Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea Baggin' for hypocracy

Last week, hundreds of dip shits gathered together to show the world just how petty and bitter Americans can be. The Tax Day Tea Party was held on April 15th in several cities where mainly conservative asshats held racist signs and complained about how Barack Obama is destroying this country.

First off, the main reason for the tea baggin' dim wits was to protest wasteful government spending. They mailed tea bags to many congressional offices in D.C., which then prompted HAZMAT units to respond. At the several protests held on tax day, cities had to pay more money to provide security for these morons. So let me gets this straight, You are going to protest wasteful government spending by causeing wasteful government spending? you are all jeeenyusses.

I heard several of this rocket scientists compare this event to the Boston Tea Party, because after all, they are also trying to protest taxation without representation. Wait, WHAT????

OK Einsteins, just because the person who you wanted to become president lost in a fair election does not mean that you have no representation in our government. I'm going to refuse to pay state taxes becuase I don't feel fairly represnted by our asshole tea baggin' Governor who wants to seceed from the union. I'm really looking forward to the Perry/Hutchison dual for the Republican primary next year. That ought to be very interesting.

Please share your thoughts on these total f**king idiots.

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