Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tired of Supreme Court Justices breathing down your neck?

Are you holding prisoners without trial in a military prison? Have some of the prisoners retained counsel? Are civil rights advocates out to get you? Are you afraid the Supreme Court may take a case and decide against you?

Then you may have President Bush Syndrome or (PBS), but there is help. You may be able to offer certain defendants a civil trial, to keep the S.Ct. from taking their case and more than likely shutting down your whole operation. However civil trials aren't for everyone; be sure to consult your Dick Cheney before making any major policy move.

If you experience side effects such as dissenters accusing you of being corrupt or general disapproval of your abuse of presidential power on all levels, be sure to take a dose of Sept. 11th and have everyone who has come in contact with you do the same.


Gothamimage said...

Just popped over from another blog, you may be interested in Bush's recent "chat" with Hitchens that we posted.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Awesome post dude! How much longer can BushCo blame the liberal media, the activist liberal judges, and crazy terrorists for all their fuck-ups?

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