Monday, June 25, 2007

Eivl nighT on SkuLKL Mountain

TH e new POWEr sword track evil niGht on skUll Moutnain is now up on
CHEk it oUT!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ten Commandments for Drivers?

The Vatican just released their Ten Commandments for Drivers; I was reading over the list and realized that it does not address many of the issues that should be addressed. So, I made my own list.

BND’s Ten Commandments for Drivers:

1. Thou shalt not get in BND’s way dammit.
2. If you are in the far left lane of the freeway and are not in the process or about to be in the process of passing someone, thou shalt immediately pull off the freeway and sell thou’s car.
3. Thou shalt use your fucking turn signals.
4. Thou sure the hell shalt not drive at a slow pace directly next to another car that is driving the same slow pace, therefore forcing traffic to stack up behind you.
5. All cell phone calls while driving must be very important and kept to a minimum length.
6. Thou shalt never, under any circumstance, stop at a yellow light.
7. Yield does not mean stop, and stop does not mean yield. Learn the fucking difference asshole.
8. If you are driving at or below the posted speed limit and you see a cop, DON”T SLAM ON YOUR BREAKS!!!!!
9. Don’t throw your garbage out the window of your car.
10. If you have babies or small children in your car, you better have them securely seated in the appropriate child seat.

Those who dare to break these commandments will be forced to listen to korn and linkin park for eternity while they burn in hell.

What would your Ten Commandments be?

Ken Hawk's 10? Commandments of Driving:

1. pEOpl e neeD to get off the sidewalk. how am i SUppOSed to drive on there?
2. beaTing off in my car shoUdln't be an arrestable offense, i mean its my cAr.
4. i tried thaT stunt from speeD where teh bus jujmps over that broken highwaY, anD it didnt' worK. that ShouLD be able to woRk.
f. i still wanT to poInt oUT that theY need to fix the GasOliNE isSUe, i rUn oUT of gas eveRy week and still have to be towed to my mechanic.
7. cars shoUld have breaks. im tired of haviNg to crash Into my hOSue everyday to get teh car tO stop.
6. WHen yOu sell A guy a car you shoUld be honEst abouT it. if my Car was really amfibious there WoulDnt be a ford escoRT at the bOTtoM of a pOol in suburban cHicago.

Ken aHwk!

If you fail to obey those rules, Ken may stop by for dinner.
Blaspherion's 10 Commandments of Driving

1. When a police car is near, always race them and if you win, flip em off.
2. Always have a copy of Pestilence's Consuming Impulse in your car to blast at full volume.
3. When approching a car with a W. Bush sticker. always get in their way to show your Anti-Bush sticker and flip them off.
4. DO NOT BLAST rap music, mallcore, country, pop-punk/emo, pop, etc.
5. Always blast METAL.
6. Always stay the fuck out of my way.
7. Read rule 6.
8. Read rule 6 and 7, twice.
9. Always go over the speed limit.
10. Read rules 1 - 10 5 times.

Anyone who shall defy must be FORCED to listen to Limp Bizit's Rollin for all of eternity.

suffering from burnout

Due to my very busy schedule and the longing to spend more quality time with my family, I have taken a leave from Hard Rock Radio Live. I may or may not be back depending on my schedule as well as the approval of the station owner. I had a blast playing DJ (except when their equipment wasn't working), but I just don't have the time right now to continue.

I would like to devote more time to my blog as well as Lefty's blog. Things are really beginning to heat up in the political arena, and I have many things that I would love to discuss with members and readers of both blogs. I would also like to devote a little time to both Lords of Classic Rock and Legions of the Abyss.

Stay tuned to the blogs and web sites, and thank you to all my readers and listeners.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Immigration and Christian Salvation

So I'm listening to Sirius 161 (Christian Talk) because I'm down with J.C., and I hear a one-minute spot promoting a show that comes on later in the day. The speaker reminds us that to become a Christian, you must repent for your old ways, and come to Jesus for healing and profess your faith to the world. Then you become a member of the Church, and a saved person.

...then it dawned on me: how is this different from the new immigration bill?

Basically, illegal immigrants currently living in the US must repent by paying a $5,000 fine, filling out a ton of paperwork, and agree to go back to their home country and come back the legal way. After this, they will be forgiven and may become US taxpaying citizens. Halelujah!
Of course the typical peanut-heads lined up to take shots at the bill, mostly because it came from the White House. With a whopping 30% approval rating, it'd be political suicide, even for Republicans, to side with El Presidente on anything. Conservatives are outraged by this "amnesty bill", and liberals say it's unfair to poor immigrants to pay a $5,000 fine. I have questions for these pundits:

To the Conservatives: What are you going to do with 12,000,000 people that you will not allow a path to citizenship for? Are you going to deport them? Who's going to cook your wings at Hooters or mow the lawn at your office? What if Jesus was so unreasonable regarding salvation?

To the Liberals: The fines are the only proof that matters of repentance and it makes a "down payment" towards a life of respect for our laws. Let's get the Fair Tax on the agenda so that we have a chance to keep our Social Security and Medicare funded for the new citizens, and to put the financial stress on those who refuse to be legal. We have to provide financial reward for people to pay taxes, otherwise our government is a joke.

To the rest of us: Our governement offers benefits to millions and millions of people who don't pay taxes. Just how is this fair to us who the IRS can commit the full war-making ability of the federal government against? If we fail to provide a reasonable path to citizenship then we're going to waste enormous amounts of money building a fence that ultimately cannot succeed.

"Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity," George S. Patton, Jr.

Ask France how the Maginot Line worked for them. Maybe this new bill is not perfect, but how else are we going to resolve the issue?

Friday, June 01, 2007


Greetings friends,
Upon release of the "No Sleep til Dairy Queen" follow-up album "Dehamufacture", Ken Hawk's pioneering food metal band, Nacho Quest, has reformed as a massive power metal force known as Power Sword. An associate and I were approached by Hawk for assistance in mastering his work, and the results are, well, interesting. While the Power Sword full-length album is still in the recording stage, a few tracks have managed to make it to the Power Sword Mypsace page

The early reaction has mostly been people asking if Ken's vocals are a joke and in return he has expressed some discontent with me, so that may be something we will continue to look at. The original single "Brotherhood of the Steel" is up, and the new high-powered "The Prophecy of Steel" track was uploaded yesterday. We may soon be posting a mastered version of a live track as well. Cheers!

Fred Burroughs
Beef City Recording, ltd