Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back from My Short Vacation

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I just got back from my 5-day vacation to Mexico with my father. This was somewhat of a short-notice journey, decided upon only weeks before departure. Nevertheless, I had a spectacular time hanging out with family and friends.

The primary reason my father and I decided to visit family in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, is because both my grandfather and one of my aunts are sick. My grandfather, although now doing much better, had his diabetes catch-up to him as his blood pressure and blood sugar levels soared. My aunt, unfortunately, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. On the bright side, a few second opinions have given her hope that cancer isn't actually present in her breasts. Nonetheless, she is receiving chemotherapy while further analysis is performed.

Since our arrival was met with good news, we proceeded to drink it up! We got ourselves several bottles of tequila, including Corralejo, Don Julio Anejo, Jimador, and Casadores. At night, I would join my cousins in late-night drinking. We went "clubbing" on two of the nights I was there. Let me say that the only good thing about the club scene are the girls. Other than that, the music sucks nuts and liquor is terribly expensive. I suppose dancing and feeling-up Mexican chicks is worth it.

During the day, my father and I would visit family from both his side and my mother's. You see, the entire family lives in Mexico, with the exception of my immediate family, a few cousins, an uncle, and an aunt in Chicago, one aunt in Dallas, and two uncles and family in Los Angeles. We ate great food and just kicked back sipping on Coronas and Victorias.

After three nights of striking out, I finally got laid on the fourth night. The lucky girl is very hot and knowledgeable in bed. She's a light-skinned, blue-eyed, blonde chick with an incredible ass and pretty face. I will honestly say she is out of my league in terms of physical traits. However, I've yet to meet a girl who enjoys talking on an intellectual level with me. Her best quality is the fact that she listens to punk and metal! As a result, we fornicated while playing Metallica's Black Album. Good times!

Since I took American Airlines, I had to stop at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I was there for a couple of hours as I waited for the flight to Leon. I looked out the window and wondered where my good friend, BigNewsDay, could be. I almost felt like missing the flight and contacting you dude. One of these days...

So that's a brief summary of the last week. I know I sound overly excited about my vaginal acquisition, but I haven't been getting much lately, so bear with me!


BlackLabelAxe said...

Dude, you are the man.


You got laid out-of-country in a league above while listening to Metallica. I couldn't write a better story.

That's very cool that you got to visit family out of the country, and got to experience some new things. International travel is one of my favorite hobbies.

I've actually had many of those tequilas you mentioned. My favorites are Casadores, and the grand champion of all tequilas: Don Julio Anejo. A good friend of my families, Jesus, owns a mexican restaurant down the street from us. We actually have our own liquor stash they keep for us at their bar. We bring some to share whenever we go outside the country.

It's all about spreading the love (and liquor)!

BigNewsDay said...

I agree with Axe, you are the man Lefty. A blond haired, blue-eyed Mexican girl. Damn!

I wish I knew you were in town. I would have met you at the airport for a drink. Well anyway, glad to see that you have returned safely.

ken hawk said...

wOw two peOplE, kEn ahwk includeD, most looKing forward to the nEw MAstoDon album Out tihs year? daMn.

i ALso REaLly enHjoy teh alert level on tEH side BND. lIttle sTory, hopefully doenst get everyonje riled up, oF why i lovE teh COlor system. the morning of tEH colUmbiA shutle incideNT, did anyoNE esle noTice The coloR bAr Go UP to reD whilE they ewere trying to figure oUT what the fuck was Gojng on? was therE aANY relevnat justiFication to Do so? what a joKE.

ok I CnAt be seriouS and type likE thiS, thats teh last youll ehAR fROm ME on anythiNG remotely newSworthy otheR than my daIly strides to lAnd a joB anfd get my carmel popcorn snack CRapperjacks goINg.

ken hawk said...

anyway oggood reaD. hearing aboUT a chick witH teh hOTa ass is good By me.


ken hawk said...

anyway oggood reaD. hearing aboUT a chick witH teh hOTa ass is good By me.


Goremaster said...

hell yeah. lefty is the man.

Bushwack said...

Ok Lefty I'll be living my single life vicariously thru you bud,
Standing applause for your conquest of the ass.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Thank you all for the compliments! I'm still trying to recover from the drunken stupor I was in last week. I brought home a bottle of Don Julio Anejo, so you know I'll be hitting that bottle this weekend.

It sure feels good to have conquered such a fine girl. The whole night club scene was like a breeding ground. I'm lucky to have found and hooked-up with such a knock-out! I'll set modesty aside and say that I am, indeed, the man!

BND, I regret not letting you know of my brief presence in Dallas. The trip was such a last-minute thing that I barely had time to get my stuff ready. Next time, my friend, I will stay there for a whole day just to hang out.

Axe, a tequila stash of your very own at a nearby restaurant? You too are the man! Keep drinking it up dude. In my family, we cure the symptoms of a cold with a shot of tequila rather than with medicine. It tastes better, works better, and makes you sleep better!

Bushwack, thanks for the standing applause! I'm humbled!

I plan to travel again either next month or September. I'm not sure of the destination, but my goal will be to repeat the awesome time I had in Mexico.