Monday, January 14, 2008

Probably old but entertaining

"Our staff all agree that Ann Coulter should die. Soon. But how should she die? We asked Odin, Chief of the Nordic Gods and ruler of Asgard, to tell us how Ann Coulter should die. Here are his responses (in descending order):

10. Pulled apart by 4 wild horses - 1 horse tied to each limb. The horses should be painted blue.
9. Forced to eat 7 double Quarter-Pounders with cheese. Then shot in the head with a longbow.
8. My Son, Thor, should smite her with his mighty hammer.
7. She should be covered in expired sour cream and fed to 10,000 fire ants. Then shot in the head with a longbow.
6. Buried alive under 1,026 hardcover copies of books by Al Franken.
5. Loaded into a French TRF1 155 mm gun-howitzer and shot into the Eiffel Tower at close range.
4. Forced to run a 3-legged race with Jimmy Carter, and at the end of the race...shot through the head with a longbow.
3. Bitch-slapped to death by Hilary Clinton and Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski.
2. Drive her out to the middle of the Mojave Desert in a Hummer. The Hummer should be drained of all but 1 gallon of fuel. She then tries to drive herself to freedom - but the gas-guzzling Hummer runs out of fuel before she can escape the oppressive heat of the desert. As she is dehydrated, delirious, sunburned and near death - a paramedic drives up in a Prius Hybrid and shoots her through the head with a longbow.

And the #1 way Ann Coulter should die...

Alone and staring at her grotesquely skinny and hideously-bug-eyed face in the mirror. "


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