Friday, January 19, 2007

Damn, two democrats have pissed me off today

Don't get me wrong, I am still a liberal Democrat, but we seriously need to look at our priorities and initiate legislation that is based on common sense. Please read the following articles for further understanding as to what the hell I'm ranting about:

California Assemblywoman seeks to outlaw spanking

Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to outlaw digital music

OK, I feel both of these women need to pull their heads out of their asses and tackle real problems facing our states/country. It is people like this that give the rest of us liberals a bad name.


Finally, a fellow Democrat makes me happy:

Mondale rips Cheney


Bushwack said...

BND, something that is going to really piss you off.... I told you so!

The California/San Francisco politicians are nothing more than socialists, they want to regulate our lives WAY more than their Republican counterparts.

The crux of the legislation is 4 yrs of age and under, which is the time most parents have to set the tone for the childs development.

You see the kids in the grocery stores acting like they are the adults? yep I'd be going to jail.

The government has no right to tell you how to raise your kids.

But instead of increasing the punishment for the child abusers, they legislate a blanket law for everyone.

Our school system went to hell when they outlawed the swat for bad behavior.

There needs to be a happy medium, to far right is bad to far left is bad.

We have went to the extremes now, the ride is just starting.

BigNewsDay said...

I hear you dude. California liberals are a mighty strange breed. I see why you guys use the term "Moonbats". At least us Texas liberals understand the importance of common sense.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

I read that Feinstein article. While I'd prefer that the legislation not go through, I disagree that it constitutes "outlawing digital music." Basically it seeks to protect the recording industry by outlawing the recording of digitally delivered music through a Tivo-like technology.

Funny thing is, this kind of flies in the face of those who want to accuse Feinstein of being some kind of far left socialist moonbat. What it does is help to protect a multi-billion dollar industry from its competition. If protecting billionaires is socialism, then the Repiglican party is the biggest bunch of socialists that have ever existed.

As for the spanking thing, eh whatever. I doubt it would ever pass. But even if it did, I doubt it would have much affect on anything. I've yet so see any kind of actual scientific, statistical study that shows that corporal punishment has any kind of positive affect on behavior or outcome whatsoever. The idea that outlawing corporal punishments in school is the cause of schools "going to hell" is unsupported by data. It is anecdotal at best and projected wishful thinking at worst.

The politically correct Left has always been annoying, obnoxious and silly, but they are not 1/10th as detrimental to the world or our personal lives as the organized criminals on the Right.

BigNewsDay said...

"The politically correct Left has always been annoying, obnoxious and silly, but they are not 1/10th as detrimental to the world or our personal lives as the organized criminals on the Right."

Amen to that brother!!!

Bushwack said...

you say that now but just wait until the extreme Frisco politicians get going, They are going to try to legislate common sense and that is where yours and my freedoms will be compromised....

We lost a few things after 9-11 due to fears of terrorism, Now we start losing freedoms due to Our own idiots.

You guys seem to think the Republicans screwed you, They Screwed EVERY ONE, Now the Democrats are going to SCREW us too.

I'm a conservative, and My ass is numb from GWB and his crew so Pelosi's getting sloppy seconds...

You guys are fresh, I recommend not putting all of your faith in the screecher of the house or Obama Or Shrillary.

We are going to enter a period of time where Democrats are in charge, I look forward to ranting at them like you did when the Republicans were in charge.

And I look forward to the time you are in my shoes, where your leadership sells out it's base.

I just wonder will you see it the same way and vote your convictions even when you know it is against every thing you believe in?

The Republicans became about power versus America. The Democrats are in the driver seat now and a lot of that is a result of Conservatives.

Enjoy the ride folks, the fall is mother fucker.

BlackLabelAxe said...

I think this is still true:

"The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is which of your freedoms you want to give up". -me

I love how we're expanding "freedom" all over the world, but we're slowly losing our own to morons in Washington every day.

I couldn't agree with BND any more when he says that those two ridiculous bills are what gives liberal democrats a bad name. Do you think Rush Limbaugh will talk about that next week?