Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to list some of the things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for...
  • My family and all the support I have received from them
  • My loving wife
  • My wonderful son
  • This great country of ours
  • All of my wonderful friends
  • My great new friends: Lefty, Metal Lord, Black Label Axe, Gore Master, Ken Hawk, Lord's Lady, Lady Evil, Fat Jenk, B.L. Sabob, Tony, Daydreamer, Stitches, Ranando, Christopher (The Conservative Cowboy), Bushwack, Sues, and everyone else that I forgot.
  • All of the wonderful conveniences that we have.
  • Our Service men and women who serve this country with such pride and bravery

That is my list. I invite all of the members of the blog to use the edit function to add your own list below this one. I would also love for all my other readers to add their list in the comments section.

Go enjoy your turkey, turducken, tofurky, or whatever you eat this day; enjoy the football games (go Cowboys!); and most of all, enjoy spending time with your families.


Lefty is thankful for:

My awesome family!

My wonderful friends: BND, Al Bundy, Metallord, Ken Hawk (GO BEARS), BLSABOB, Fat Jenk, Lordslady, Ladyevil, Blacklabelaxe, Tony, Daydreamer, Bushwack, Stitches, and the members of Metal Pwns All.

My education, which I am so lucky to have gotten.

All the material items I am so lucky to have.

Our brave service men and women.

Our good political leaders out there.


Like BND said, make sure you eat whatever it is you eat on this day. Drink some beer, play some Xbox 360 or PS3, and have a wonderful time! GO BEARS!

KEn AhWAK is thankful for:

My wife. No words here can possibly express how lucky I was when I first caught eyes with her 7 years ago. I am the happiest guy I know.
My family and friends. We had 115 show at our wedding reception last week and received great comments from people regarding what cool people they met that night and what wonderful friends we have. To hear that total strangers met and enjoyed themselves that night shows what great people we have around us, we are very fortunate.
The great guys on this board - BND, Lefty (Da Bears), Al, Axe, Bob, Lord, Joe, Eddie, Bushwhack, Ranando, this is a great group of buds here.
My life. I can say I've worked hard for what I have, and gone through things I wish no one else ever would, thats a part of my life. But another part is where I was born, in a country where I can speak my mind and live the way I wish without fear. We are very fortunate to be dealt the cards that we were. Some can do the best with what they have and never be in a free country.
Our men and women in the armed forces. My best friend returned from Iraq this month and at two wedding receptions he was loudly applauded. I've never been so proud of him.
Football. Metal. Beer. Lesbians. These things complete me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from your pal Ken Hawk.... who's got a turkey jammed on his head.


Well i'm thankful for ..

My Great Wife.

My Family And Friends.

All the Great ppl I've met online.

And MPA,LOCR,BND BLOG, Which are
the best sites online hails...

AND .... For the great dinner we
made to day..............
11/23/2006 1:15 PM


I'm thankful for my family and friends! To those at the Metal Pwns All, Lords of Classic Rock, and Metal Temple sites, Happy Thanksgiving.


I'm thankful for my family from blood, and for my online family and metal bretheren- BigNewsDay and Lefty Metalhead- horns up forever! I'm thankful for the humor of Ken Hawk, who seems to make me fall out of my chair and call somebody about it nomatter how much I think I've seen all the humor there is to be seen. I'm thankful for the thought-provoking antagonism of B.L. Sabob, and for the MetalPWNSAll headbangers for keeping the faith long after Blabbermouth died. I'm also thankful for Bushwack's crew of minutemen and patriots. Sorry for the late post guys, I've been drunk since about 2 weeks ago.


metallord said...

Well i'm thankful for ..

My Great Wife.

My Family And Friends.

All the Great ppl I've met online.

And MPA,LOCR,BND BLOG, Which are
the best sites online hails...

AND .... For the great dinner we
made to day..............

Bushwack said...

Ya'll are awesome...

We may not agree on a some issues, but we have been civil in our disagreements, there is no better friendship than one developed through differences.

I hope y'all had a great turkey day.