Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why Capitalism doesn't work. At least for the populous.

When you think "Capitalism" one thing comes to mind, cold-hard-cash. Well there is a funny thing about money, it doesn't really exist. It is created out of thin air by a private corporation called the Federal Reserve (no, it is in no way a part of our government). There was a time when money was just a receipt for ownership of a bit of gold in Fort Knox, now that gold is owned by the private hands in the Federal Reserve. We traded it for paper, pretty good deal huh! The credits we work our fingers to the bone for is nothing but ... well ... nothing. Based in nothing, stands for nothing, is absolutely fucking nothing. We appear to have two groups in Washington fighting over this money, talks of spending and budgets ... but it's all bullshit. Our country is run by a few rich white men, and has been for a long time. The Dem Vs. Rep battle is just a show, it's entertainment for the masses to feel like their needs are being addressed. When there are only two groups, that leaves a broad enough window for both groups to absorb most of the population into one of the two divisions. Most people who say they are "Independent" are usually just waiting to see who will benefit them the most, not who stands for what they believe in.

Is money the root of all evil, no, people are. Money is merely a creation of the sick twisted mind of the human being. Does the control of money create wars? I think they try to make that the scapegoat so that it will reinforce the idea that our money is real and our economy is real and we need to protect it. This war in Iraq is about expansion, it’s about being conquerors ... not "money". We think we have evolved so much, which is the catch 22 on the theory of evolution; people interpret it like we ARE more advanced than the animals we came from when we are not at all. We are still tribal, territoristic people who can be easily persuaded by the beliefs of our lesser evolved ancestors. This war isn’t about oil, money, or terrorism … it’s about brute power and manipulation. And land. Land is real, money is not. That’s how I see it, they can spend all the money in the world and it’s not going to matter, as its just pretend, but if spending pretend money gets real land, well FUCKIN A … that’s a victory.

Part of me is all about globalization, I would love to be able to move to Sweden and get a job without jumping through hoops and green cards and visas and applications for citizenship, but I know if America (the American government as we see it in the current mutation) takes control it will be nothing but a worldwide police state. When the wars are over and the "man" no longer has to put up an image of "we care about our citizens" so that we stay loyal and obedient, they will have no need for us to remain so. We will be enslaved outright, it will be a serf world controlled by the descendants of the Rockefeller's and the Bush's, etc.

I am not a Muslim, nor do I really sympathize with them too much because what they do they base on religion, which is the most ignorant thing anyone can do. Go to war over your version of peace, what's wrong with lots of versions of peace?? But their term for the US "The Great Satan" is pretty much right on the knob. We are a great and giant tyrant for the whole world to fear. Our bastardized economy has spread so far now, it may be too late to stop it. Corruption is good business when there is no counter. Who is going to police the inner workings of the upper echelon of the world's largest Empire? The UN? HAHAHAHAHA, yeah ... that's gonna happen. The five permanent members of the UN are the worlds largest gun distributors to the tribal wars throughout the poorest lands of the Earth. THANKS GUYS!

What is the point of this, I don't know, I'm just rambling. Basically, I wanted to give a lead in to this and not sound too much like an anarchist with no real motivation other than chaos ... what would happen if everyone in America sold all their holdings in stocks, bonds, bills, and CDs ... as well closed all their bank accounts, all at once? Oh, it will never happen, but it would be great. There would be great suffering and chaos, sure, but it would be the right step to making this world a better place for our great-great-great-grandkids.

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