Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Winning over Public Opinion in Iraq

A new poll of Iraqis states that 47% of Iraqi citizens approve of attacks against US led troops. How's that for gratitude?

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I just want to know why we are risking the lives of our young men and women to turn this shit hole of a country into a theocracy similar to Iran.


BlackLabelAxe said...

Being naiive about the rule of law and respect for human life being a universal value, I though that the powerful example set by a free and prosperous Iraq would reverse the trend of theocratic tyranny, rule by fear, and hopelessness in the Middle East.

Based on the slow progress in Iraq combined with our own botched political strategy, and the recent Palestinian elections, the case may now be argued from recent evidence that a Muslim majority will not accept democratic rule.

The war on terror is escalating into a war against Islam through no fault of the West. Here in civilization, we don't actually care who you pray to, just as long as you don't make it your life goal to kill your neigbor. That's all we're asking here, people. Apparently, that's too much to ask of a Muslim majority. I really didn't want it to boil down to this, because I know that there are Muslims who are tolerant of other cultures and religions, but if Hamas represents the voters' choice, you're not going be able to say many nice things about Islam nomatter how many years you've been writing for the New York Times.

crallspace said...

It's an oil takeover.

Bush and his war are as phoney as what we can expect tonight in the speech.

Ranando said...

I'm with Dan on this.

An Oil man saying he wants to cut back on oil use and behind him sets Haliburton, what a FUCKING joke.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Agreed on oil issue, guys.

Between "W", and his dad, "HW", we're at least 15 years behind in developing not necessarily alternate fuels, but alternative sources of crude. Since we have to rely on OPEC for a large part of our crude imports, we can't afford to hit Iran with the sanctions they deserve. Fortunately, domestic gasoline supplies have been high since the hurricanes so sanctioning Iran would take a length of time to impact our fuel prices, but the fact that we depend on Iranian crude in the marketplace is a major WORLD security issue. I know we don't directly buy Iranian crude, but if it left the marketplace for good as per UN sanctions, it would shock the world oil market.

Anyways, you guys are right on about the oil situation. It's more than time to move on and find another way to fuel our country.