Dubya" came round
He was dressed all in fur that Cheney had killed
He looked rather dapper on the taxpayers' bill
A bundle of cash he had flung on his back
Looked happy as Cheney right before an attack
His eyes — how they twinkled, but his manners were weary
Coz Alberto Gonzales has so much to bury!
His droll little mouth was drawn up in a sneer
Like all of those press conferences he holds so dear
The stump of a crack pipe he held in his teeth
He said: "Laura, I'm sorry! I've relapsed — I'm weak!"
And his friend had a Wide Stance and a little round belly
That shook when he laughed in a toilet so smelly
Dim-witted and dumb a right jolly old elf
And I laughed when I saw him, giving way my own stealth
A wink of his eye and a snap of his finger
Soon gave me to know I shouldn't loiter or linger
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
Put the cash in his stockings, then turned with a jerk
And laying his finger aside of his nose
Thumbs up! And a nod for the coke that he chose
He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle
"And away to Iran like a nuclear missile!'
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight:
"Happy Christmas to no one — Impeachment's not right!"

Poem by Al Jourgensen

Monday, November 12, 2007

Album of 2007 results are now being counted.

ok, the results are now being counted and will be released soon after Legions of the Abyss is revamped.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back to Blabbermouth!

BigNewsDay, Lefty Metalhead, and myself have recently returned to Blabbermouth to take care of some unfinished buissness with our old pal, Spooky1. Old Sucky1 has recently signed up AGAIN as Blabber_Zombies. Anyone willing to help debate this Dubya fellating prick can sign up and help us out.

Check here for the latest threads with Spooky1 spewing right-wing vomit:
Recent Spooky1 sighting

Recent Spooky1 sighting 2

Recent Spooky1 sighting 3

Note: Our debates with Sucky1 on Blabbermouth will NOT effect our buissness with Legions of the Abyss.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Andy Capp's Rant

OK, this is a rant that a good friend of mine posted on his MySpace Page. I figured I would share it with the rest of you. I may not agree with everything he has to say, but most of it is spot on. Enjoy!

This is my little rant. This is not some message I copied from another bulletin or blog, this is all original writing by Andy Pugh. I know its long, but I feel its useful reading. I do know this is just my opinion, so don't write me back telling me that you don't agree. I don't care if you agree or not. If you do want to write back and share your thought that's fine. Feel free to re-post this and add to it. I'd like it if I was given credit for writing it, but that's up to you.

I feel so irritated at people in the world sometimes because they can't seem to see past their own nose. Below is my little rant about things that I've noticed people do that really just annoy the crap out of me. I'll try to keep it organized for easy reading.

I have grouped them into the following sections, so feel free to skip around if you want:
Overprotecting Kids
Changes in Policy
Online Activity

Let's begin

1) People, you need to learn to navigate your shopping carts in the same manner you do your car. Pass on the right, don't park it right in the middle of the aisle, and don't let your little kids push it in a crowded store.

2) Treat the aisles like a road system. There are main aisles that run the length of the store and smaller aisles that run between the main aisles…..Just like every other road system in the world. If you were driving, would you come hauling ass out of the sub streets onto a main street without first stopping/pausing to make sure it's clear? I didn't think so. Do the same thing at the store. If you are approaching the end of your aisle and about to dump out into the main aisle, pause and make sure someone isn't passing by your aisle on the main aisle first. I can't count the number of times I've almost had my basket T-boned or get hit myself because some idiot came barreling out of the aisle. Think people.

3) If you or your kids knock something off the shelf, pick it up. Leaving it there and acting like nothing happened only creates more work for the people that have to clean up after your stupid ass.

4) If you pick up something and decide you don't want it, either take it to someone that works there or put it back where you got it. Don't just stick it in between some other product. As someone that had to do Data Integrity for 2 years and try to keep the system database up to date with current product count, it is immensely frustrating when the system shows you have 1 more of an item you can't find anywhere.

1) Pull your damn pants up. You look like a complete moron walking around with a belt on and your pants hanging below your ass. You know it's a problem when you have to hold on to them when you walk or keep pulling them up. Here's a little info you need to know about that: The idea of having your pants saggin like the way you think is so popular, was created in prison. It is a way to signify you belong to someone else. It means, in simplest terms you can understand, you are somebody's bitch. That's right. So, all your tards walking around with your pants around your knees and just showing your ignorance and letting the rest of the informed world know you are somebody's bitch.

2) Baseball hats are designed to keep the sun out of your eyes. What the hell caused the epidemic of retards that flatten the bill out and tilt it sideways? Do they not know it makes them look like a moron? Here's the deal people….If you aren't in a rap video, don't dress like you are. They look stupid on TV and you look even dumber on the streets.

3) We need more role models in the spotlight like Michael Jordan was. He convinced kids that they could be whatever they wanted without following the crowd. Nowadays', the only role models to the youth are thuggish sports stars, or thuggish rap stars. So, these kids naturally dress like their role models and act like them because it's "Cool". No its not. Why is it the youth of today complain about being judged the same as everyone else, but they dress and act like everyone else? You can't have it both ways. If you want to be treated and respected like an individual, act like one.

(This category is one of my biggest pet peeves)

1) Read the signs. I have yet to drive anywhere that didn't tell you what intersection/highway was coming up well before you get to it. If you are in the far left hand lane and know you have to exit to the right, get your ass to the right hand lane further back than 25 feet before the exit. If you are exiting that way, get there and stay there. I'm tired of people giving me the finger because they were busy talking on their cell phones or texting someone and wasn't paying attention and now want in my lane in front of me.

2) If you are entering a highway/freeway, you have an acceleration lane. It does run out eventually. Start trying to merge into the first lane immediately after getting on the highway. I hate when people speed up and drive all the way to the end of the acceleration lane and then try to cut people off to get in. Stop it!

3) If it bumper to bumper traffic, stay in your lane unless you are moving to the appropriate lane to exit in. You getting pissed and swerving into another lane do nothing but make the traffic worse. You still aren't moving any faster and moving up 25 feet quickly only to have to hit the brake and inch along again, is wasted effort and not to mention, makes you look like an ass.

4) Put your damn cell phones away! I believe it is possible to drive normally while talking on the phone. I know, but I seem to be one of the few people that drive the same while on the phone as I do while I'm not on the phone. I do understand that sometimes you have to take a call, but get an ear piece and use it. My big question….why is it people can drive normally and carry on a conversation with people in the car, but they can't carry on a conversation on a cell phone and drive. Same concept.

5) Unless you have a kid that is throwing up in the backseat, you should never need to put your vehicle in park when going through a drive-thru. I hate that. If you are so impatient that you can't hold the brake for 2 minutes while the person in front of you gets their food, then get out and go in.

6) If you are sitting at a traffic light, you need to be looking forward waiting for the light to turn green. That is not your allotted time to balance your checkbook, rummage through the glove box or dig in the back seat. Argh! I hate when I have to sit through a light more than once because some dumbass wasn't paying attention.

7) Turn down your crappy music. I like most forms of music and don't care if people like or dislike what I listen to. I also enjoy listening to loud music while driving, but I don't feel the rest of the neighborhood needs to hear what I am listening to. Especially, late at night. If it's after dark, turn the crap off. Some people have to get up way before the sun does or have kids and don't like having their house vibrate off its foundation. Those of you that have a $3000 stereo system in your car that you can hear a mile away are morons. Despite what you think, Nobody and I mean nobody wants to hear what you are listening to. I listen to my music loud and if I can hear yours over mine, it's too loud. What's the point anyway? At that volume, you can't even hear the music from inside the vehicle.

8) Look up the definition of "keep up with the flow of traffic." If the speed limit on the highway is 65 and everyone else is driving 75, you need to push the gas peddle a little harder. You driving 10mph slower than the thousands of people driving 10mph faster than the speed limit are far more dangerous. Do not get anywhere near the fast lane unless you drive fast. General rule of thumb is that the fast lane is at least 5mph faster than the other lanes. If you are one of these people that want to be an outstanding citizen and drive the speed limit and complain about the thousands of people passing you, get off the highway.

1) You know, I loved my childhood. I love the freedom of being able to run around all over the block I lived on without worrying about my neighbors or traffic or the threat of being shot/kidnapped. That is tragic. I don't have kids yet, but I am already sorry for them because they will never get to see the freedom I did as a kid, and I'm not that old so it wasn't that long ago. I rode my bike, skateboard, and rollerblades all over the place and nobody cared. Now, you have neighbors that would shoot you if you stepped foot in their yard, streets that are overcrowded so its unsafe to even let your kids out of the front yard, and the thug youth of America available to influence you kids in the wrong way.

Overprotecting Kids:
1) How many people wore pads while riding their bike or skateboard as a kid? Show of hands….nobody. As a kid, you are designed and required to get bumps, bruises and scrapes. Its part of being a kid. It's how you learn to dust yourself off, pick yourself up and keep going. These parents that deck their kids out in full body gear to ride their bike, with training wheels, are being way too overprotective.

2) I read, not too long ago, that there has been a nationwide ban in elementary schools that prevents kids from playing tag. Can you believe that! Tag?!?. Some stupid parents complained because their child was playing tagged, got knocked down and got a little scrape on their knee. Boo Hoo! Cry me a damn river. As mention above, kids fall down. You overprotective parents are ruining everything by getting things like this banned. Now, they can only play tag indoors and has to have at least 3 adults supervising them. We played dodge ball with a basketball and nobody got anything more than an occasional bruise. Guess what…..we are all still alive and our wounds healed. I know, it's shocking.

3) There is a difference between spanking and beating a child. I'll bet most everyone reading this was spanked as a child. Did you die? No, you learned right from wrong. Putting a child in "time out" does nothing but give them time to think about the next rotten thing they are going to do. Those people that think you should never strike a child obviously have never been around them. A little spanking never hurt anybody and I think the youth of today might be a little more respectful to parents, teachers, coaches and other adults if they had been taught that from the beginning. I feared my mom growing up because I knew she had a paddle that looked like a canoe paddle and it hurt. I never had any bruises or broken bones, but I had my fair share of spankings.

Changes in Policy:
1) Why is it, in this country, a few voices can mess up things for the rest of us? Case in point….Prayer in school. I know, it's a big deal. You know the largest religion in America is Christian right? The religion the country was founded on? Well, then why is that we can no longer say a prayer in school. If you played any sport, how many of you remember saying the Lord's Prayer before a game? Most of you? That's because it's appropriate. We aren't praying for the death of our enemy, we are praying for the protection of the players. This should be the policy….If it offends you, I don't care. You don't care that it offends me that I can't do it, so why should I care if it offends you when I do it? How about that logic. You go about your day and pray to your stick, or whatever Deity you pray to and I'll pray to mine. Because of a few people, the 10 Commandments can't even hang in the courts anymore. How stupid is that. If it offends you, don't read it. If you don't believe it, who cares. Why should America change its policies because something offends you. You have the freedom to worship whomever you choose, but you also have the freedom not to.

2) Political Correctness. I understand that there is a time and a place for everything. I do, but people are way too sue happy in this country. You can't even crack a joke in the office without worrying about offending somebody and them suing the company for millions of dollars. How does that make sense? What happened to the good ol' days when you minded your own business? In the old days, if you saw an attractive woman working in your office, you could approach her, and compliment her and possibly ask her on a date. Nowadays, if you do that, you will be hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit. Once again….sue happy. Everyone looking for a quick buck.

3) I'll go ahead and hit another touchy subject. Immigration. It's obviously a problem. I know, some people say they are doing the jobs we don't want to. That's fine, more power to them if they want to pick lettuce for less than minimum wage, but come into the country the legal way. I think they should change a few laws and it would help with the problem. 1) If you aren't a US citizen and you have a child on US territory, it does not automatically make them a US citizen and grant you the right to stay here. 2) If you are not a US citizen, you are not allowed to attend any public education institute. 3) you do not qualify for healthcare or financial assistance if you are not a US citizen. I know this country was founded by immigration and I am thankful for that diversity, but we have way too many people that come to this country and expect a handout and then criticize the country and fly their native flags in their front yard and proclaim their native country.

4) I believe it was Roosevelt that said, if you come to this country and live in this country you are a citizen of this country and will not pledge allegiance to another country. All you dumbass people out there that live here and fly other countries flags need to go back to your country if it's so great. Why are you even here if your home land is so great? Oh, that's right….your country is in poverty or at war and there are no jobs, scarce food and no healthcare. Hmm…sounds like a wonderful place to call my homeland.

5) Why is it people believe they should rally together and change something they have a choice not to participate in? For example….there used to be a radio station here that played great music, had a funny morning show and the DJ's were usually pretty outrageous in their topics for discussion. Well, their show offended some people so they rallied together and got the station changed. It's now a Spanish station, after it went to a alternative rock station. Whatever happened to changing the dial? If I didn't like a TV show or a song on the radio, I changed to another station. What gives these people the right to stir the pot because they don't like something they have a choice in participating in? This idea could cover so many different topics. People, you have a choice in this Country as to what you do and don't do. If you don't like something, don't do it, but don't try to change it "for the good", just because you don't like it.

Online Activity:
1) If you participate in online forums, chats or newsgroups of any sort, don't argue with people in the thread. It makes you look like an ass to the other thousands of people that read it. If you have some beef someone, send them a private message or get a life. You most likely don't know them and never will so why are you letting someone you don't know piss you off in a public forum.

2) Stop forwarding on emails that are in the following topics:
(a). "Send this email and watch what happens after you send it" – The only way something is going to happen is if you already have a virus on your system. If you get these, please delete them and stop clogging everyone else spam folder full of them.
(b). "If you get an email with subject "A post card from a friend", delete it. It's a virus that will erase your hard drive" – For starters, there is no virus that can erase your hard drive. Second, this is a hoax that has been going on for many years. Please, for the love of God, stop spreading this around. This and so many other emails of a similar title. If you are unsure, ask me and I'll happily tell you one way or another.
(c) "AOL/Microsoft/Bill Gates/Etc… is sharing his fortune….and will pay x number of cents/dollars every time this is sent or reposted" – Never has happened, Never will happen. There is no way for them to trace the number of times it's been emailed or posted. Plus, nobody is that stupid.
(d) "kid with cancer emails" - 99% of these are hoaxes and are just spreading the spam.

3) Quit posting in forums and bulletins/blogs stuff like "I make X number of dollars a week doing nothing but taking online survey's" or "Click here to get your free ipod". Its f-in annoying and pisses a lot of people off.

If you have read all the way up to this point, I appreciate it and you are probably bored to tears. I am going to stop this rant for now. I might decide to write a part 2 eventually though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can't a cop shit in peace?

Cnn is reporting that Republican Larry Craig, Senator from Idaho, was arrested AND PLEAD GUILTY, to charges stemming from a incident on June 11 that took place in a Men's Room at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

According to Roll Call, the arresting officer alleged that Craig lingered outside a restroom stall where the officer was sitting, then entered the stall next door and blocked the door with his luggage.

According to the arrest report cited by Roll Call, Craig tapped his right foot, which the officer said he recognized "as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct."

The report alleges Craig then touched the officer's foot with his foot and the senator "proceeded to swipe his hand under the stall divider several times," according to Roll Call.

At that point, the officer said he put his police identification down by the floor so Craig could see it and informed the senator that he was under arrest, before any sexual contact took place.


Of course, Idaho's Senior Senator denies the charges (even though he plead guilty) and says that his actions were "misconstrued". Sen. Craig has since resigned from his position at the Mitt Romney campaign.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ash and The Red

The new The Ash and The Red track DICEROS and some new artwork are now up on the myspace site. I will be sending out discs of top quality sound in a few weeks, free as usual for anyone who's interested. An official site and a new track are scheduled to go up in winter.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

QUEst For ThE mEGa sWORd


PWOer sWord hass jut realesed a new traCk fRom our upCOing album on tHe offICial mypsaC epage QQUEST FOR the MEgA sWORD Was recorded oveR the paSt weeKend and featurE dsome of the banDs besT woRK TO date. pooWerful vocAls! engagIn g lyRICs! noNsTop GuitaRs! qUETS for the meag sWord is an epiC trACk FOr the AGes!
Complete albUm inFormaTIon COmsinG sooN.

base / voCAL s

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday LOTA

The Original Legions of the Abyss Forum, which at the time was named Metal PWNS All, opened it's doors one year ago today. Since then we have gone through many changes, added many new features, and made many great friends. We now host the official forums of around 50 bands, and have a weekly radio show on Hard Rock Radio Live.

So make sure you stop by and support the site.

Legions of the Abyss

Be sure, to sign up for the brand new Legions of the Abyss Forum!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great News!!!!

I just received word that Pummel and Grind has returned in blog form. So go visit Tony and see what rare music he has available this week.

Friday, July 20, 2007

New "Debates" Section at Legions of the Abyss

Debate about all the controversial topics you adore at the newest section at Legions of the Abyss Forum.

All readers of this blog are welcome to sign up (if you haven't already) and debate politics and music with us.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birhday My Great Country

As much as a I may bitch about our governement, I always feel the need to remind my readers that I do that out of love for my country. I love this country with all my heart, and I hate to see people divide us.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe Independance Day!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bringing Honor and Accountability back to the White House

We learned yesterday that our President overturned a court’s sentence for convicted perjure and former White House aide Scooter Libby. First off, contrary to what many conservatives are saying, this conviction and sentence were in no way politically motivated. The judge in this case was a very conservative, by the book judge who was appointed by the Bush administration. The Special Prosecutor was also appointed by the Bush administration.

It is nice to know that our President knows more about criminal law and fairness than a federal court. I’m sure he is now going commute the sentences of everyone in this country that has been sent to jail on perjury charges. Fairness, right?

One of my conservative co-workers sent me an e-mail as a pre-emptive strike. The e-mail was a link to the DoJ that lists all of the individuals pardoned by Clinton. I find this somewhat funny. First off, what Clinton did is completely irrelevant to this case. Secondly, this appears to be the old neo-con habit of blame-shifting. Who needs accountability when we can point out the wrong-doings of others? Some others will surely say “well, it’s not like he pardoned Libby.” Just wait! I guarantee Bush will pardon Libby during his closing days of office. I can’t wait to see the DoJ’s list of Bush Pardons. That will surely be a long list of white-collar criminals that made millions from ripping the rest of us off.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Eivl nighT on SkuLKL Mountain

TH e new POWEr sword track evil niGht on skUll Moutnain is now up on
CHEk it oUT!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ten Commandments for Drivers?

The Vatican just released their Ten Commandments for Drivers; I was reading over the list and realized that it does not address many of the issues that should be addressed. So, I made my own list.

BND’s Ten Commandments for Drivers:

1. Thou shalt not get in BND’s way dammit.
2. If you are in the far left lane of the freeway and are not in the process or about to be in the process of passing someone, thou shalt immediately pull off the freeway and sell thou’s car.
3. Thou shalt use your fucking turn signals.
4. Thou sure the hell shalt not drive at a slow pace directly next to another car that is driving the same slow pace, therefore forcing traffic to stack up behind you.
5. All cell phone calls while driving must be very important and kept to a minimum length.
6. Thou shalt never, under any circumstance, stop at a yellow light.
7. Yield does not mean stop, and stop does not mean yield. Learn the fucking difference asshole.
8. If you are driving at or below the posted speed limit and you see a cop, DON”T SLAM ON YOUR BREAKS!!!!!
9. Don’t throw your garbage out the window of your car.
10. If you have babies or small children in your car, you better have them securely seated in the appropriate child seat.

Those who dare to break these commandments will be forced to listen to korn and linkin park for eternity while they burn in hell.

What would your Ten Commandments be?

Ken Hawk's 10? Commandments of Driving:

1. pEOpl e neeD to get off the sidewalk. how am i SUppOSed to drive on there?
2. beaTing off in my car shoUdln't be an arrestable offense, i mean its my cAr.
4. i tried thaT stunt from speeD where teh bus jujmps over that broken highwaY, anD it didnt' worK. that ShouLD be able to woRk.
f. i still wanT to poInt oUT that theY need to fix the GasOliNE isSUe, i rUn oUT of gas eveRy week and still have to be towed to my mechanic.
7. cars shoUld have breaks. im tired of haviNg to crash Into my hOSue everyday to get teh car tO stop.
6. WHen yOu sell A guy a car you shoUld be honEst abouT it. if my Car was really amfibious there WoulDnt be a ford escoRT at the bOTtoM of a pOol in suburban cHicago.

Ken aHwk!

If you fail to obey those rules, Ken may stop by for dinner.
Blaspherion's 10 Commandments of Driving

1. When a police car is near, always race them and if you win, flip em off.
2. Always have a copy of Pestilence's Consuming Impulse in your car to blast at full volume.
3. When approching a car with a W. Bush sticker. always get in their way to show your Anti-Bush sticker and flip them off.
4. DO NOT BLAST rap music, mallcore, country, pop-punk/emo, pop, etc.
5. Always blast METAL.
6. Always stay the fuck out of my way.
7. Read rule 6.
8. Read rule 6 and 7, twice.
9. Always go over the speed limit.
10. Read rules 1 - 10 5 times.

Anyone who shall defy must be FORCED to listen to Limp Bizit's Rollin for all of eternity.

suffering from burnout

Due to my very busy schedule and the longing to spend more quality time with my family, I have taken a leave from Hard Rock Radio Live. I may or may not be back depending on my schedule as well as the approval of the station owner. I had a blast playing DJ (except when their equipment wasn't working), but I just don't have the time right now to continue.

I would like to devote more time to my blog as well as Lefty's blog. Things are really beginning to heat up in the political arena, and I have many things that I would love to discuss with members and readers of both blogs. I would also like to devote a little time to both Lords of Classic Rock and Legions of the Abyss.

Stay tuned to the blogs and web sites, and thank you to all my readers and listeners.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Immigration and Christian Salvation

So I'm listening to Sirius 161 (Christian Talk) because I'm down with J.C., and I hear a one-minute spot promoting a show that comes on later in the day. The speaker reminds us that to become a Christian, you must repent for your old ways, and come to Jesus for healing and profess your faith to the world. Then you become a member of the Church, and a saved person.

...then it dawned on me: how is this different from the new immigration bill?

Basically, illegal immigrants currently living in the US must repent by paying a $5,000 fine, filling out a ton of paperwork, and agree to go back to their home country and come back the legal way. After this, they will be forgiven and may become US taxpaying citizens. Halelujah!
Of course the typical peanut-heads lined up to take shots at the bill, mostly because it came from the White House. With a whopping 30% approval rating, it'd be political suicide, even for Republicans, to side with El Presidente on anything. Conservatives are outraged by this "amnesty bill", and liberals say it's unfair to poor immigrants to pay a $5,000 fine. I have questions for these pundits:

To the Conservatives: What are you going to do with 12,000,000 people that you will not allow a path to citizenship for? Are you going to deport them? Who's going to cook your wings at Hooters or mow the lawn at your office? What if Jesus was so unreasonable regarding salvation?

To the Liberals: The fines are the only proof that matters of repentance and it makes a "down payment" towards a life of respect for our laws. Let's get the Fair Tax on the agenda so that we have a chance to keep our Social Security and Medicare funded for the new citizens, and to put the financial stress on those who refuse to be legal. We have to provide financial reward for people to pay taxes, otherwise our government is a joke.

To the rest of us: Our governement offers benefits to millions and millions of people who don't pay taxes. Just how is this fair to us who the IRS can commit the full war-making ability of the federal government against? If we fail to provide a reasonable path to citizenship then we're going to waste enormous amounts of money building a fence that ultimately cannot succeed.

"Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity," George S. Patton, Jr.

Ask France how the Maginot Line worked for them. Maybe this new bill is not perfect, but how else are we going to resolve the issue?

Friday, June 01, 2007


Greetings friends,
Upon release of the "No Sleep til Dairy Queen" follow-up album "Dehamufacture", Ken Hawk's pioneering food metal band, Nacho Quest, has reformed as a massive power metal force known as Power Sword. An associate and I were approached by Hawk for assistance in mastering his work, and the results are, well, interesting. While the Power Sword full-length album is still in the recording stage, a few tracks have managed to make it to the Power Sword Mypsace page

The early reaction has mostly been people asking if Ken's vocals are a joke and in return he has expressed some discontent with me, so that may be something we will continue to look at. The original single "Brotherhood of the Steel" is up, and the new high-powered "The Prophecy of Steel" track was uploaded yesterday. We may soon be posting a mastered version of a live track as well. Cheers!

Fred Burroughs
Beef City Recording, ltd

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Energy Policy Debate: Bold New Ideas

After hearing the new crop of poli-chickens regurgitate the same old rhetoric regarding America's energy future, I'm demanding some fresh ideas. Here's the problem with red vs. blue policy:

Red (GOP): Drilling in Alaska is a good idea, but that's not going to fix the problem even in the short term. There isn't enough oil in Alaska to offset our current imports. US on-shore domestic oil production has been declining since the 1970's, so it's foolish to think that we can bring online enough domestic supply to slake our ever-expanding thirst.

Blue (Democrats): Biofuels like ethanol will never replace gasoline nomatter how much you subsidize it. It's a net-loss when you consider the cost of farming and additional infrastructure. Additional taxes on gasoline would be a good idea if you were building towards a feasible solution, but hybrid cars and E85 are going to be disasterous if mandated federally. Besides, I trust this Congress with money less than I would a bank run by crack addicts. How's that non-existent Social Security trust fund going, Mr. Byrd?!

Smashing through boundaries: The fix is in!

We're going to drop the price of fuel for consumers and build up the infrastructure to maintain the same level of prosperity and rapidness of travel all the while decreasing our consumption of petroleum products in the long-term. More specifically, I'm calling for:

-Nuclear power to replace diesel-guzzling ocean freighters and heavy rail locomotives. Yeah, that sounds radical, but if we can put an engine on a submarine that makes 50,000 horsepower and doesn't need to be refueled for 10 years, then why are we dumping God-awful amounts of diesel fuel into these boats that bring us our beer from Europe and our miscellaneous bullshit from China? I know that there's a security risk, but the US Coast Guard can easily implement a satellite tracking mechanism to ensure that these boats don't fall into the hands of terrorists. We could very easily replace our obnoxious lovers of diesel juice that deliver bulk manufactured items via railroads. Wouldn't it be ironic to have a perfectly environmentally sound, zero-carbon train deliver thousands of tons of sooty coal to be burned to make electricity?

If security concerns prevent us from using this ultra-efficient, Al Gore friendly method of powering our industry, then I hate to inform you but Osama Bin Laden and Co. have officially beaten the US. The point of terrorism is to make your victim too afraid to be themselves, and if we get hung up because we're afraid then we lose.

Replacing the mass consumers of diesel fuel will free at least 30% of our domestic refinery capacity and roughly the same in crude oil consumption, thus automatically reducing our demand on petro products by roughly 1/3. In dollars for you, that brings us back to around $1.55-$1.80 a gallon on gasoline with a much more stable price that is far less subject to Katrina-like fluctuations and panic.

-We need a mass transit system that is beneficial to suburban commuters. We can't follow Europe's model because their cities are built much different from ours. We have a bigger country and we have a chance to really do something revolutionary to satisfy our need to move people from place to place rapidly while catering to the impatience of US consumers. This is a challenge, but this is very possible. Great advancements have been made in the field of magnetic levitation trains by Japanese researchers that could prove to be the ultimate technology for making trains a means of inter- and intra- city transportation so rapid that the airlines can't even keep up!

There's two things that energy ideas should have in common: They should have a very positive economic effect and they should improve the environment. One without the other is a NO DEAL. Sorry, Al Gore. I'm not willing to lose my job over some extrapolated research, we're a good bit smarter than that. We can keep our economy and protect and improve our planet at the same time. I demand this of our leaders.

Let's discuss- how else can we lead the world into economically and environmentally-friendly energy solutions?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fair Tax Q & A

The purpose of this entry is to address the very pertinent questions from the last Fair Tax post. I'm going to take the opportunity to use charts to illustrate how the Fair Tax is victory for the people over the liars in Washington, and lets the American people do what they do best: propser!

Item #1: Does a babysitter or the kid that mows my lawn have to collect the Fair Tax? (from Lefty)

No, there is a provision within HR.25 and S.25 that allows for small jobs and "hobby income", up to an annual $2,000. If you sell furniture or other personal belongings via classifieds such as this does not count towards your hobby income. Your car, your investment portfolio, and your Beanie Baby collection are personal items that are not sold in commercial quantities, and therefore are not taxed as retail items, because you are not a retailer. Besides, they are used goods and the tax has already been levied against them.

Item #2: Isn't this a regressive tax? What about the child tax credit? (from Hillary Clinton)

Pictures say a thousand words, and the Fair Tax is the most thoroughly researched tax reform measure in history. Instead of bloviating in miserable economic theory, he's a chart that explains it much better than I can:
How does everybody end up paying less? Several reasons persist:

-Vastly increased compliance (some will still sell illegally, but far fewer than cheat today)
-Improved efficiency in collection (The IRS is the least efficient office possibly ever)
-Broadening of the tax base (internet sales, retail services, etc.)
-Broadening of the base of people who pay taxes (illegal immigrants, tourists, drug dealers)

As for the child tax credit that Hillary was so worried about: based on current estimates, most households with 2 kids will get a $492 check at the beginning of each month. Do we really need to keep paying tax credits every April to people with herds of kids? The Fair Tax reimburses the expenses that additional children create, and that is all that tax policy should ever be responsible for. In fact, the child tax credit of today is basically a brand of social engineering, and is absolutely irresponsible tax policy, so we're not even talking about apples to oranges.

Item #3: Won't the prebate system just create another government monster? (from Lefty)

All legal US Citizens and legal permanent guests will recieve the prebate regardless of income. Hey, we're saying that no US citizen shall pay any taxes on the necessities of life, to be determined by the basic poverty level spending amount. You do not have to prove to the government how much money you make (a MILESTONE in reduction of government paperwork!). This is an important point from our Constitution that the 16th Amendment repealed. The US Treasury Department will do the job that the IRS turned into a beurocratic nightmare, and the FBI will investigate fraud just like they're (supposed to be) doing now. The Treasury Dept. won't turn into another monster because they have a much simpler job that will require an amount of staff that all researchers agree will pale in comparison to the current IRS roster.

Item #4: So basically businesses are doing the job of funding our government. Some of them are corrupt. (from BND)

Yes, businesses will be charged with the task of sending the money off to the Treasury Department. To be sure some will cheat, but with 80-90% fewer entities filing, the concentration of investigation power of the FBI has increased nearly tenfold. Besides, over 80% of all retail goods purchased come from the largest of the big-box retailers, and there is no way they can risk cheating under such a hot spotlight. Also, there is a built-in 1/4% kickback to reimburse for the accounting, so this is not charity work for the government. The math is quite fucking simple with the Fair Tax, so 1/4% is extremely generous.

Item #5: What about doctors and other small business? (from Lefty)

Since the tax base has been broadened to include the retail service sector, your doctor would indeed have to collect the Fair Tax from consumers. These costs are considered into the prebate, so we can't let lobbyists have a foothold here by making exception. This isn't going to exacerbate the health care fiasco for the poor because again, healthcare costs are considered for pre-imbursing these additional costs of basic living. Internet sales are also charged to pay taxes, because that's only fair.

Item #6: What about gas prices? (from Lefty)

The federal government already has a whopping tax built in to gasoline, but it would be up to congress if they wanted to remove the current tax to make room for the new sales tax. Otherwise, it is a retail-level good or service so it is subject to the Fair Tax. I can't stress enough that we're keeping 100% of our paychecks here, plus the cost of these goods will fall from 20-28% once we remove the current income tax burden from the production scheme. I am strongly in favor of user-based taxes, such as the one on gasoline, so we'll have to see if our favorite nincompoops in Washington can do something productive with the revenue.

Item #7: Isn't this a blow to the federal government? (from Lefty)

Not at all, it is revenue-neutral. They will collect the same amount of money from us, the difference is that now they have to do it efficiently, they have to collect from everybody to include illegal immigrants, tax cheaters, and tourists, and we are now perfectly aware of how much they are taking from us. We the people are tired of hidden taxes, lobbyists tactics, and insider tax breaks for buddies. Because we have to tax all retail goods with no exceptions, there are no footholds for shit-eating lobbyists to hook up their buddies. There are no tax credits for oil companies, and there won't need to be any offshore banking to hide money from our government. If you're worried about people not spending money, here's a comparison to how much more stable of a source of income sales taxes are as opposed to income taxes:

AGI = Adjusted Gross Income, PCE = Personal Consumer Expenditures (please note that this graph shows percent change, so a flatter line is a more stable function)

Item #8: Isn't the tax rate really 30%, or even 60%? (from Hillary Clinton)

The people that say the Fair Tax rate is 30% are actually correct. Taxes can be calculated exclusively or inclusively. I wonder why the same people don't want to say that most people pay 52% of their income when calculated exclusively? Since income taxes are always calculated inclusively, it's most appropriate to report the 23% Fair Tax as such. The 30% figure is still better than the 52% figure.

Inclusive Method: Exclusive Method:
Widget: $77 Widget: $77
Fair Tax: $23 30% sales tax: $23
Total: $100 Total: $100
$23 out of $100 = 23%. This is exactly how our income taxes are calculated.

The 60% figure is based on bullshit research done by biased lobbyists who made the fictitious assumption that we would exempt groceries, gasoline, heating bills, electricity, etc. etc. etc. from being taxed, and then still reimburse people for the basic cost of taxes on necessities. That's how they came up with the bogus 60% in order to compensate.

$22,000,000 in top-tier research has been invested in the Fair Tax making it the most heavily researched tax reform measure in history. On May 15th, 10,000 Fair Tax supporters will rally right across the street from the presidential candidate debate scheduled just a few hours later. This is an idea that deserves some mainstream press. By the way, HR.25 and S.25 now have 60 co-sponsors. The idea is gaining steam with every session of Congress. It's starting a powerful trend where people want to know how much tax we pay, and we're tired of being lied to having our money confiscated. I know it's not perfect, but let me close with this question: Why in the hell would you punish people who work legally?

Friday, April 27, 2007

All Our Candidates Are Fascists, Yet Pussies, And I Just Don't Fucking Get It.

I was watching a clip of John McCain on the Daily Show. Now do not take this as a bash on Jon Stewart in any way. I love the guy and I see why he is doing this (or perhaps I'm giving him too much credit), but he was just being rude and arguing and interrupting McCain like crazy. Sure they have "talks" backstage and he has been on the show so much they may be "friends" but still, he is running for the highest political office on the continent, of both American continents for that matter (some say the world, which could be the case, it's just a debate I don't want to get into right now). AND HE IS ON WORLD WIDE TELEVISION BEING PUNKED LIKE A BITCH!

If John McCain were Presidential material, he would have gotten visually upset and told him off. Something like "Listen, would you interrupt Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln, would you insult John F. Kennedy? I am going to be the President of the United States and I would appreciate it if you would treat me as such." That would not have gotten my vote, but would have gotten my respect.

I like Stewart because he is doing this and showing people that these guys do not deserve the power they are aspiring for. He is exposing them for the gutless worms they are. Much applause to him, and I think he is waiting for one of them to put him in his place. Again, he may not vote for them but he will respect them a little more.

I have just never seen such fascist warmongering pussies in my life. They talk such talk, but will take abuse from anyone for a single vote. Whores. Fucking whores. We need a fucking Teddy Roosevelt again, someone who challenges world leaders to a boxing match in the White House gym (yes, he really did that) someone who will step up and re-enact the anti-monopoly laws we used to have and shut these corporate serfs the fuck down. Someone who gives a fuck about people, and will NOT accept being disrespected to the people they are representing to the world.

Of course Stewart is really nice to Obama and Hillary, which he should be an ass to them too, maybe not as bad, but still they deserve the right to stand up for themselves to and not just be a smiling face on the TV that has nothing new to say because no one is challenging them.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fair Tax NOW!

I bought a sandwich combo yesterday for lunch advertised at $7.29. By the time I was done handing over cash, it REALLY cost $7.73. That's nearly $0.50 extra. If that was all the tax I actually paid for that sandwich, then it would be a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, here's the other hidden taxes that got rolled in that $7.73:

-Property taxes for the restaurant, payroll, Social Security, and Medicare taxes for the employee that made the sandwich, the truck driver that delivered the food to Blimpie, the distribution center employee who shipped the material for the sandwch, the farmers that grew the wheat for the bread, jalapenos, sweet peppers, lettuce, and onions that went on the sandwich, and the farmers who raised the chickens, and for the people who killed and processed then shipped the chicken, and all the truck drivers associated with those processes, along with the property taxes for the distribution center and all the farms! They are all taxed at all stages of the game, and that gets passed right along to me, the guy that already gets my income taxed!

Sure, 25% doesn't sound too bad when it's said like that, but then you get taxed again on absolutely everything that you buy for a compounding effect that generally adds up to most people paying around HALF of your money to the government at some stage.

We need the Fair Tax NOW! The Fair Tax is taken at the retail sales counter, and NEVER FROM YOUR PAYCHECK! There are no Value-Added Taxes (VAT) like they have in Europe, everything that you could pay is on your receipt, and you will NEVER have to report how much money you make to the government. The IRS is banished forever from our great country. Under the Fair Tax, you know exactly how much you pay in taxes, and the total amount of taxes you pay can never be hidden from you by politicians who make a living stealing your money.

Stop telling me that "it's a good idea, but they'll never pass it". Who's they, and why are you voting for them? This is more important than a political party! Hold their feet to the fire or we'll throw the tea in the harbor and start over!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The problem with secular western society:

With increasing secularization and the decreasing role of religeous morals comes a great problem that our friends in Europe are currently facing: the population is dying off.

Religeous Christians and Jews feel obligated to "Be fruitful and multiply", because a numerically strong population gives glory to God. Europeans represent the near-godless evolution of western society to the point where having children is unfashionable. This causes many problems, among them are:

-The number of workers required to support retirees decreases
-The cost of health care increases as the population ages
-The native population will eventually lose a voting majority to immigrants
-Productivity increases can't keep up with fewer and fewer workers

Do you think it's impossible for it to be "unfashionable" to have and raise kids? Read this article- but I'm warning you, it is unbelievably distrubing. Before you click I'll introduce it to you as Germany's new infanticide epidemic. No pictures or anything like that, just a sub-human disregard for young human life. If that doesn't make your heart break then I can't imagine what will.

The role of Islam in post-religeous secular western society:

The trend in America is following the European model- we are having fewer children and having them later in life. This allows for great wealth, but our still-religeous Muslim counterparts are multiplying like a page out of Genesis from the Bible. While most European countries have reached zero-growth native populations, several such as Italy and Sweden have made it to negative-growth of native population. Of course, the overall population continues to soar due to Islamic immigration.

Now, Judaism and Christianity reached a point about 500 years ago (roughly in the wake of the Lutheran Reformation) where we reconciled with the modern world and realized that the Church and State can operate indepenantly. We now believe the words of Jesus when he said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and give to God what is God's" (Luke 20:25). Islam will not stand for this. No, a Muslim must make everyone in his country abide by the same laws, and any violators will be punished according to Sharia Law.

So, all the liberties that were recognized by the great French Revolutionary thinkers, perfected and paid for in blood by the founding fathers of the United States of America, and paid for many times over again throughout European history will be swept away and scattered as Islam forces Europe to march backwards into the 8th century as it imposes Sharia Law as soon as a voting majority is obtained.

Now I'm not one to cook up a shitty topic until it boils without proposing at least one viable solution, so here goes with my solution to this inevitable showdown:

Introduce learning and science to Muslim populations. Knowledge is power, and powerful, knowledgable people will not be enslaved by a nonsensical and counterintuitive religeon such as Islam. The only reason why the Catholic Church was able to enslave the population for so many centuries is because they hid information from it by encoding the Bible in Latin. Only priests could read Latin, so unless you listen to a priest tell you that it requires money to go to heaven then how would you know the difference?

Radical Islam forbids reading certain books. This should set off your bullshit detector instantly. Any religeon that bans any kind of information can be likened to slavery and should not be tolerated by anybody (Bible-thumping FCC employees and lobbyists are not immune from this criticism).

It would be simply ridiculous to try and keep up with Islamic birth rates just to keep up, because I find it appalling to play games with human life.

Islam has destroyed middle eastern culture, and will prevent them from advancing to modern times so long as they keep its stranglehold over their population. How can you possibly keep up when half your population (female) is forbidden to be educated? The middle east used to be a place of great learning, making advancements in the fields of medicine, chemistry, and warfare. While Europe was suffering under a Pope-induced dark age, Arab culture flourished. Then, Islam arrived, and marched them all back into the stone age. Then the crusades came, and it was dark age versus dark age- a truly dismal scenario. But like I said above, about 500 years ago we woke up from the spell and reconciled with the modern world, and alas, a Rennaissance was born!

We need to force-feed Muslims the education that they are so desperately lacking until they advance out of the Bronze Age. No military campaign or economic sanction can make up for a uneducated, psychologically enslaved population.

Friday, March 23, 2007

House Passes Timetable for U.S. Troop Pullout!

Cross-posted on The Metal Pundit and The Green Communist

Finally! The Democrats have finally acted upon their mandate won in November. The country's most important issue, the war in Iraq, has divided many in our soil. Furthermore, and most importantly, it has been the cause of death for thousands of our troops and many more Iraqi civilians. The House of Representatives passed legislation setting a timetable for a troop pullout. It says that the troops must be home by September 2008 if Iraq doesn't meet certain requirements. There is no question that this is the correct action to be taken after four years of relentless fighting.

Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) had to say:

The American people have lost faith in the president's conduct of this war. The American people see the reality of the war, the president does not.

Agreed! The White House has threatened a veto by the President. Democrats, nevertheless, grew some testicles and decided to face Bush with no fear. The administration has effectively lost touch with the reality of the Iraq War. Our current operations are no longer working (assuming they did work in the first place). Its imcompetence to plan a post-war Iraq led to the destruction of many American lives, and a dire situation where terrorism has flourished in Iraq. Osama Bin Laden is probably thanking Allah for Bush's war in Iraq!

As expected, this was a party-line vote. The legislation passed 218-212. Republicans were quick to argue that such a timeline would be an admission of failure. What they ignore is that, if it is indeed a failure, it is due to a Republican administration full of ineptitude and corruption!

Republican Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) had this to say:

The stakes in Iraq are too high and the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families too great to be content with anything but success

I agree. The stakes in Iraq have been very high and the sacrifices made by our military have been enormous. However, if this is the case, why did the Pentagon and the White House pursue a war without adequate planning? Why were our soldiers rotting away in awful conditions at Walter Reed? It seems like the "idea" of the stakes and sacrifices is what Republicans like Blunt are worried about, not reality.

As my good friend BlackLabelAxe said, someone has to do something. Partisanship doesn't matter so much at this point. We have to get something done...quickly!

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer(D-Md) said:

The American public expects, the Congress of the United States, to do something, not simply to say 'yes' to failed policies, but to on their behalf, speak out and try to take us in a new direction.

I applaud Mr. Hoyer!

Hopefully the Iraqis will see this action as a kick in the ass. Perhaps this will force them to take action and defend their country. It is now their job to secure and stabilize Iraq. Of course, it is debatable whether it can be done, regardless of our presence there. Iraq would probably best function as three separate countries, but that's a debate for a different day.

Republicans, of course, claim that the legislation is full of pork, and it is. However, we must realize that pork is what "greases the wheels" in order for the vehicle to move. If pork is necessary to get this done, then so be it. I'd sure rather have a pork-laden legislation passed than continue to lose our troops in Iraq!

havEy mETAl Fans aRe s,maRter

i knE w THis Alll Along!!! RUIn TO TEH HILLLLLSS!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why Capitalism and Money Work

Before we even begin the debate, I think it's pertinent to understand that Capitalism didn't even have a name until people such as Karl Marx tried to criticize it. It is a natural law, comparable to gravity, which is why Adam Smith called it the "System of Natural Liberty". You don't hate liberty, do you? Capitalism can't be disabled or outlawed and neither can gravity. Trashing this natural law is as nonsensical as complaining about the speed of light. A true progressive would study this phenomina and use it like a tool to build a better society (I respect many opinions on the role of government concerning this application- I'm not arguing for unrestricted capitalism here). The world is not flat, and the free market plays a vital role in allowing for our society to be so complex. We don't have to make our own soap anymore thanks to capitalism. You could if you wanted to, but Irish Spring is just fine for me.

The idea of free trade on any scale of economy is as old as society itself. A farmer would trade food for tools, and a blacksmith might trade tools lumber or medicine, etc. Bartering is excellent free trade, but nothing promotes liberty like the endless flexibility of currency. Not everybody is a blacksmith, farmer, or a miller, so bartering is limited by the relative value of their goods to customers. Currency allows a coal miner to buy a Megadeth T-shirt from California.

Currency is simply a means of settling a debt between people. The US government devalues our currency by spending more than they collect, which causes the same damage as counterfiet currency. The problem is not currency, and the problem is not capitalism. The problem is irresponsible makers of policy with no respect for the natural system we call Capitalism.

Our stock market is legalized gambling, to be sure. Stock prices are set at around 20-25 times the earnings of the companies they represent. They are extremely overpriced, but historically this works well enough for people to trust their life's funds for retirement to. Even being so overpriced, I know that the returns from stocks and bonds will be far beyond what the Federal Government will ever return. Do you honestly think those clowns in Washington care about our retirement? They'll be long dead by then, after living a life of wealth and influence from the money they steal from our paychecks.

Furthermore, if you want to "take the power back", save your money and buy stock in these giant corporations that everybody loves to talk shit about. When you buy stock, YOU OWN THE COMPANY! It's difficult to own significant portions of super-huge companies like GM, but some people do. If people would stop buying stupid bullshit like new cars and expensive clothes and instead focus resources on buying back the companies that we feel are on the wrong track, then the "people" would have a voice, and would have "taken the power back".

You can take control of our corporate culture, but it will require the sacrifice of the MTV lifestyle. People that buy things on credit cards are signing themselves up for slavery. Who do you think pays for those skyscrapers in New York with "Chase" and "Citibank" at the top? Fact: the borrower is servant to the lender. Buy stock, and they are your servant. Buy stupid bullshit to impress people that you don't know on credit cards, and they own you. Credit card companies have so much power to buy off politicians, and it IS OUR FAULT. We give them that much power because we owe them too much money (collectively). We don't have power, we "have it now", and we'll spend our lives trying to pay it back.

It's so easy to bitch and moan about how rich some people are when we're doing nothing with our checkbooks and votes to take it back. Those people at the top are not stupid, and they know how to get you to keep paying them money so you'll never get traction for upward mobility if you choose. Capitalism is like gravity, we have to understand how it works and use it better if we hope to overcome. As for me, I'll learn as much as I can about our markets instead of complaining about why we can't fly. A war on Capitalism is just as laughable as a war on terror, drugs, gravity, and procrastination.

Why Capitalism doesn't work. At least for the populous.

When you think "Capitalism" one thing comes to mind, cold-hard-cash. Well there is a funny thing about money, it doesn't really exist. It is created out of thin air by a private corporation called the Federal Reserve (no, it is in no way a part of our government). There was a time when money was just a receipt for ownership of a bit of gold in Fort Knox, now that gold is owned by the private hands in the Federal Reserve. We traded it for paper, pretty good deal huh! The credits we work our fingers to the bone for is nothing but ... well ... nothing. Based in nothing, stands for nothing, is absolutely fucking nothing. We appear to have two groups in Washington fighting over this money, talks of spending and budgets ... but it's all bullshit. Our country is run by a few rich white men, and has been for a long time. The Dem Vs. Rep battle is just a show, it's entertainment for the masses to feel like their needs are being addressed. When there are only two groups, that leaves a broad enough window for both groups to absorb most of the population into one of the two divisions. Most people who say they are "Independent" are usually just waiting to see who will benefit them the most, not who stands for what they believe in.

Is money the root of all evil, no, people are. Money is merely a creation of the sick twisted mind of the human being. Does the control of money create wars? I think they try to make that the scapegoat so that it will reinforce the idea that our money is real and our economy is real and we need to protect it. This war in Iraq is about expansion, it’s about being conquerors ... not "money". We think we have evolved so much, which is the catch 22 on the theory of evolution; people interpret it like we ARE more advanced than the animals we came from when we are not at all. We are still tribal, territoristic people who can be easily persuaded by the beliefs of our lesser evolved ancestors. This war isn’t about oil, money, or terrorism … it’s about brute power and manipulation. And land. Land is real, money is not. That’s how I see it, they can spend all the money in the world and it’s not going to matter, as its just pretend, but if spending pretend money gets real land, well FUCKIN A … that’s a victory.

Part of me is all about globalization, I would love to be able to move to Sweden and get a job without jumping through hoops and green cards and visas and applications for citizenship, but I know if America (the American government as we see it in the current mutation) takes control it will be nothing but a worldwide police state. When the wars are over and the "man" no longer has to put up an image of "we care about our citizens" so that we stay loyal and obedient, they will have no need for us to remain so. We will be enslaved outright, it will be a serf world controlled by the descendants of the Rockefeller's and the Bush's, etc.

I am not a Muslim, nor do I really sympathize with them too much because what they do they base on religion, which is the most ignorant thing anyone can do. Go to war over your version of peace, what's wrong with lots of versions of peace?? But their term for the US "The Great Satan" is pretty much right on the knob. We are a great and giant tyrant for the whole world to fear. Our bastardized economy has spread so far now, it may be too late to stop it. Corruption is good business when there is no counter. Who is going to police the inner workings of the upper echelon of the world's largest Empire? The UN? HAHAHAHAHA, yeah ... that's gonna happen. The five permanent members of the UN are the worlds largest gun distributors to the tribal wars throughout the poorest lands of the Earth. THANKS GUYS!

What is the point of this, I don't know, I'm just rambling. Basically, I wanted to give a lead in to this and not sound too much like an anarchist with no real motivation other than chaos ... what would happen if everyone in America sold all their holdings in stocks, bonds, bills, and CDs ... as well closed all their bank accounts, all at once? Oh, it will never happen, but it would be great. There would be great suffering and chaos, sure, but it would be the right step to making this world a better place for our great-great-great-grandkids.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

House Ok's Subpoenas for Karl Rove and Aides

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The Democratic-controlled House ok'd subpoenas for Bush advisor Karl Rove and other White House aides. The firing of several U.S. attorneys triggered this much-needed move, despite President Bush's threats against the Democrats.

Dubya warned Democrats that such a political move would be met with a "legal fight". He argues that the Rove and aides should be questioned out of oath and, perhaps, off the record. In other words, he wanted to create a stage where his advisors could do what they have continously done throughout his presidency-lie!

According to Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA):
After two months of stonewalling, shifting stories and misleading testimony, it is clear that we are still not getting the truth about the decision to fire these prosecutors and its cover-up
Hopefully, the Senate Committee on the Judiary will also issue a subpoena for Rove, as well as former White House Counsel Harriet "not-good-enough-for-wingnuts" Miers and her former deputy, William Kelley.

On Bush's lie-friendly terms, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) said:

Anyone who would take that deal isn't playing with a full deck
Alberto Gonzales has to either resign or be removed as Attorney General. The White House has recurringly shifted reasoning regarding the firing of the attorneys. Furthermore, Gonzales admitted to the illegal aquisition of personal data from Americans over the past few years. When will the lies and scandals end? I know, 2008!

In other news, Congress will vote on legislation dealing with troop withdrawal from Iraq. A House committee also made it possible for Valerie Plame, outed former CIA agent, to testify before it.

Discuss as you wish!

Check this out!!!

Goremaster has completed an Interview with ex-Massacre and current Denial Fiend vo-Kill-ist, Kam Lee.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ask Ken Hawk to go on hiautus

Tahst riGht Ask KEn ahwk will bE on vacation in APORil As I will be moving into my first hosue with my wifE, giviNG a seminar at my alma mater and compELting work on Two new traCKs among some smaller pORjects. I will be takiNG qwuestions up through the end of mArch. Ask KEn hAWk will return in mAy, probably not any bettEr and noT any moR eimproved.
TodAys topics include t he eternal hell that is my employement and a Telvison program that i may be on.

KEn ahwk

Sunday, March 11, 2007


If the RIAA and SoundExchange get their way, independent webcasting / Internet radio will soon cease to exist.

Why? The Copyright Royalty Board , the group overseeing statutory licensing for US-based internet radio stations, announced the new royalty rates for streaming radio performance rights. The board rejected the arguments made by webcasters and instead chose to adopt the proposal put forth by industry-backed SoundExchange, a royalty fee collection agency created by the RIAA.

The new rates are based on “performances” of songs. A “performance” is defined as one song being streamed to a single listener. In other words, a station with 1000 listeners is charged for 1000 performances of each song it broadcasts.

Further, the new rates, just announced today, are retroactive to 2006, and increase rapidly each year. The rates per performance are as follows:

$0.0008 in 2006
$0.0011 in 2007
$0.0014 in 2008
$0.0018 in 2009

At first glance, those seem like fairly small numbers: eight ten-thousandths of a dollar, eleven ten-thousandths of a dollar, and so on. When you actually do the math, however, you see the truth revealed. The average radio station plays 16 songs in an hour. Under this system, that would be equivalent to 16 performances.

0.0011 x 16 = 0.0176

Still a fairly small number - under two cents. But now assume this station has 1000 listeners. That means that, in one hour, the station would be billed for 16,000 performances.

0.0011 x 16000 = 17.60

That’s $17.60 an hour. Now we’re starting to see how expensive this truly is. Multiply that by 24 hours a day.

17.60 * 24 = 422.40

$422.40 a day. But there’s 365 days in a year.

422.40 * 365 = 154176

$154,176 for the year in performance royalties alone for a station with 1000 listeners. And that’s just for 2007: it gets even worse. In 2008, the cost rises to $193,536 for the year. In 2009, it goes up to $248,832. Even for a much smaller station, the royalties owed are huge.

Of course, these figures don’t include the other set of rights that Internet radio stations are required to purchase, which must be licensed separately from an agency like SESAC or ASCAP[/COLOR] , or the cost of bandwidth and server capacity. When you add all these costs together, you can easily see why nobody, save perhaps a megacorporation like AOL or Yahoo, could afford to pay these rates.

But wait - what’s this? The new rates apply retroactively to the beginning of 2006. In other words, someone who has been happily (and legally) running their small internet radio station for the past few years is suddenly going to be hit with possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional royalties owed. These bills could easily cause a small, independent broadcaster (and his family) to go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, over-the-air radio stations are still not required to pay one dime to the record industry for public performance rights from SoundExchange or an equivalent group. They only need to pay the far more reasonable fees of BMI, ASCAP, and/or SESAC. This reads like another tactic by the recording industry and corporate powers to exert control over anyone involved with music and an attempt to destroy independent broadcasting.

Whether you don’t want to see your favorite internet radio station go off the air, whether you just hate the RIAA, whatever the reason: please, help us get this senseless, greedy policy designed to do nothing but line the pockets of the record industry overturned. Write to, or better yet call, your representative , your senators, and the Copyright Royalty Board . Tell your friends and family, write on your blog, digg this - help get the word out and help to Save Internet Radio!

Here's the petition-

(Thanks Fat Jenk)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Black Man's Chance In Bush Country

I say, this Obama character is the talk of the day ain't he? Well, I was watching a snippet of one of his speeches and it got me thinking if he really stands a chance. One thing he kept doing was spouting about his Christian this and Christian that, and it was kinda pissing me off but then I thought a little deeper and it makes sense, he doesn't have a choice in the matter. He has to prove somehow he is not a terrorist to the majority of the voters! With a name like that he has to throw the Jesus card and it's almost excusable. Almost.

So I pondered something else too. Something about how Americans vote. Some say it's all a big popularity contest, but that's really not what it is at all. There is just one word that needs to be said about how the modern day (and possibly earlier, I haven't delved into the history of losing candidates so much, and I don't really plan to, ever) voter chooses their candidate. The word is cocky. In the end they vote for the biggest ego, whether or not that ego is necessarily earned at that.

I will explain to you the exact steps that brought me to this. I went back to Kennedy. Kennedy was a fucking cocky ass prick. He was the definition of cocky ass prick. He was a shoe in against most anyone. Well he up and died. Which gave us Johnson, he ran against Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater was cocky but he was also kinda creepy and sweaty which just nullifies any level of cockiness. Nixon/Humphrey, Nixon was assuredly the cockier person IMHO. . There is absolutely no doubt that Nixon was the cockier person. Then he ran against George McGovern, kids these days know him as John Kerry. That bring us to Gerald Ford vs. Jimmy Carter. What a weird election, both men not the cocky pricks that we were used to, but in the end I agree with America that Jimmy Carter was cockier than Ford. Some may debate that, but he was more outspoken and almost "gleeful" cocky. It sold.

That brings us to Ronald Reagan. This motherfucker was the king dingaling of cocky, but not in that Kennedy way, more like that Sith Lord, "the antichrist" kinda way. He as well smashed Mondale who was borderline Pat Sajak nerd-a-liscious, I don't know what the Democrats were thinking that year. Then the dark emperor himself Georger Herbert Walker Bush. Read my lips is a cocky fucking statement. Dukakis had mutant hair, America hates a man with strange hair. That creepy factor did him in as well. Bush was creepy due to the CIA stuff, but Dukakis was really fucking creepy. I remember that guy.

Then we met Bill Clinton. At first we thought he was another Kennedy, he had all the makings, he defeated Sauron with a swift swing of his saber. But when that saber ended up in an interns mouth and it wasn't a super model's mouth, we realized he was just a dirty pimp. But he was a cocky motherfucker. Dole wasn't cocky enough to take him down. Dole was shady, everyone knew that if he won he would have sold us out just like he sold out to Viagra. A truly embarrassing moment in Americana. Gore, poor Gore, the exception to the rule, yet not the exception to the rule. So cocky he claimed to have invented the internet. Now that is ballsy, but in the end those who can steal an election and not have the rightful winners fight to the death for their right are truly cockier.

John Kerry, what a spineless jellyfish. The best site of the time was They should have chosen Howard Dean, he had the crazy bastard cocky down pat. He may have been enough to swing the late voters when they are looking at their cocky meter in the booth.

Alas, we come full circle.

Barrack Obama, he is a cocky guy. He is running as this "outsider" in his campaign. That he is different than all these old Dems and Reps that have been sucking us dry for so long. But he has yet to really (that I know of) pull an "Eddie Murphy in The Distinguished Gentleman" and prove some of this corruption that he talks about. I know he doesn't want to get killed, but if he went on an all out bi-partisan tirade of corruption conquering - that would be the shit. I'm not predicting he will get even close to the nomination, but if he is sincere in his words, that's what he would do. And that would be cock and balls. These are what get you elected in this country.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann "Bitch" Coulter Does It Again!

Outspoken wingnut pundit Ann "cunt" Coulter used a homosexual slur to throw mud at presidential hopeful, John Edwards. The "bitch", as many Americans know her as, called Edwards a "faggot" while talking about him.

Is there no end to Coulter's bullshit? Will she ever shut the fuck up? I suggest John Edwards return the favor and dick-slap her in the mouth, or at least in that adam's apple of hers! Feel free to BASH this whore all over this thread.


I'm sorry but I couldn't resist...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Me and Lefty have started The Metal Pundit Forums! Another one to add to our Family of Forums!


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Faux News is at it again

This is all bullshit. I have read The Audacity of Hope and he does speak in depth about living in Indonesia and attending a PUBLIC SCHOOL there for the first few years he was there.

Who does CNN think they are? They actually investigate their news stories.

Friday, February 23, 2007

In case you've never seen either of these items

This is a Cop Car

This is a car wreck

OK, you have now seen both items, so there is no reason to stop on the freeway to see them.
There are certain things I have learned from driving down the freeway here in Texas
  • The far left lane is no longer the passing lane; It is the "Big-dumb-redneck-in-an-F150-driving-45 MPH-while-talking-on-the-cell-phone" lane.
  • The freeway is the most suitable place to read the newspaper, apply make-up, eat breakfast, and brush your hair.
  • If you see somebody driving slower than the rate of traffic, you are supposed to pull up next to them and drive the same speed so that everybody behind you is also force to drive slow as fuck.
  • If you must change lanes, you should make sure to change at least three lanes at once to make it worth while, and by no means should you ever use your signal to tell other drivers what you are planning to do.

    What have you learned about the "rules of the road" in your area?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Upgrade to New Version of Blogger

I have just upgraded to the newest version of Blogger. If you are a member of the forum and can not log on to the dashboard to create a new post, you may need to sign up for a gmail account. You may also need to upgrade your dashboard to the new blogger. I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is the direction that Blogger has decided to move towards.

Thank you for your continued support

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time to dedicate more energy to the blog

My Resignation

With regrets, I hereby announce my resignation as an administrator and as the Webmaster for both Legions of the Abyss and Lords of Classic Rock. The narrow scope of both ideas and music held by the other administrators, as well as the fact that my voice has little to no influence as to the future of the web site, I feel I must step down.

The only other administrator of Legions of the Abyss that shared my views and opinions was released and banned from the site against my wishes. I mean no disrespect to the other administrators of the site, but feel I must step aside to maintain my self respect.

I will turn over all of my hard work, including the layouts and content of both web sites, to the respective owners of those sites. It has been a pleasure being part of both forums and I have met many great people, but I feel it is necessary to take this action. I wish nothing but the best for both sites, and I hope eventually the other administrators can view music, especially metal, in a much broader spectrum.


We have been able to reach an agreement, and all four original members of LOTA and LOCR have been reinstated. I look forward to working with the team, and I will also try to devote more time to this blog as well as Lefty's Blog.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rant De Jour- The Death of the Metal Scene

Today, metal is split into so many factions that it has become almost silly. Every band now falls into some bullshit category so that critiques can easily determine a reason to dismiss a band that they particularly don’t care for. It is much easier to lump a band into some generic group, than to speak honestly about why you don’t care for a band.

A similar predicament killed punk back in the 80’s. Punk became so fragmented that good bands were quickly dismissed because they didn’t fit into a narrow scope that each individual fan listened to. There are still many great punk bands out there, but they are so underground that few people know they exist.

Metal will surely suffer the same fate if we continue to fragment the scene as the current trend suggests. Corporate-friendly, radio safe bands will continue to saturate an already bland market, and good bands will never be able to dig themselves out of their local club scene because metal fans have become as close-minded as the punks from the mid-80’s. It is truly sad that metal has come to this, and the only way this can change is if we, as metal fans, start dismissing these bullshit labels. Black metal, death metal, speed metal, thrash metal, doom metal, power metal, etc…(the list can go on and on).


I’m not saying we need to embrace shitty bands like Avenged Sevenfold or [insert generic shitty emo band], but we need to learn to support the entire metal scene and not just a small sect of bands that fit neatly into some bullshit classification of what someone thinks metal should be. If not, the entire metal scene will eventually perish.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

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Somebody forget to tell Grossman that you don't start drinking until AFTER the game?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Return of The Metal Pundit Coming Soon...

After months of being inactive, the return of THE METAL PUNDIT is imminent. Once again I will grace my fellow bloggers and metalheads with compelling political news and discussion, thoughts and insight on metal music, and a variety of hackery! Look for new material this week!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

N. Korea assists Iran with Nuclear Ambitions -Revisited

Last week (or the week before), I published a post regarding a report by a British paper discussing North Korea's willingness to assist Iran with the development of nuclear weapons.

Britain's leading newspaper, The Telegraph, is reportin that North Korea
has agreed to assist Iran with performing nuclear test similar to the test
performed in North Korea in 2006. The report also suggest that a team of
Irainian scientists were present during the North Korea tests.

the entire story.

This is a development that we all need to keep a
very close eye on.

OK, I have since read many other articles that have given evidence to the falseness of that report. One article discusses how North Korea is using Plutonium in their nuclear reactors where as Iran uses Uranium. HMMMMMM!

I believe that both the Bush and Blair regemes are once again trying stir outrage in order to sway public opinions to suit their own agendas. Bush is already gearing up for war with Iran. He has sent new fleets of war ships to the area, and has also accused Iran of supplying the Iraqi insurgency with weapons. One problem, he has presented little to no evidence of this.