Monday, June 05, 2006

We Should be Ashamed

How dare we go on with our lives as though nothing is happening? How can we sleep at night? Why you ask? Because MARRIAGE IS UNDER ATTACK! Those homos are after the most sacred of institutions! God forbid a gay couple gets married and adopts a few kids from the terribly immense orphan population! Everytime I see a gay couple, I feel they're just waiting for me to turn around so they can stab the marriage sanctity out of me, despite me being single! Oh the humanity (the straight humanity that is)!

Ahh! Senate Republicans sure know how to waste time, don't they? Instead of debating the Iraq War (which is going nowhere fast), health care, gas prices, inflation, immigration, and other serious issues, they have decided to promote the Marriage Protection Amendment, which would ban same-sex marriage. What ever happened to letting the states decide? So much for their argument against Roe V Wade. The amendment has no chance of passing, yet the wingnuts continue to waste time. This tells me one thing, Republicans are pulling their last few tricks to get people on their side before November, which will likely be devastating for them! Good luck guys, you'll need it!

In the meantime, I'll add some wishfull-thinking and say that future Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are probably drafting their plans to put this country back on track.


BigNewsDay said...

oh, the horror!

I know it is just a matter of days (maybe even hours) before a married gay couple breaks into my house and destroys the fabric of my marraige. I better start screaming and running down the street now.

I like what Kinky said about gay marraige: "They should have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us!"

BlackLabelAxe said...

I support State's rights on decisions like this, which are not clearly defined by the Constitution.

I do agree with Lefty that this is a last-ditch political game here designed to rally the majority behind the GOP, which has fucked up so bad I don't see why even they would want to stay in office.

I think the days of State's rights are nearly gone. In any case where a state wants to do its own thing, the government blackmails them with federal funding until they state government bows down. It's turned the governorships into pawns for Washington.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Ah, the smell of Rethuglican desperation in the air. When all else is failing, BASH A FAG!!

GL Meister said...

How about a petition for married heterosexual couples who vow to get divorced as a protest if a same-sex marriage ban ever passes?

BigNewsDay said...

I would much rather sign a petition to make the brutal murder of pedophiles legal. Stay out of Texas you sick fucker.

GL Meister said...

No plans to come to Texas. It seems there are a awful lot of people there who wouldn't recognize a 'pedophile' even if they had a close friend who was one.

Imagine a circle around your house big enough to encompass 200 adults. It's virtually certain that one or more of them is primarily attracted to children rather than adults. It's also virtually certain that no one knows his or her secret. There's a good chance that they are in denial over that whole matter as well.

Of course, there is no need to try to learn something, is there? Why bother to try and understand that it REALLY IS possible to be attracted to children and to NOT BE a child molester. It's a brutally tough concept, and no where near as much fun as having someone to hate...

I hope all your other (presumably) left-leaning friends aren't so quick to judge others.

Lefty Metalhead said...

What is there to learn anything about? I agree, being attracted to children doesn't automatically make you a child molester. However, wouldn't you agree that being sexually attracted to children presents a greater likelihood of molestation? Is the guy with a loaded gun less likely to shoot someone than someone without a gun?

By the way, liberalism isn't about accepting peculiar fetishes such as yours. If you think it is so, then you need a crash course in political ideologies.