Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bush likens Iraqi democracy to the founding of the US gov't

In a speech yesterday, Bush said, "Our Founders faced many difficult challenges. They learned from their mistakes and adjusted their approach." Suggesting the Iraqi democratic process was similar to Americas and, thus, a good thing.

While democracy indeed proves to be a good thing, the Iraqi elections are littered with acts of violence, political corruption, and US-friendly puppet-candidates. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, the American Revolution did not involve a foreign super power invading the American Colonies, cause the deaths of ~30,000 people from the colonies, and then trying to rebuild the nation, expecting no one to react to the fact that they just blew all of our shit up.

This is more akin to the imperialism that caused the American people (and Africans, Indians, and Asians--in other parts of the world, of course) to fight British rule.

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BigNewsDay said...

Welcome to the site Bryon. Great post! I agree that what is happening in Iraq is in no way similar to our struggle for independence. Bush is just trying to spin the situation to make his administration not look like the jackasses they are.