Tuesday, February 28, 2006

At least 56 people killed in a series of bombs in Baghdad

The number of people killed in violence during the last week is disputed (somewhere between 350 - 1,500), but no end to the violence is in site. The only solution I can see in this cluster f**k is to divide this shithole into three countries: sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish.

Enough is enough!

I can't believe our shithead president lead us into a war without thinking ahead. Muslims have a long history of killing each and hating Americans. Did he seriously think that we were just going to waltz right in and colonize their heart and minds? Is he really that stupid?

We need to seriously consider the Murtha plan. Move all of our troops out of Iraq, but keep several thousand in the area. If needed, we can then come to their aide.


BlackLabelAxe said...

Holy Cow, I agree 100% that the only way to end this thing is to make three countries.

That still isn't going to solve it, and it will probably cause even more widespread rebellion.

If you form the country of Kurdistan, the Turkish Kurds who live in the area will want to seceed due to inhumane treatment by the Turkish government, and form a new government with their newly seceeded bretheren in former Iraq. This is the exact reason why Turkey would not allow us to stage the 4th I.D. invasion from the north in their country.

Also, Kurdistan is amazingly oil-rich, and if the Shiite and Sunni states lost this revenue, they could not continue their insane welfare system, and they might actually have to get jobs and build an economy. Islam is against this, of course, and rioting and violence would ensue.

British Petroleum would be happy to finally have peace in southern Turkey, but the Turkish government doesn't want to let go of its cash cow in the rich oil fields of Kurdish Turkey.

Sunni and Shiite Iraq would go to war with each other over access to the Euphrates river, just like Iran and Iraq did in the 1980's.

Soulfly wrote a song about this, called "Babylon", on their excellent 2005 release, "Dark Ages". It shouldn't be too hard to find the lyrics if you're interested.

This all got fucked up when the UK drew the country lines without regard to ethnicity or religion around the turn of the 20th century. It's unlikely that re-drawing the country lines will stop the violence, since they are a people suppressed by their own religion.

It's worth a try, however, because what we're doing now is clearly not working.


You can almost convice yourself that it's not that bad, or that we're doing okay, until something like this slaps you in the face and you realize that we're still losing the brightest and the best of America's youth, and nothing is actually getting better.

BigNewsDay said...

Yes, the way the European nations redrew the globe following WWI was pretty fucked up. We will never outgrow the negative effects of colonialism. We are seeing these effects in Africa, the Middle East, and even in South America to a certain extent.

ken hawk said...

hey blacklabelaxe caught your comment on the other page, sorry to hear about losing your friend man.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Thanks Ken, I appreciate that.

I've had so many friends go over and come back, and I still have a lot of friends still there. One of my best friends is about to go back for a second tour, this time in a Green Beret-type role. It's one of those things where you know how dangerous it is, but they come back with awesome stories and even cooler videos. All of a sudden, one of my friends isn't coming home.

The first American KIA from the Iraq war was a Citadel graduate, class of 2001. He was in the Marine Corps' MECEP program, so he took classes with us cadets although he was a Staff Sergeant with a seperate chain of command to report to. Almar Fitzgerald ("Fitz") was a cadet, and he was in my squad when I got my promoted to my first leadership position. This guy was always happy, he's the kind of person you want to be around when everything else goes to shit, because you can count on him to pick you up. I used to rip his ass for laughing too much (freshmen cadets, or "knobs" at The Citadel must always maintain an upright and military posture- they get in trouble for cutting up around upper classmen), but he was a damn fine cadet. Always shined up, and always well-trained.

He was so passionate about being a Marine that you couldn't help but be excited for him. At least he went out fulfilling a dream. As a friend and a brother of his, I just want to know that his sacrifice meant something. All of our friends that are over there know what they're risking, and they'd give anything they could if they knew it'd make a difference. I just hope our leadership knows this.

BigNewsDay said...

Hey Axe, I'm also very sorry to hear of your loss.

BlackLabelAxe said...

By the way, Fitz was the 11th Citadel graduate to die in this war. By comparison, we lost 15 in World War I.

That's not quite apples-to-apples still, since US involvement in World War I was very breif. In World War II, 280 Citadel grads made the ultimate sacrifice. 49 Citadel men died fighting for the Confederate States of America in that conflict with the US.

BlackLabelAxe said...

...and 22,500 of us are still fighting for the CSA!!!

ken hawk said...

man youre right. every guy i talk to thats been over there has a real passion for what hes doing. doesnt bitch, doesnt complain, no matter what the rest of country thinks about it. amazing people.
best friend of 26 years is with the 101st. couldnt imagine the guy never coming back.

Lefty Metalhead said...

What saddens me the most about this whole quagmire is that the King George administration and their loyal subjects refuse to take any responsibility for the apocalyptic situation created in Iraq. What ever happened to us being greeted as liberators? What happened to the end of the insurgency? The Bush administration never listened to experts' claims that civil war would be possible. The worst thing of all is that we still don't know the real motivation for invading Iraq!

Upon hearing people say that Iraq was better off with Saddam in power, I would cringe and think of those people as idiots. However, it has become rather apparent that Saddam knew something that our government knows nothing about! It's not so much that he tortured and killed his people, because we have been doing that to them too! There's something there that I can't point out. Bill Maher is right on when he says that Iraq WAS better off with Saddam in power. QUAG-fucking-MIRE!

BigNewsDay said...

Hey Lefty,

Good points! As much as I hate Saddam, he was able to control the people of Iraq. I don't think any of us agree with his methods, but not many of us agree with president dickheads approach to controlling (or not controlling) the people of Iraq.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

At this point it really doesn't matter what the Morons at BushCo decide to do. They've kicked a huge boulder heading down a steep hill and all they can do now is get out of the way or get run over. Unfortunately, the really people who will pay for BushCo's evil and incomptence are a bunch of kids who signed up for the National Guard and armed services so they'd have enough money to pay for college. I guess that's why 70% of people serving over there want us out within the year. They know that this "mission" is and always has been a pathetic joke.

But what the hell, at least Bush's pals in Saudi Arabia and the oil companies are raking in record profits due to the Middle East "Instability Tax."

Mission Accomplished

Lefty Metalhead said...

Well said dude! King George isn't looking so good on the Katrina ordeal either. AP just reported that they have a video showing a briefing Bush had before Katrina got to NOLA. In this briefing, he is warned that the damage to the levees would be great and many lives would be in danger. Bush didn't ask any questions...but he sure asserted that they were ready! Impeach his punk ass already!

BlackLabelAxe said...

"If you think the government is going to take care of you then you're a bigger fool than I am"

-Pepper Keenan (CoC, Down)

Still, we pay the government a sick amount of money to do a job, and they rarely accomplish it. Thank God for term limits!