Wednesday, January 24, 2007

From the There's No Justice in Life Department

How is it that Larry Flint catches a hillbilly bullet and is paralyzed for life, but this bag of shit is walking the streets?

Seriously, the Aryan Albino Freak is the biggest sleaze merchant on the planet. He is only rivaled by fellow Aryan Albino Freak Ann Coulter in terms of sheer excremental capability.


BigNewsDay said...

What a stupid piece of shit. He never mentions anywhere that Barack Obama is a devoute Christian. Great reporting there douchebag.

Faux News is nothing but a collective group of racist fear and smear merchants. Fuck all of them!

Maybe they shoulod try reading The Audacity of Hope where Obama discusses living in Indonesia and going to a Muslim school, then going to a Catholic school, as well as studying many other religions.

Gibson is an ignorant asshole.

ken hawk said...

yeah mEl GibSon iz a fucking jeRk/.

im on mY way to wiami to SEe teh bEars, juSt thouGht id check in and say hey to everyoEN. im in kjansas right now, tryiNG to figure thing sout. i guesss i should have started by checking where floRisda is on a map. laTer homies. Da bEARSss

BigNewsDay said...

Damn Ken, will your bicycle make it that far?

ken hawk said...

nah i useD my olD '81 Fiesta, its Apiece of shIT and i DOubt it will even maKe the trip. i alReAyd goT in troublE at one of the gas statiOns for stickiNG the fuel puMp uup my bUTtt.

ken hawk said...

new bBigsprots day and askKEnhaWk Blogs are uP.