Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bring it on Shaq!

My Mavs are in the championship series!

HELLLLLL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if we lose to Miami (which isn't going to happen), I'm so proud of this team. Dirk IS the most valuable player in the NBA.


Anonymous said...

Mark these words: THE MAVS WILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahah!

And when Miami wins, I will be back here to gloat while you hang your head in shame.

BigNewsDay said...

If you would have read the post, you'll see where I said that I'll be proud of this team if the win our lose; however, the Mavs are 5 to 1 favorites going into the series. Please give me the address to YOUR web site so I can gloat when we destroy Shaq and the rest of the Heat.

Come with it bitch!!!!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Hey Big. All this excitement reminds me of my beloved 91-93/96-98 Bulls dynasty! Over here in Chicago, b-ball isn't quite the same without his airness. We're beginning to get over it though. Go MAVS!

BigNewsDay said...

Thanks Lefty and sorry about the Sox's dropping a home series to our Rangers 2-1, but I won't gloat about it. Overall, the Sox are a much better team than the Rangers

Lefty Metalhead said...

The Rangers deserved it. We played like shit. Our pitching isn't as good as last year, but Don Cooper will get them back in shape. These guys don't know how to lose.

Anonymous said... There's my website for you.

Heat in six!

Seriously, this will be a good series though.


BigNewsDay said...

You just got to love anonymous posters.

Anonymous said...

One more, goddammit! ONE MORE!!!!!