Thursday, November 17, 2005

War is a Racket

This is a link that was posted by blsabob today during a very interesting political discussion. I found this quite interesting.

..and here is another very interesting article regarding the author of the above article. This is mind boggling.

An American Coup d'État?

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BlackLabelAxe said...

That second article is a classic class-warfare riot starter. It makes it seem like wealthy people and corporations support the destruction of government.

The truth is, we needed a revolution then. We had just abandoned the gold standard, and imposed an income tax on all US citizens, both of them significant contributors to massive inflation. That General Butler may have been a heck of a soldier, but he was also heck of a socialist, and an economic enemy to the American way.

About every 80 years a free nation is due for a revolution, wrote Thomas Jefferson (the greatest political leader of all time- 2nd is James Madison). The first revolution, ironically, happened "fourscore and seven years" after we opened shop free of King George. Lesson learned: The federal government may not use any majority to abuse the lesser of its states.

We were due for another revolution about the time of FDR's presidency. Instead of pruning back the government in a red-blooded charge towards freedom and the American way, we elected to expand the power of government. A revolution doesn't have to be violent, we are mature enough for a revolution of ideas to bless our future sucess.

My point, in summary, is this:

Socialism and a bloated federal government are not American ideals. Read the Constitution if you disagree. I don't hate socialism, just don't do it here, we have fought too hard and lost too many sons and daughters to fall victim to another controlling government. If you really think the government should control wages, free speech, medicine, or personal firearms, then go live in Canada. We are a free nation, with respect for others, and capitalism for all.

This rant did not come from the right or the left. This came from a freedom loving American who refuses to cede control to anyone. This is not about party politics, this is about freedom. It's not about "good ideas" or "bad ideas", do those on your own time, I am only concerned with spreading freedom.