Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Congress arguing over video games
from The Daily Show


BlackLabelAxe said...

That video was awesome. Some parents really do go crazy over video games, and it's only because they don't want to actually spend time with their kids. They'd rather give them a tv and an X-Box. The video game rating system makes it easy for parents to feel good about neglecting their kids. I guess if kids spend enough time playing video games it can go from a fun activity which enhances hand/eye coordination that you can play on rainy days or after dark into a false idol that kids can try to learn about life through. Of course it's up to the parent to decide which of those roles the games will play in the lives of their kids. It's not up to Congress, that's for damn sure.

BigNewsDay said...

Hey Axe, our boy spunky finally returned to that Ministry thread, you damn commie-LIB.

funny stuff!

BlackLabelAxe said...

The minimum wage rant was very funny, but I don't think it's any business of the federal government to regulate wages.

I think it's basically despickable in this day and age to pay another human being only $5.15 per hour, but that is my belief.

This should be an issue left to the states, as it is not clearly defined in the Constitution.

I'm tired of the federal government homogenizing the entire country. It may be possible in some places to have a very decent lifestyle on only $5.15 per hour. Obviously, in some states (California, New York) this is not even close to acceptable. Because the cost of living varies from state to state, so should our laws regarding wages. Of course I'm a capitalist, and I don't think even the State has any business regulating that, but that's something I'll take up with my State Representative and State Senator.

BlackLabelAxe said...


Spooky got PWNT again!

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Who the fuck would want to own Spanky? He's the kind of little fish you just toss back in, or use for bait.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Here's the part I like: The section where Stuart says the that the M for 'Mature' is completely inaccurate description of anyone who plays video games and suggests replacing it with D for Dropout, W for Wasteoid and CMB for Child in Man's Body.

Ain't that the truth!!