Friday, February 17, 2006

So much for the war on terror!

This is a snippit from my good friend Ranando's Blog. Please follow the link and read the full article. This is really fucked up.

"The Bush administration on Thursday rebuffed criticism about potential
security risks of a $6.8 billion sale that gives a company in the United
Arab Emirates control over significant operations at six major American
ports. "

Thanks Ranando!


Anonymous said...

ofcourse bush is receiving 1% of this amount, that is why he does not see it as a secutiry risk

BlackLabelAxe said...

I don't have any idea what the hell the White House is doing here. This is the biggest no-brainer Bush has had on his plate yet, and he got it totally wrong.

I think this will be another Harriet Miers, where he'll do something that pisses off everybody, and then go back and do the right thing. I hope so anyways.

Why are we doing business at all with those assholes? They don't recognize Israel as a soverign state, and they recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan! Making any business deals with these fuckers is hypocritical to the core.

BigNewsDay said...

Not to mention the fact that this country is the new home of Michael Jackson.

Ranando said...

Thanks for the plug my friend.

BlackLabelAxe said...

"President Bush has painted himself into a corner on this issue, and he needs a face-saving compromise to get out of it. Here's my proposal: Let Harriet Miers run the ports."

-Ann Coulter

Read her column on this, it's the best opinion I've heard so far. The column is titled "So, three muslims walk into a port" on

BigNewsDay said...

Axe, even though I somewhat agree with coutler on this particular issue, I had a hard time reading this article because s/he is such a hateful bitch. I just can't bring myself to take anyone that full of hate seriously. I won't even discuss the whole adam's apple thing.

BlackLabelAxe said...

BND, she is one hateful bitch. Please remember that the Muslims she writes about are nothing less than hateful also. Peaceful Muslims don't bury bombs in the road when their favorite politician loses or burn embassies over cartoons.

If Islam refuses to reform, and continues to promote violence, intolerance, and hatred, then it might not even be 20 years from now when her famous "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" speech will not be remembered as "hateful" so much as "ahead of its time".

The fact is that only a very small portion of Muslims believe in secular government enough to allow for democracy and peace. I didn't want to beleive it at first, either, but it's getting to the point now where we've got to face some facts nomatter how un-PC they are.