Friday, February 23, 2007

In case you've never seen either of these items

This is a Cop Car

This is a car wreck

OK, you have now seen both items, so there is no reason to stop on the freeway to see them.
There are certain things I have learned from driving down the freeway here in Texas
  • The far left lane is no longer the passing lane; It is the "Big-dumb-redneck-in-an-F150-driving-45 MPH-while-talking-on-the-cell-phone" lane.
  • The freeway is the most suitable place to read the newspaper, apply make-up, eat breakfast, and brush your hair.
  • If you see somebody driving slower than the rate of traffic, you are supposed to pull up next to them and drive the same speed so that everybody behind you is also force to drive slow as fuck.
  • If you must change lanes, you should make sure to change at least three lanes at once to make it worth while, and by no means should you ever use your signal to tell other drivers what you are planning to do.

    What have you learned about the "rules of the road" in your area?


ken hawk said...

S e e now this is whY i L/ike nAscar cause it reallly DOES take tallent to drive in THis CounTRY.


mickronson said...

i couldnt help commenting. that is hilarious

BigNewsDay said...

Welcome back MR!

BlackLabelAxe said...

LOLZ @ eating breakfast and applying makeup while driving.

I saw a woman folding laundry one day while crawling along the interstate.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Oh yeah, and the brake stomp is inevitable following the sighting of a law enforcement officer, which is disturbing in the following cases:

-You aren't speeding

-That's not a traffic cop, or the vehicle is out of his jurisdiction.