Monday, October 24, 2005

Greetings from The Metal Pundit

First off, I would like to thank BigNewsDay for inviting me to this wonderful blog. I am honored to be the first contributor here. I know you will be a powerful ally and friend as our blogs, hopefully, flourish into viable sources of political/musical punditry.

I go by the name "Lefty Metalhead", which describes both my political ideology and musical taste. I live in the south side of Chicago (Go White Sox!), which a traditional Democratic city with a rich following of heavy metal. I started my blog, The Metal Pundit, in June of this year for the purpose of linking heavy metal to politics. I think it is important for the metal community to understand the political discourse existing in this country. Furthermore, metal fans must realize that they can have an impact on political discourse, since metal's aggressive nature provides the environment for progressive social change. I will not say that The Metal Pundit embraces objectivity. It is clearly a liberal blog, but I admit I don't always have the best ideas or correct opinions on issues or events. Hence, the power of the blogosphere! Our thoughts can be challenged. We can be engaged by other minds, forcing us to rethink our reasoning, logic, assumptions, and preconceptions. This same principle applies to music. We can share our thoughts on our favorite bands, albums, or songs. We can become exposed to music we never thought existed. But why a political/heavy metal blog?

Well, I just graduated college, earning my Bachelor's degree in Political Science. I have loved politics since high school. I am intrigued by our nation's political system, how it is exploited, and how it still manages to work well-enough to keep us moving. I have loved heavy metal since I was 10 years old, when I first saw Metallica's "One" video on MTV. The year was 1993, years after the video was made (that was the year my family could finally afford cable). I found myself discussing both subjects vociferously with friends and family. I studied the blogosphere in one of my final classes in college, so I learned its potential. I now feel it is time to get my thoughts out there.

Luckily, I have met awesome people such as BigNewsDay, who understand political discourse extremely well, and happen to like heavy metal as well. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone lucky-enough to join this blog. Let this be the beginning of a compelling community of conscious citizens.

BigNewsDay told me that I inspired this blog. I'm flattered by that comment, and must say that he has inspired me to keep going! Thanks.


BigNewsDay said...

Thank you Lefty. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have you onboard as a contributor. Hopefully we can persuade others to join our community as well, and we can create a vast congregation of fellow bloggers with the common goal of educating others. This is proof that change can begin with one person. I sincerely thank you for being that one person.


Lefty Metalhead said...

No, thank you BigNewsDay! You re-kindled my interest in "blogging" to the level I first had months ago. Let me suggest that you spread the word about your blog in any way possible. Look for like-minded people on internet discussion boards and tell them about your mission. I'm excited! We're definitely on to something. I commend your sense of urgency to educate others on contemporary issues. You're a model American and a true friend!

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