Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rebel Meets Rebel

With the untimely death of his brother "Dimebag" Darrell, Vinny Paul decided to release their collaberation with outlaw country singer David Allan Coe. The record, titled "Rebel Meets Rebel" couldn't be more aptly titled. It's set for an April 4, 2006 release date on Big Vin Records, Vince's new label.

New sound clips are available on the webpage, and I encourage everybody to check it out. To hear the mighty Dimebag's legendary Dean guitar wailing again nearly brought tears to my eyes, and compelled me to bang my head violently.

It's not metal, it's not country, it's just balls-out rock and roll created by some of the best rule breakers ever to record a song.

All hail the mighty RIFF!

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BigNewsDay said...

Man, I saw that earlier. Those soundbites are making my mouth water. I hope Vinnie keeps pumping out unreleased Dime stuff, But I really hopes he gets his ass behind a kit and makes some new damn music. I got to see him pop onstage for a song during the BLS show, and I was shoked at how much harder Vinnie hits the drums than the BLS drummer.

But back on topic, Rebel meets Rebel is going to KICK FUCKIN'ASS!

Good call Axe!