Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Polls are closed!

Here are the official results:

What BlabberMouth poster do you hate the most?

Selection 80 votes
Kull 55 votes
Molotov 47 votes
Riotact666 11 votes
Galactic Cowboy 19 votes
Blsabob 23 votes
BigNewsDay 6 votes
Other (Please enter the name under the Comments section of one of the articles) 30 votes


Blabber Basher said...

I could not win because my name was not listed, which an unfair competition.The results are not acceptable, you have to make a new poll.

BigNewsDay said...

Better luck next time mr. basher.

Anonymous said...

well atleast you will stop spamming all over the damn site blabber bitch

Anonymous said...

HA HA Congrats It's true you are the most hated.

Anonymous said...

Congrats T-boner

p.s. your website sucks

Anonymous said...

blabbermouth please ban the following:
t boner
zuno gyakusatsu
blabber basher
hurricane hugo
sir evil
sleaze freak

mastronaut said...

This is so friggin hilarious! T-Boneheads 'acceptance' speech hahahah! Yes we may be bored silly to even participate, but it's worth it to get these self serving loosers the recognition they so fully deserve. T-Bone, take your MHR and shove it as far up your ass as possible then go find it, maybe that will keep your lame ass comments off Blab for a while. On with the ban! seeya......

mastronaut said...

PS... your website sucks.....

GC said...