Thursday, April 27, 2006

What should be done to lower gas prices?

Our Congress has been trying to formulate a plan to deal with the staggering gas prices we are currently faced with. The Senate Republicans have assembled a proposal that would send $100 to every taxpayer in America, and would open the door for drilling in Alaska. The Democrats in the Senate are proposing an idea of initiating a 60-day fuel tax holiday.

First off, I'm not a fan of either solution. Both seem to be nothing more than knee-jerk reactions to a major problem facing our country today. Both are VERY short-tem solutions to a long term problem.

The Republican idea of sending everyone $100 is simply awful. How much though went into that? Not much is my guess. Everyone will blow their hundred dollers quicly and then still be left wih high gas prices.

The Democrats plan, I believe, is a better, more thought-out plan. By lifting the federal fuel tax, citizens will see immediate relief to the gas prices and will continue to see this relief for a whopping 60 days.

We need a long-term solution!

We need to find viable alternative fuels. We need to produce more fuel-effecient automobiles. We need to decrease our dependence on oil from the Middle East. If this means we nee to drill in Alaska, I'm not totally opposed to that, but I don't think that will solve the problem.

To alleviate confussion about issues involving gas prices, I recommend you read this article from the How Stuff Works site.


ken hawk said...

why cnat car s justr run on lemonheads or something theres alot of those aropund!!!11one2OMg

BlackLabelAxe said...

I agree that both solutions avoid the real problem, and should be thought of as a temporary fix.

The GOP idea is just plain stupid. At the rate most Americans save, that money will go right into Best Buy or Circuit City within a week. The Dems idea is slightly less retarded, but it's not even close to what we need. Neither would kick a dent in the real problem

Here's something you might be shocked to hear from me: I support the federal gasoline tax! Reason being is that it's a consumption-based tax. We should be so lucky to have the rest of our taxes built that way. The feds only get around $0.18 per gallon anyways, so it's not going to make much of a difference at all. In fact, that leaves less money for federally funded construction projects, which has snowballing effects.

Since we don't have the infrastructure to support the use of renewable energy, we need to get on that immediately. In the meantime, we need to use Alaskan oil to patch our demand while we prepare the switch to alternative fuels. Furthermore, the Canadian tar sands need to come to market on a large scale. This could effectively bring us into energy independance (as a continent), albeit on petroleum, before the arrival of widespread renewable energy.

Then we can listen to Iran run their mouths about infidels until they're blue in the face, and they'll have no money to buy the weapons they need to build nukes.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Ken, you are TEH MAN!!!!

BigNewsDay said...

Lemonheads? Hmmm.

BigNewsDay said...

I wish we could run cars off of congressional hot air.

BlackLabelAxe said...

By the way, "Epistaxis" has been fucking PWN3D for about the 12th time on Blabbs on the old Korn topic. It's easy to look up if you hit news archives->April 24->page 2.

Spooky1 really needs to learn how to talk like an adult, because he can make some heavy-hitting points, but people usually just ignore his ass because he's such a troll. I do think we made some progress in that forum, however.

The most dangerous troll of all is Epistaxis, who feels like he/she can do a better job of spending our money and creating "fairness" than any of us!

BigNewsDay said...

Here is the link to the thread. I can't believe that it has continued going on and on and on...

BigNewsDay said...

Here is another link to a bbmouth thread where spooky1 is making a fool of himself. He quotes Hugo Chavez to support his arguments, yet he still calls others 'Commies'.

BigNewsDay said...

More fun with spooky1.

BigNewsDay said...

This one also has potential.

BlackLabelAxe said...

I've gotta say that the spooky1's insults towards you are out of place and meaningless, but the nicknames he comes up with are f'n hilarious:


Those crack me up!

I think the feminist has been laid to rest for good. I got really fired up over that, because I saw an opportunity with a n00b user that I figured would crack under the pressure. She had no idea what these Blabbermouth threads turn into, and she hasn't the sense of humor nor the intellegence/wit (they can be interchangable on Blabbs) to keep up. Besides, I love watching idealistic people choke on their own vomit.

BigNewsDay said...

spooky1 is nothing more than a hate-mongering, propaganda spewing jackass. However, I'm highly entertained by his BS. Every once and a while, he'll even make a valid point, but it's hard to take someone that is so full of hatred seriously. Enjoy the links on this page to some of his current tirades. I'm just egging him on most of the time, because I know he'll continue to respond.

BlackLabelAxe said...

The Axe has weighed in on the Ill Nino/Immigration thread.

I think spooky might break down on this thread, he seems to be showing human traits.

BigNewsDay said...

Nice posts Axe!