Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ash and The Red

The new The Ash and The Red track DICEROS and some new artwork are now up on the myspace site. I will be sending out discs of top quality sound in a few weeks, free as usual for anyone who's interested. An official site and a new track are scheduled to go up in winter.



BigNewsDay said...

Dude, That kicks much ass. Good job bro.

BTW, are you going to help us revive BigSportsDay again for the upcoming football season?

ken hawk said...

Hey thanks man, thought it turned out pretty badass myself. Thanks for checking it out.
I'm very much considering a return to BSD, it was a good laugh and the cheerleader pics make everyone happy. It would probably be a different format, I think the way it was going was still too much and very time consuming. I might aim for a Ken Hawk-penned column with really lame insight and picks, and keep it short. We'll see in the coming weeks. Will you be contributing?