Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Who do these panty-waists think they are?

Jesus H. man, this blows me away. In this day and age are we allowing this kind of immature retarded shit to happen? Here, I will pinpoint exactly what I mean.


The first two paragraphs:

A 12-round chess match between Russia's Vladimir Kramnik and Bulgarian Veselin Topalov to decide the world's top player resumed on Monday after a row over toilet breaks forced a two-day suspension.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, World Chess Federation president and head of the south Russian republic Kalmykia hosting the match, interrupted a conference with Russian President
Vladimir Putin to broker a successful truce between the two teams at the weekend.

They interrupted a conference between world leaders when WWIII is about to ring the doorbell over two fucking nerds fighting over the bathroom. I mean truth is stranger than fiction, no one could write this shit, it just has to happen on its own.


B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

it really is a global insane asylum.

Jesus fucking Christ on a Pogo Stick

china joe said...

hey now! im a chess player. but this guy...man, 50 times to the shitter? he was probably cheating, using a blackberry to get the next move.