Tuesday, April 04, 2006

War on Who?

If you're not yet convinced that defining quality of Right Wing Christianity is STARK RAVING LUNACY, read This

Time for the sane people to stock up on weaponry.

Update by BND:
This issue has been a very hot topic of debate here recently. the other day, The (liberal) Girl Nextdoor posted about this issue, and how Athiests are viewed as being amoral. Her post is very well written deserves a good read through. One thing for sure is that I will take no moral advice from Tom DeLay (who was a keynote speaker at the conference referenced in blsabob's posted link.


Up-Update from BL Sabob:

Funny how things all tie together. The very luntatics discussed in the article I linked to are now praising Tom DeLay

Cretins of a feather, eh?


BigNewsDay said...

These types of people piss me off to no end. They are the ones that are destroyng the fabric of society.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

The funny (or sad, depending on your perspective) part about all this is that I have some hardcore Libertarian friends who are really in denial about the impact these fuckstains have on the Republican party. These people hate Democrats so much, that they have to pretend that the Christian Right does not own and control the Republican party. Whenever I discuss these clowns, my Libertarian friends have to pretend that the Wingnuts are just a petty fringe annoyance.

Fuck their denials. We know that these lunatics are the heart and soul of today's Republican party. And just as terrorism is at least partially a result of America's foreign policy, any loathing of and strikes against the Christian Right are a product of their own beligerant, exclusionary behavior toward others.

I used to say Live and Let Live. But since I've been watching these cocksmokers try to shove their mythology and their values onto other since the early 80s, I'm not so generous anymore. I've had enough.

You come to my door trying to peddle your pathetic medeival fantasies, I'm turning the dogs loose on you.

Hail Darwin!!

Anonymous said...

holy shit. that first link, all that shit those people were railing about during that conference thing....boggles the mind how people can subscribe to some of that shit. ugh. all that endless stuff they were preaching of made my head spin and almost made me vomit.


BigNewsDay said...

I don't generally delete comments, but I also would prefer posters to stick to the topic at hand. I will not allow anonymous posters to spread bullshit right-wing propaganda on my site. Get your own fucking blog if you want to do that!

BigNewsDay said...

Besides, all of that crap was discussed HERE. I think we've all come to the conclusion that most professional politicians are scumbags. There is nothing new here. We need to throw all these bastards out and start fresh.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

damn. I missed it. Another laundry list of "Yeah, but Clinton..."s?

The neocontards will be blaming Clinton for their own failures 25 years from now. Its a disease with them. They need a fucking 12-step program to get off Clinton's cock.

As more and more heat generates around Delay, Abramoff, Ney and the rest of the GOPig criminals, expect to see far more "Yeah, but Clinton" posts all over the web.

BigNewsDay said...

You missed nothing new. Same ol' bullshit that you countered last week. Did you receive my e-mail regarding spanky1?

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

yeah, I looked through the thread. Nothing new. Same old Freeper wankery. Gets real boring, real fast. I sometimes thing the best way to deal with brainwashed little trolls like that is to just ignore him. He lives for attention. It would fucking kill him if he just regurgitated all his propaganda and no one acknowledged it.

BigNewsDay said...

But it sure is fun to let him get everything out of his system and then get him all worked up again. I'm sure he's a real "spooky1" while he's wearing his clown suit.

Damn pedophiles!