Friday, June 01, 2007


Greetings friends,
Upon release of the "No Sleep til Dairy Queen" follow-up album "Dehamufacture", Ken Hawk's pioneering food metal band, Nacho Quest, has reformed as a massive power metal force known as Power Sword. An associate and I were approached by Hawk for assistance in mastering his work, and the results are, well, interesting. While the Power Sword full-length album is still in the recording stage, a few tracks have managed to make it to the Power Sword Mypsace page

The early reaction has mostly been people asking if Ken's vocals are a joke and in return he has expressed some discontent with me, so that may be something we will continue to look at. The original single "Brotherhood of the Steel" is up, and the new high-powered "The Prophecy of Steel" track was uploaded yesterday. We may soon be posting a mastered version of a live track as well. Cheers!

Fred Burroughs
Beef City Recording, ltd


BlackLabelAxe said...


What happened to your myspace page dude? Are you now banned from Blabbermouth and Myspace?

ken hawk said...

eh, I think onE GOt shUT down for beINg too retarded or somEThing. ANyway, pWOer sowrd is wherE i'm at now.