Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here we go again...

Spooky1 is campaigning again to be selected as Blabbermouth's all-time biggest idiot (click the title for link).

By the way, Slayer is beyond amazing live. I still can barely comprehend what happened last night. I got thrashed like I've never even dreamed of.

Update by BLA: I just got my new Guitar World in the mail. Yeap, those are two of the dudes responsible for the beating Atlanta received last night.


BigNewsDay said...

I've missed those meaningful discussions with spooky1. I'm glad that I've been put in my place by being labelled a Commie-Lib Homo.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Spooky1 is just an fetus that Ann Cunter aborted and forgot to sufficate before it climbed out of the dumpster to be found and raised by meth-addicted KKK dropout incest survivors.

Speaking of raging, brain-damaged wastes of human flesh.... Axhole Rose's latest shenanigans made me think of a potential pose question for you. I don't recall if this one has already been done. How about something like "Biggest Douchebag in Rock n Roll?" I'm sure that Axhole, $immon$ and Lars would top the charts, but it would be interesting to see who else makes it. Also, what do you think about including dead rockstars as well as living ones, or creating two separate polls, one for the living, one for the croaked?

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

uh.... That should read "poll" question, not "pose." I've got Axhole Pose on the brain.

Goremaster said...

that was the greatest show i ever seen. i never thought i would say it but cob kicks ass. cob, mastodon, and slayer all kicked ass.

Goremaster said...

01. South of Heaven
02. Silent Scream
03. War Ensemble
04. Blood Red
05. Cult
06. Disciple
07. Mandatory Suicide
08. Seasons in the Abyss
09. Chemical Warfare
10. Dead Skin Mask
11. Raining Blood
12. Hell Awaits
13. The Antichrist
14. Angel of Death

Heres the setlist from last night show.

BlackLabelAxe said...

I love how Tom said, "okay, we're going to slow it down and play something romantic. Anybody like romance songs?"

Then they play Dead Skin Mask.

By the time Lombardo took over in the break to "Angel of Death", I was raging like a 90-ton nuclear-powered bulldozer.

I don't really like Lamb of God, they're sound never interested me, but the last two songs they played, "Redneck", and "Black Label" were fucking awesome. It's probably because I happen to be both Black Label and somewhat of a Redneck. I think the riffing had better fills and those new songs seem to have the "flow" that makes it sound like good metal to me. Who knows, I might even pick up their new one. Great show, anyways.

Al, did you notice those idiots in yellow shirts trying to calm the moshpits during Lamb of God's set?

It got so bad they actually had to have a meeting prior to Slayer taking the stage. There were beer cans everywhere, and people fighting authority. That's how you know you're at a Slayer show!

BlackLabelAxe said...

I got my new issue of Guitar World today. I was so happy to see that 2/3 of the guitarists on the cover were responsible for demolishing my face last night.

Featured left to right:


I know Zakk is a media whore, but what a badass writeup on these legends. King and Hanneman are now well over 40, and they're still ruining people's shit all over the world with thrash metal brutality.

Goremaster said...

I didnt notice that during log's set. i liked redneck and that one song "Now youve got something to die for." the rest sounded like a cheap pantera rip off.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Al Bundy, that's the same setlist they played last Tuesday at the infamous Aragon Ballroom here in Chicago. It surely kicked ass! Every band on the bill fucking smoked, but Slayer is in a league of its own! The pit was extremely violent. While we were leaving the Aragon, there were several severely-beaten guys sitting with paramedics. They were all screaming "Slayer", a sign that they had a killer time. One of them seemed to have had a dislocated jaw because it was pushed to the left and the paramedics were trying to get some sort of a brace on his face.

You guys have to see them at the Aragon to believe the madness! At the "South of Heaven" tour (according to my brother-in-law), the Aragon actually put metal seats on the main floor (which is the size of the entire venue. there is a second level which can be considered the balcony). Trouble and Overkill opened the show but were unable to complete their sets since molotov cocktails were thrown onstage. When Slayer started their set with "Raining Blood", the crowd went wild and destroyed all the seats and lit up fires all over the floor. Guys were formed circle pits around the fires. Legend says that the site was truly a glimpse of hell! Fucking Slayer!

Hope you guys can catch them at the Aragon someday!

mickronson said...

In fairness to spooky, he does have an opinion, and he's not afraid to give it. He often does, and there are times when I've read his comments and found them to be thoughtful. But he could do without the rest of the rubbish in between (commie whore, kill the eurabian, etc.)

BigNewsDay said...

Yea, I would be much more willing to listen to his ideas if he wasn't such a dick.

Goremaster said...

I wouldnt listen to spooky1 cause he's a racist asswhipe.