Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid Summer Metal Survey

Thought I would throw this out there, just to see what everyone is listening to.

Favorite band:
Currently listening to:
Favorite release of 2007:
Favorite release of 2008:
Most anticipated release of 2008:
Last CD purchased:
Need to hear more:
Metal goes best with:
Additional beef:

Name: McGovern
Favorite band: Death
Currently listening to: Sybreed
Favorite release of 2007: wasn't picking up as much as I should. Scarve's Undercurrent was a good listen
Favorite release of 2008: Meshuggah's obZen has been solid for my tastes
Most anticipated release of 2008: Sybreed - Antares
Last CD purchased: The Dark Knight soundtrack (though not metal), Hans Zimmer is an amazing composer. His soundtrack to Batman Begins was dark and powerful, and the dynamics within several tracks are oft compared to metal song structure.
Need to hear more: Symbyosis. Crisis is one of the best albums I've ever taken in. Brilliant songwriting and a thoroughly entertaining group that doesn't have the capacity to get their material in fan's hands
Metal goes best with: football
Additional beef:

Name: H EN HAkws
Favorite band: iRon MAiDNE
Currently listening to: DOkKEN "dream warrriors"
Favorite release of 2007: gOo d charloTte
Favorite release of 2008: MANOWAr
Most anticipated release of 2008: CHINEs ed emocracy
Last CD purchased: cH ER
Need to hear more: sax on
Metal goes best with: PRON
Additional beef: I AhtE IT WHEN PeOPEL ar elike stupid and sutff liK aT the music store i jUSt want to rock and they say tuRN iT down anD im LikE yOu Want two inChes of hArd dick in You And They get all offended and shIT and im liKE yeaH thats right ho i own your aSs.

Name: Al Bundy
Favorite band: Death or Massacre (both are tied)
Currently listening to: Vital Remains - Into Cold Darkness
Favorite release of 2007: Denial Fiend's "They Rise" (Blood Freak's "Multiplex Massacre" is not far behind. Both albums are in my top 10 of all time!)
Favorite release of 2008: So far, I say Cardiac Arrest's "Cadaverous Presence"
Most anticipated release of 2008: Hooded Menace's "Fulfill The Curse" without a doubt. There is also Blood Freak's "Scared Stiff" but I have no idea when that's coming out.
Last CD purchased: Lord Gore - Resickened (better late than never!)
Need to hear more: Frightmare! Bringing Back the Bloodshed was my favorite from 06. I wonder how they will follow it up in 09.
Metal goes best with: 70's and 80's Horror/Exploitation films.
Additional beef: Emo/Scene Kids Can FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! In the words of Kam Lee, "Posers Shall Burn in the Pit!" Death to modern trends and false metal!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Tribute To The Ancient Tyrants of Death Metal

I would like to pay tribute to Massacre of whom will be playing their final show at this year's Wacken Open Air Festival. For me, Massacre are the ideal death metal band. Their record "From Beyond" is beyond any body's criticism. It's perfect. That is how death metal should sound like. Their demos were amazing and the Inhuman Condition EP (if it was made into a full length) couldve been THE greatest album of all time. Their vocalist, Kam "The Tyrant" Lee is the greatest vocalist EVER. Massacre never got the credit they deserved but they are still remembered in the true underground as one of the elite death metal bands.

Chamber of Ages

Inhuman Condition

Provoked Accurser (Live in 2007)

Biohazzard (Live in 1991)

Aggressive Tyrant (Live in 1986)

Clangor of War (Live in 1986)