Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bringing Honor and Accountability back to the White House

We learned yesterday that our President overturned a court’s sentence for convicted perjure and former White House aide Scooter Libby. First off, contrary to what many conservatives are saying, this conviction and sentence were in no way politically motivated. The judge in this case was a very conservative, by the book judge who was appointed by the Bush administration. The Special Prosecutor was also appointed by the Bush administration.

It is nice to know that our President knows more about criminal law and fairness than a federal court. I’m sure he is now going commute the sentences of everyone in this country that has been sent to jail on perjury charges. Fairness, right?

One of my conservative co-workers sent me an e-mail as a pre-emptive strike. The e-mail was a link to the DoJ that lists all of the individuals pardoned by Clinton. I find this somewhat funny. First off, what Clinton did is completely irrelevant to this case. Secondly, this appears to be the old neo-con habit of blame-shifting. Who needs accountability when we can point out the wrong-doings of others? Some others will surely say “well, it’s not like he pardoned Libby.” Just wait! I guarantee Bush will pardon Libby during his closing days of office. I can’t wait to see the DoJ’s list of Bush Pardons. That will surely be a long list of white-collar criminals that made millions from ripping the rest of us off.


ken hawk said...

i Cant wait tO sEe how mANy veto Crayons he takeS a bite oUt of and uses to draw a big frowny face oN Stem cEll res earCH legiSlATurE.

i'M goNnA gEt waSted and Throw somE of those snap-PopS at my dICk to briNG in the hOliday.


BigNewsDay said...

have a happy 4th Ken, and make sure you have 911 on speed dial.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Ken, good with that. I look forward to hearing about it!

BND, I figured you'd be absolutely pissed, and it appears most everybody else in the world is too.

Just remember, Libby was convicted of 4 felony crimes by a jury of his peers. I think it's safe to say our President is better than them, right?

I can't even be sarcastic, it just sucks. I'm listening to Rush right now, and he's playing Reagan's July 4 speech tapes instead of talking about the abnoxious commutation our leader just decreed.

Clinton was a real shit-eater too when it came to pardoning criminals, but it has nothing to do with this President. I guess he's only compassionate when it comes to conservatives!

Actually, I heard that on CNN and I totally reject the idea of calling Bush a conservative.

Ron Paul in '08!

BigNewsDay said...

Hey Axe, I think you summed it up pretty good on your MySpace blog:
Paris Hilton gets 45 days in jail for a misdameanor, and Scooter Libby gets 0 days in jail for 4 felonies.

I think that sums up the state our country pretty well.

The Godless Savage said...

Tell your conservative coworker that Clinton was pardon crazy--he doled them out like Jagger shots at a Slayer show. So when Clinton pardoned someone--no matter how sleazy the circumstance--it was totally consistent with his behavior. Bush is the opposite. He gives out very few pardons. As rare as white wine spritzers at a Slayer show. And that's what makes Bush's pardon of Libby more nauseating.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Bush's decision to commute Libby's sentence is just the latest example of Executive screw-ups charged to this administration. The Bush administration has recurringly demonstrated a loathing of the rule of law, and this is no exception. I know government can be run exponentially better by leaders unlike Bush - in essence, I haven't lost my faith in our government. The Bush administration has fucked up so badly, that it has invoked a sense that our federal system doesn't work. I sure hope a bottle rocked finds its way up Bush's ass tonight.

Note to criminals: Just claim you're a born-again Christian and/or neo-con when caught doing a crime, and you'll likely get away with it.