Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Exciting things coming to the BigNewsDay Blog

We will have many more stupid polls. If anyone has more ideas for polls, please let me know.

No polls are meant to offend anyone, and are all meant in fun. If you feel offended because of your inclusion or exclusion in a poll, piss off and grow some balls!!!!!

I am currently trying to secure a weekly advise column hosted by a special guest in which everyone will enjoy. So get your questions ready!

Stay tuned to the BigNewsDay Blog and be sure to visit the links listed under 'Allies'

I am honored to introduce Ask Ken Hawk


ken hawk said...

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

here's a poll question for you

"Which artist or band has the dumbest fans, as evidenced by the posts on Blabbermouth?"

My guess is that there would be a realy tough battle between Kiss and Zakk Wylde

BigNewsDay said...

That's a great poll question! I'll put it in the list.

Anonymous said...

why is kull on the poll twice? mistake or not?

BigNewsDay said...


Anonymous said...


ken hawk said...

ansWEReD SOMs E wuestionws On mY pAge. fel frreee to submti YoUr questions THERE so we doNTR CLOG Up BiG BNEWS DAYs SITE

THAnk yuuiou

Ken hakwSDJH

Anonymous said...

I have a new poll question this one is gonna sound good!

Who is the biggest money whore?

Gene simmons

Sharon Osbourne

Anonymous said...

And i got another poll question.

Which is the greatest metal band to ever come out of england?


Judas priest

Iron maiden

Black sabbath

BigNewsDay said...

Another good question!

Anonymous said...

should t boner get banned?



BigNewsDay said...

No, T-Boner is alright. He won the Blabbermouth's Most Hated Poster poll with style and grace, which earned my respect.

BigNewsDay said...

He does listen to cheesy music, though!

Anonymous said...

greatest blabbermouth poster?

and we the people can nominate the people we want in the poll