Wednesday, January 24, 2007

N. Korea assists Iran with Nuclear Ambitions

Britain's leading newspaper, The Telegraph, is reportin that North Korea has agreed to assist Iran with performing nuclear test similar to the test performed in North Korea in 2006. The report also suggest that a team of Irainian scientists were present during the North Korea tests.

Read the entire story.

This is a development that we all need to keep a very close eye on.


BlackLabelAxe said...

There's a lot of war-mongers that want this to be 100% true so they can parade around on Hannity & Colmes shouting "I Told You So!"

Because so many people are looking for any reason to justify more military conquests, we have to be extremely skeptical of "news" like this as free thinkers with a heaping pile of distrust for our government.

I don't doubt that they are working together, or at least would like to. I guess even though they actually hate each other, they hate us enough to forget about that.

What's stupid is that without China and Russia turning a blinde eye, there's no way in hell that it would even be possible for them to talk to each other, or show up at each other's penis measuring contests.

Fortunately, Iran or North Korea don't have the machinery required to build the multi-stage plutonium-implosion devices that are true doomsday devices. Uranium enrichment leads to very small yielding nukes, perhaps on the order of an extremely large conventional bomb (like a Daisy Cutter).

But all you have to do is say "nuclear" and people completely lose their shit. The truth is, you can make something worse than uranium fission bombs with ammonium nitrate fertilizer and an 18-wheeler.

Assuming 80% purification of the uranium ore product, you're looking at a yield of around 10 kilotons for a reasonable-size uranium fission bomb. This does the same damage as 10,000 pounds of TNT, which is shitty, but not the end of the world by any means. We drop bigger bombs than that all the time.

Of course, one single f-up from the lab and it won't go off nomatter what you do to it. Then you look about as retarded as the people who burn American flags and end up burning themselves too.

BlackLabelAxe said...

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BlackLabelAxe said...

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