Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The New Metal Pundit is Here!

Check out the new and improved look of The Metal Pundit. Look for new material soon.


ken hawk said...

lookS aweSoem thanks For liNking my Advice columN on THere. i am trying to update the column at least 2X a week. thi s week concerns office etiquette and my tribute to the croca dile hunter.

ken hawk said...

tHis WEeK its mannerismas cocnerning wedding invitations and the myth of spanish flY. the ceo of our company came in to tour our ofFice and he ThouGHt it was funny when i tolD him my HE mAn unDerweasr wass on backwards.

Lefty Metalhead said...

LOL, I used to have He-man underwear. I especially liked the snug fit!