Wednesday, January 25, 2006

BigNewsDay's Quick Links of the Day

Photos of Bush With Abramoff Are Withheld

Halliburton failed to chlorinate water supplies at a military base in Iraq

White House hindering Katrina probe

Bush should 'come clean' in State of the Union address

Al Qaeda, Taliban take over parts of Pak's tribal areas

Drug Traffickers Engage In Standoff With Texas Officers

Please share your thoughts on any of the stories listed above.


echotig said...

They're all lame. Thanks for letting me share.

BigNewsDay said...

Your welcome!

crallspace said...

Bush will waste precious moments with his garbage state of the union address. he will lie, talk up his war and fraudulence of a growing economy, mention 9/11 a few times, and dumb America will go to bed, nice and fat.

clew said...

Hi there. Just came over to be nosey. Left a comment under rare pantera videos if you dont get email alerts.

Rock on, dude -