Friday, April 27, 2007

All Our Candidates Are Fascists, Yet Pussies, And I Just Don't Fucking Get It.

I was watching a clip of John McCain on the Daily Show. Now do not take this as a bash on Jon Stewart in any way. I love the guy and I see why he is doing this (or perhaps I'm giving him too much credit), but he was just being rude and arguing and interrupting McCain like crazy. Sure they have "talks" backstage and he has been on the show so much they may be "friends" but still, he is running for the highest political office on the continent, of both American continents for that matter (some say the world, which could be the case, it's just a debate I don't want to get into right now). AND HE IS ON WORLD WIDE TELEVISION BEING PUNKED LIKE A BITCH!

If John McCain were Presidential material, he would have gotten visually upset and told him off. Something like "Listen, would you interrupt Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln, would you insult John F. Kennedy? I am going to be the President of the United States and I would appreciate it if you would treat me as such." That would not have gotten my vote, but would have gotten my respect.

I like Stewart because he is doing this and showing people that these guys do not deserve the power they are aspiring for. He is exposing them for the gutless worms they are. Much applause to him, and I think he is waiting for one of them to put him in his place. Again, he may not vote for them but he will respect them a little more.

I have just never seen such fascist warmongering pussies in my life. They talk such talk, but will take abuse from anyone for a single vote. Whores. Fucking whores. We need a fucking Teddy Roosevelt again, someone who challenges world leaders to a boxing match in the White House gym (yes, he really did that) someone who will step up and re-enact the anti-monopoly laws we used to have and shut these corporate serfs the fuck down. Someone who gives a fuck about people, and will NOT accept being disrespected to the people they are representing to the world.

Of course Stewart is really nice to Obama and Hillary, which he should be an ass to them too, maybe not as bad, but still they deserve the right to stand up for themselves to and not just be a smiling face on the TV that has nothing new to say because no one is challenging them.

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Ann Coulters bastard son said...

Don't expect too much from Napalm Johnny. This guy has to ask his campaign gurus how to respond to almost any off the wall question that gets tossed his way. He's all ambition and no brains and all these years as a political hack has taken away his balls. Kind of like John Kerry--soft as steamed shit.