Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night Open Thread

Post your thoughts on today's elections. Let it rip!


Lefty Metalhead said...

Democrats need 6 net seat gains to control the Senate, and 15 net seat gains to control the House. Let's hope they do both.

Races to watch:

Virginia Senate: "Macaca" Allen (R) vs Webb (D)

Tennessee Senate: Corker(R) vs Ford Jr. (D)

Pennsylvania Senate: Santorum (R) vs Casey (D)

Connecticut Senate: Lieberman (D, running as Independent) vs Lamont (D) vs Schlesinger (R)

Maryland Senate: Steele (R) vs Cardin (D)

Missouri Senate: Talent (R) vs McCaskill (D)

Montana Senate: Burns (R) vs Tester (D)

Ohio Senate: DeWine (R) vs Brown (D)

New Jersey Senate: Menendez (D) vs Kean (R)

KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON THE HOUSE RACES TOO, inclusing Illinois Districts 06, 08, and 10.


Savage Animal said...

MSNBC says that the Pennsylvania race is: Casey (D) - 58%, Santorum (R) - 42%!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Democrats, so far, have won 3 Senate seats, according to CNN.

Casey beat Santorum in Pennsylvania

Brown beat DeWine in Ohio

Whitehouse beat Chafee in Rhode Island

Lieberman won in Connecticut as an Independent, but will caucus with the Democrats.

Cardin beat Steele in Maryland to hold that seat for the Democrats.

Therefore, the Democrats have won 5 key seats in the Senate, with a net gain of 2 so far. There are still four competitive senate races left, of which 3 must be won by Democrats to take control of Congress. That will make 6 (including Lieberman) seats which will make a majority for Democrats. It looks like the Dems have a decent shot at taking the senate, but they have their work cut out for them.

The House races are also looking good. The Dems have picked up 4 seats in the House, and it looks like they will take it!

Democrats have also picked up 4 governor seats.


BigNewsDay said...

This will be known as 'The Blue Revolution'

Ferrum Aeternum said...

Man, the senate race here in Virginia is down to the bare wire!


Currently it's Allen with 966,232 votes (49.43%), and Webb with 964,899 votes (49.37%). Precincts Reporting: 2117 of 2443 (86.66%). Too close, it's driving me nuts! Haha.

Lefty Metalhead said...

The Virginia race should have never been this close. But Allen just had to make that Macaca comment. That sure screwed him, but will it be enough?

Goremaster said...


BlackLabelAxe said...

We're up to about 5% Libertarian in most races here in Georgia.

I wonder how many people actually would rather vote Libertarian but don't because they feel like it's a vote wasted?

I'd like to think that this means good change is on the way, but I don't see a whole lot of good coming from the Democrats' platform.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

42% of Pennsylvanians are Kool-Aid chugging Christianist Cult-os?