Saturday, January 20, 2007

Slayer Rocks the Masses/The Viking Rant

First off, Slayer invaded national TV, and ruined thousands of people's shit all across the country:

Second, I'd like to invite everybody to check out my rant about why I adore Vikings:

It's a reconciliation between my love of free market economics and my yearning to share the wealth, an interpretation of history, and a big shout-out to the great culture that probably invented heavy metal centuries before the first electric guitar. Hey, it's possible, and I'll argue that it's even likely. Sabbath and Priest were probably the Christopher Columbus of heavy metal- they get credit for inventing it, and from a mainstream perspective they surely did. I invite you to meet the Lief Erikson of metal.



Goremaster said...

Vikings kick ass. Also you gotta like Viking Metal. HAMMERHEART (Bathory) is one of the best albums put to tape. and Slayer kicks ass too

Goremaster said...

Ive been listening to Hammerheart alot lately. An Important album that every metalhead SHOULD own. But I'm sure everyone already knew that.

BigNewsDay said...

Right on brother! I watched that last night.

Slayer on network TV!!!!!!

I read your Viking Post earler. Great Post!!!!! I suggest that all my readers go get themselves educated at BLA's MySpace Blog.

ken hawk said...

whAtEVER tEH BEars kICkeD t eh VIkiNG s bUTtT thtis year./

Bears post on the BigSportsDay page. Da Bears.

metallord said...

Kick Ass !!!!!!!!!!!!