Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Me and Lefty have started The Metal Pundit Forums! Another one to add to our Family of Forums!


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Faux News is at it again

This is all bullshit. I have read The Audacity of Hope and he does speak in depth about living in Indonesia and attending a PUBLIC SCHOOL there for the first few years he was there.

Who does CNN think they are? They actually investigate their news stories.

Friday, February 23, 2007

In case you've never seen either of these items

This is a Cop Car

This is a car wreck

OK, you have now seen both items, so there is no reason to stop on the freeway to see them.
There are certain things I have learned from driving down the freeway here in Texas
  • The far left lane is no longer the passing lane; It is the "Big-dumb-redneck-in-an-F150-driving-45 MPH-while-talking-on-the-cell-phone" lane.
  • The freeway is the most suitable place to read the newspaper, apply make-up, eat breakfast, and brush your hair.
  • If you see somebody driving slower than the rate of traffic, you are supposed to pull up next to them and drive the same speed so that everybody behind you is also force to drive slow as fuck.
  • If you must change lanes, you should make sure to change at least three lanes at once to make it worth while, and by no means should you ever use your signal to tell other drivers what you are planning to do.

    What have you learned about the "rules of the road" in your area?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Upgrade to New Version of Blogger

I have just upgraded to the newest version of Blogger. If you are a member of the forum and can not log on to the dashboard to create a new post, you may need to sign up for a gmail account. You may also need to upgrade your dashboard to the new blogger. I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is the direction that Blogger has decided to move towards.

Thank you for your continued support

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time to dedicate more energy to the blog

My Resignation

With regrets, I hereby announce my resignation as an administrator and as the Webmaster for both Legions of the Abyss and Lords of Classic Rock. The narrow scope of both ideas and music held by the other administrators, as well as the fact that my voice has little to no influence as to the future of the web site, I feel I must step down.

The only other administrator of Legions of the Abyss that shared my views and opinions was released and banned from the site against my wishes. I mean no disrespect to the other administrators of the site, but feel I must step aside to maintain my self respect.

I will turn over all of my hard work, including the layouts and content of both web sites, to the respective owners of those sites. It has been a pleasure being part of both forums and I have met many great people, but I feel it is necessary to take this action. I wish nothing but the best for both sites, and I hope eventually the other administrators can view music, especially metal, in a much broader spectrum.


We have been able to reach an agreement, and all four original members of LOTA and LOCR have been reinstated. I look forward to working with the team, and I will also try to devote more time to this blog as well as Lefty's Blog.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rant De Jour- The Death of the Metal Scene

Today, metal is split into so many factions that it has become almost silly. Every band now falls into some bullshit category so that critiques can easily determine a reason to dismiss a band that they particularly don’t care for. It is much easier to lump a band into some generic group, than to speak honestly about why you don’t care for a band.

A similar predicament killed punk back in the 80’s. Punk became so fragmented that good bands were quickly dismissed because they didn’t fit into a narrow scope that each individual fan listened to. There are still many great punk bands out there, but they are so underground that few people know they exist.

Metal will surely suffer the same fate if we continue to fragment the scene as the current trend suggests. Corporate-friendly, radio safe bands will continue to saturate an already bland market, and good bands will never be able to dig themselves out of their local club scene because metal fans have become as close-minded as the punks from the mid-80’s. It is truly sad that metal has come to this, and the only way this can change is if we, as metal fans, start dismissing these bullshit labels. Black metal, death metal, speed metal, thrash metal, doom metal, power metal, etc…(the list can go on and on).


I’m not saying we need to embrace shitty bands like Avenged Sevenfold or [insert generic shitty emo band], but we need to learn to support the entire metal scene and not just a small sect of bands that fit neatly into some bullshit classification of what someone thinks metal should be. If not, the entire metal scene will eventually perish.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

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Somebody forget to tell Grossman that you don't start drinking until AFTER the game?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Return of The Metal Pundit Coming Soon...

After months of being inactive, the return of THE METAL PUNDIT is imminent. Once again I will grace my fellow bloggers and metalheads with compelling political news and discussion, thoughts and insight on metal music, and a variety of hackery! Look for new material this week!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

N. Korea assists Iran with Nuclear Ambitions -Revisited

Last week (or the week before), I published a post regarding a report by a British paper discussing North Korea's willingness to assist Iran with the development of nuclear weapons.

Britain's leading newspaper, The Telegraph, is reportin that North Korea
has agreed to assist Iran with performing nuclear test similar to the test
performed in North Korea in 2006. The report also suggest that a team of
Irainian scientists were present during the North Korea tests.

the entire story.

This is a development that we all need to keep a
very close eye on.

OK, I have since read many other articles that have given evidence to the falseness of that report. One article discusses how North Korea is using Plutonium in their nuclear reactors where as Iran uses Uranium. HMMMMMM!

I believe that both the Bush and Blair regemes are once again trying stir outrage in order to sway public opinions to suit their own agendas. Bush is already gearing up for war with Iran. He has sent new fleets of war ships to the area, and has also accused Iran of supplying the Iraqi insurgency with weapons. One problem, he has presented little to no evidence of this.