Friday, April 28, 2006

Poll Results

Here are the results of the latest polls. The next set of polls will be up shortly. All bands listed below will advance to the next round of polls after we cycle through more bands. Please let me know of any bands that I’ve forgotten, and I’ll try to include them in future polls.

Best band of all time
Led Zeppelin…..38 votes
Black Sabbath…..38 votes

Best Metal band of all time
Metallica…..90 votes

Best punk band of all time

Update: I've discovered one of the reasons why Metallica won by so many votes:
The 4 Horsemen Message Board

These two forums had their members vote several times in the poll. This once again proves that the more organized team always wins.

Should I place permanent links to these forums on my page?


Goremaster said...

here my suggests for the next polls.the rock poll lets get smashing pumpkins in there (they are my fav non metal band) for the metal poll, i know they were in the rock poll but lets get sabbath in there. also for the metal poll id like to see fear factory, meshuggah,bathory,darkthrone, hallows eve, king diamond, sepultura, morbid angel,cannibal corpse, and mayhem.
just a suggestion. im surprised metallica won last time.

Goremaster said...

didnt see the other polls. nevermind about the rock poll suggestions

BigNewsDay said...

Here is the reason Metallica won by as much as they did.

BigNewsDay said...

...and here

crallspace said...

Best band of all time- WEEN.

Best metal band- Pantera... maybe System of a Down.

Metallica---far from it. They suck!

Best punk band- GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, possibly the Dead Milkmen in their heyday.