Thursday, April 10, 2008

The fucked up world we live in

I know I joked the other day about the polygamy raid that has taken place down here in Tejas, but seriously, this is truly a fucked up situation. Girls are being bred with the sole purpose of being enslaved by assholes who care nothing about anything but their own libido. I'm glad that this raid has taken place, but I'm sure there are many more of these assholes out there. These assholes need to be brought down, and brought down in the harsh way. Everyone that reads my blog knows how I feel about pedophile dickheads, and know that I am an original member of Absolute Zero. Anyone who feels that taking advantage of an underage child is OK deserves to have the shit beat the fuck out of them in the harshest of ways. I just hope that the heroic 16 year old girl who reported this child abuse camp in west Texas is found safe.


ken said...

Amen brutha. I apologize if the joke went too far on anyone, but being a victim myself, I am in complete agreement.

BigNewsDay said...

No apology needed bro. The story was pretty funny until the you really start thinking about what these poor girls went through.

BTW, I received your CD in the mail, and I am looking forward to listening to it. Thank you sir.

ken said...

Yeah, totally understand man. It's really sad for everyone. The fact that some individuals have a conditioned distrust of the world is even more unfortunate.
Goods to hear you got it, thanks man. I will probably be updating soon on the tracks I planned to have up for summer, but will have something more important to pass on first.