Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tom DeLay

Many people do not understand the reasons why Tom DeLay is under indictment. I will attempt to provide a brief history into this subject.

Before the 2002 Texas congressional elections, Tom DeLay accepted contributions to his political action committee in D.C. from corporations. He then filtered that money to the GOP, who then forwarded these funds to various republican state congressional candidates. In the State of Texas, it is illegal for political candidates to accept campaign contributions from corporations. After the GOP retained control of the Texas congress (and added to the majority), they were handed a state redistricting plan from DeLay. The redistricting plan carved the state up in a way that would take many democratic districts and hand them over to the GOP after the following election. This would dramatically alter the state's representation in D.C. The democrats in the state congress refused to accept the republican hijacking of the U.S. Congress, so they piled into a private jet and flew to Oklahoma before they were scheduled to vote on the redistricting plan. In a statement by the Texas Democrats, they explain why they left the state:

"We did not choose our path, Tom Delay did. We are ready to stand on the House floor and work day and night to deal with real issues facing Texas families. At a time when we are told there is no time to deal with school finance, and when we must still resolve issues like the state budget crisis and insurance reform, the fact that an outrageous partisan power grab sits atop the House calendar is unconscionable."

Once DeLay found out what the Dems were doing, he began making phone calls to the DHS, the FAA, and the Texas DPS. A representative from the FAA assisted DeLay with tracking the Dems down in Oklahoma. By the way, it is against federal law to use federal executive departments for political gains. The Dems finally had to give in and allow a vote.

So what we have now is DeLay and his lawyer condemning the prosecutor and the judge, instead of discussing the actual issues. Today DeLay's lawyer actually demanded a new judge to hear the case, because the sitting judge once donated money to, who is selling DeLay mug shot t-shirts. Well, if the judge was selling mug shot t-shirts, they may have a valid argument, but the judge is not selling t-shirts and come to find out, is not selling t-shirts. Did the DeLay camp fabricate this statement? These people need to be in jail!



LSLarry said...

How can you say that about this FINE MAN !
A native Texan, Tom DeLay was born along the banks of the Rio Grande River in the historic border city of Laredo on April 8, 1947. During his childhood, the DeLay family lived in South America for a number of years. His father's career in the oil and gas industry required several job postings to Venezuela's rural interior, and the DeLay family made their home in small towns near the oil fields.

DeLay's years in Venezuela were a formative political experience. His family lived through the turbulence and uncertainty of three revolutions. Two of these events were violent, and neighboring townspeople died at the hands of marauding revolutionaries. DeLay points to this early exposure to political violence as the source of his lifelong "passion for freedom."

DeLay graduated from the University of Houston in 1970 with a degree in biology. Shortly afterwards, DeLay opened and operated a successful small business in Houston.

The demands of attracting customers and running his business and the responsibility of making payroll for his employees every month convinced DeLay that the primary impediment to economic growth stems from the twin burdens of excessive taxation and unneeded regulation. He soon grew to appreciate the tremendous costs imposed on small businesses by state and federal regulations. The need to lower these burdens sparked his involvement in the political process.

During a Fort Bend County Republican Committee meeting in 1978, a party official suggested that DeLay run for an open Texas State House seat that had never before elected a Republican. Excited by the prospect of lowering taxes and excess regulations, DeLay rolled up his sleeves and impressed enough voters to win the election. After serving in Austin for six years, he succeeded in becoming the first Republican Fort Bend County ever elected to the United States Congress.

LSLarry said...

The original indictment was based on a conspiracy provision that the Legislature added to the law in 2003. The indictment alleges that the illegal acts date to 2002. The law in question here did not exist in 2002.

Lefty Metalhead said...

No use trying to defend Tom DeLay. He's a money-laundering hack and we all know it! Your defense of DeLay, outlining "accomplishments", is typical wishful thinking by the right. The smoke in the mirror is clearing. Say goodbye to DeLay's political career.

BigNewsDay said...

This web site is directly from the House Ethics Committee, and describes the reviews conducted on three different incedints involving this crooked sleazebag. Even the bi-partisan ethics committee agreed that his behavior has been far less than appropriate.

In my personal opinion, taxes are hardly excessive, and corporate regulations are needed to ensure these corporate crooks don't take advantage of ordinary people. The biggest problems we face in this country today are poverty, oppression, and corruption.

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