Friday, June 08, 2007

Immigration and Christian Salvation

So I'm listening to Sirius 161 (Christian Talk) because I'm down with J.C., and I hear a one-minute spot promoting a show that comes on later in the day. The speaker reminds us that to become a Christian, you must repent for your old ways, and come to Jesus for healing and profess your faith to the world. Then you become a member of the Church, and a saved person.

...then it dawned on me: how is this different from the new immigration bill?

Basically, illegal immigrants currently living in the US must repent by paying a $5,000 fine, filling out a ton of paperwork, and agree to go back to their home country and come back the legal way. After this, they will be forgiven and may become US taxpaying citizens. Halelujah!
Of course the typical peanut-heads lined up to take shots at the bill, mostly because it came from the White House. With a whopping 30% approval rating, it'd be political suicide, even for Republicans, to side with El Presidente on anything. Conservatives are outraged by this "amnesty bill", and liberals say it's unfair to poor immigrants to pay a $5,000 fine. I have questions for these pundits:

To the Conservatives: What are you going to do with 12,000,000 people that you will not allow a path to citizenship for? Are you going to deport them? Who's going to cook your wings at Hooters or mow the lawn at your office? What if Jesus was so unreasonable regarding salvation?

To the Liberals: The fines are the only proof that matters of repentance and it makes a "down payment" towards a life of respect for our laws. Let's get the Fair Tax on the agenda so that we have a chance to keep our Social Security and Medicare funded for the new citizens, and to put the financial stress on those who refuse to be legal. We have to provide financial reward for people to pay taxes, otherwise our government is a joke.

To the rest of us: Our governement offers benefits to millions and millions of people who don't pay taxes. Just how is this fair to us who the IRS can commit the full war-making ability of the federal government against? If we fail to provide a reasonable path to citizenship then we're going to waste enormous amounts of money building a fence that ultimately cannot succeed.

"Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity," George S. Patton, Jr.

Ask France how the Maginot Line worked for them. Maybe this new bill is not perfect, but how else are we going to resolve the issue?


The Godless Savage said...

Among all the seemingly endless bluster, bunkum and balderdash from both the "bleeding heart Left" and the "cut their hearts out and toss em' on the BBQ Right", it's kind of nice to hear someone admitting the whole damn issue is a bit to complicated to be solved with some half assed bill cobbled together by politicians on the make. Great post Black Label Axe.

ken hawk said...

he maKEs a gOOOD poInt. w e'rE alL moRAns, tOO B Usy pLAyiNg paRtISan politIc miNDgaMes to get anyTHing don>e .

htis worlD is sICk. i'm GoiNG down thE streET To punCH the ICe CcReam maN.

KEn AK!! HAwk

BigNewsDay said...

Punch him once for me Ken!