Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Warning: Pedophiles are Attacking Bloggers

I don't make it a habit to endorse Conservative web sites, but this is a topic that we are all on the same side.

I was reading a another blogger's site (Bushwack) earlier today and was quite alarmed to learn about a group of Pedophiles are attacking other bloggers that speak out against these sick asshats. If anyone sees any of these types of sites, please click the "Flag" link at the top of the page to let Blogger know that you find web sites promoting the molestation of children offensive. I'm sure my site will be targeted in the future by these wretched freaks, but I want everyone to speak out against this BS.

I'll try to have some more links up shortly to further illustrate what the bloggers who've spoken out against this have had to endure; however, I'm somewhat hesitant about placing a link to a pedophile site here on my blog.


Fuck pedophiles. Come and get me motherfuckers. I DARE you! metalpundit.blogspot.com, you know where I'm at.

Update from BND

I ask that everyone pay a visit to our new friend Daydreamer of Oz and show her your support. She posted an article about a new political organization in Europe that is fighting for the rights of child molesters, and since then, she has been attacked by several of this sick individuals. She is moderating comments for obvious reasons, so it may be a while before your comments are posted, but she is fighting the good fight and deserves the utmost respect. She also has a link on her site to one of these sites that I recommend you check out to see what these sick fucks are all about. We are also asking that everyone who goes to any of these pedophile sites hosted on blogspot, click the flag on the top to alert the folks at blogspot of these sites.

Big BND salute to Daydreamer and her friends that back her in this epic battle against those who want to prey on children.

Another update from BND

Please pay a visit to Stitches77's Blog as well to show support. She called out an extremely vile individual who admits to stalking children in his neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me. The same asshole that's been talking shit about your mavs.

Anyway, I have to say that pedophiles need to be taken out. All of them. I would love to put them all in one place, and then with a dull axe,chop them into little pieces one by one.

Most of these fools are everyday people you see on the street. They are not living some isolated life like most would think. They are out there, everywhere. You might even work with a few of them. That's what disgusts me. Just knowing that I might acually associate with one and not know it.

Pedophiles dare not say what they beleive in public because they know they will get the living shit beat out of them. And rightfully so.

So in conclusion, do the world a favor and murder a pedophile.

Thank you.


Lefty Metalhead said...

Let's get them Big. If they continue to bully people, we'll have to thrash them like we did to Epistaxis.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Thanks for your support guys. As I stated on my blog, I'm pretty conservative but my blogroll consists of all those I enjoy hearing from-this is not only conservatives, I find your site quite interesting. I will be placing a link to you on my blog!

You may also find it interesting to note that of all the people I know they've harassed, they've all been women. Not one man.

We are starting a blog to combat these morons so check back with me soon!
P.S. I suggest we go with SOB's idea ;)