Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reichwing Get Out Of Jail Free Card #23

When caught redhanded and you can't argue or present evidence to get you out of trouble: Blame the "Librul Medya!"

Oh shit, that didn't work?

Oh well, Blame George Soros!!


Who the fuck does Hastert (Congress's official Thanksgiving Day Parade Float) think he's fooling?

Smell the Desperation.

BND's Two Cents:

Wait a minute! Isn't the Republican party, the party that demands personal responsibility? When was the last time a Republican politician took responsibility for ANYTHING? DeLay? Frisk? Cheney (who made excuses about shooting someone)?

Why should Hastert or Foley be any different?

B.L.Sabob Update:
Now it looks like the entire Republicunt junta has caught their dicks in the spokes of their bike. They're so fucking panicked now that all they can do is flail around and point fingers. Blaming the Librul Medya and George Soros didn't seem to work for them, so now they are trying, WITHOUT A SHREAD OF EVIDENCE, to implicate Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

These guys are truly pathetic.


Savage Animal said...

Of course they won't. Hastert is a prime example of this - basically, he got off of his fat ass and said, "Hey guys, I'm sorry this happened. We fucked up. Later." Seriously, be a man and resign, as you rightfully should.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

shit I forgot...


ken hawk said...

b lame Harry Potter!omg

new post at askkenhawk, regarding my Reserach on populAr myths. did you knwo that lightning does IN FACT travel througH metal? i have teh proof!