Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Democrats on the Right Track

Finally, some wonderful political news regarding elections and the Democrats! The Dems have been losing ground in the past elections due to a strong Republican field operation and poor Democratic message. However, last night was probably the start of a trend. This trend can be described as being anti-Bush and his allies. In the New Jersey gubernatorial race, Jon Corzine (D) defeated Doug Forrester (R) quite easily. In the Virginia race, Tim Kaine (D) beat Jerry Kilgore (R), despite Dubya's last minute campaigning for the latter. Can we project that the Dems will win big in 2006? This is certainly the time for the Dems to attack the GOP and its incompetent governing, or lack thereof. The right claims that this isn't a trend. Rest assured, they haven't been right about anything lately!

(cnn article regarding Tuesday's elections - Thanks for the comment Lefty)


BigNewsDay said...

Hopefully the Democrats will pounce on this quickly. The elections yesterday did send a clear message that we are fed up with the current leadership, but it is next year's congressional elections that we need to gear up for and make our voices heard

Anonymous said...

The lesser of 2 evils is not always "good".

BigNewsDay said...

But it is better!