Friday, October 20, 2006

Anyone remember Heather Wilson?

She's the New Mexico Congressdolt who made a huge grandstanding play to get national attention by CRYING over the fact that Janet Jackson's titty popped out for half a second at the Super Bowl. Why was she so upset about Nipplegate? Why, for THE CHILDREN of course. My God, how could she compose herself and act like a rational leader of the nation when her CHILDREN had been exposed to such unbelievably disgusting and harmful shenanigans?

Today it looks like Heather gets to join our long long list of Grand Old Pedophiles. Not that Heather herself is a kiddie groper, but her husband is, and she abused her power to COVER IT UP.

Pedophilia and cover ups.... the new CONTRACT FOR AMERICA!!!


greencommunist said...

Nipplegate ... that's awesome!

I hope this lady gets molested by Louie Anderson.

Ann Coulters bastard son said...

Looks like the mainstream media is feeling a little corn-holed out when it comes to republican sex stories. Guess they don't want to show that famous liberal bias.

china joe said...

where were this women when we were teenagers, looking for some action?