Tuesday, June 03, 2008


There really is not much to say about this historic event. Finally, our great nation has lived up to its promise of equality. Finally, someone other than the typical rulers of this country has a shot at becoming our president. It sure is no accident that the Democratic Party is responsible for this exciting occasion. On to the general election, YES WE CAN...

Democratic Party Nominee - Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)



BigNewsDay said...

Congratulations to Barack Obama!!!

His speech last night was breath-taking. Time to bring down McBush.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Congrats indeed, it was a moment for sure!

If you adopt the FairTax this will be the biggest slam dunk election in history. Untaxing the poor, creating jobs so fast you'll have to hide under your desk to miss a high-tech, big-paying job, and fixing immigration once and for all- all with a fundamental tax change that serves the people instead of Washington lobbyists and politicians!

Obama and the FairTax would dominate this election- Obama supporters love change and God knows we need it! At the very least 1/4 of traditional Republican voters would vote for the FairTax, even if they had to cross lines to do it.

Since my man Bob Barr is running as the Libertarian, it would take a FairTax endorsement from Obama for me to jump that way, but I will definitely celebrate while you steamroll McCain into history.

McCain represents nothing more than a new-school "conservative", trying to lower taxes and throttling back government spending, except that they have failed at the latter and made meaningless tax cuts.

Obama wants change, and from what I understand his plan leads to more government spending. Please know that this worries me, because if we get taxed under the current scheme any harder I don't know if we can make it. I'm not against spending wisely, but we have our backs broken while too many, far too many, don't pay their share at all!

It's obvious that we need to change the way we do business with the world because we are sinking. Almost every other industrialized nation taxes consumption, through a Value Added Tax (or VAT). This is so much more effective an instrument for funding government that these countries can afford much larger governments per capita than our own.

The only country with higher corpoprate taxes is Japan. We are chasing our businesses overseas.

We need to get rid of income taxes and payroll taxes. We will never fund our Social Security and Medicare without doing something like the FairTax, which is the latest improvement in tax structure, even superior to the VAT. We should lead the world in all matters economic, and stop suffering under this archaic tax scheme that is killing us!

-end rant-

I had lunch with a Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant yesterday who is as adamant as I am about the FairTax. He's a registered Constitutionalist and a fellow Ron Paul supporter, so we had an awesome conversation!

In other news, it's 8:30 in the morning here and it's already 115 degrees. I wonder how anything can live out here, but then you see a whole herd of camels trotting by. This is a crazy planet we live on!